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14 Piece Angle Wrench Set SAE ATD Tools 1181

14 Piece Angle Wrench Set SAE ATD Tools 1181
Related Phrases: Angle Wrench Wrench

Item #1067862

14-Pc. SAE Angle Wrench Set has a unique head design to work easily in tight spaces — ATD 1181 Angle Wrenches are built to work easily within tight spots where other wrenches can't reach. The two open ends are offset at 15- and 60-degree angles so that each wrench can work in four different…


HotCoat Powder Black Diamond Metallic

Item #14116 Black Diamond

Do The Job Right with Eastwood Powders! * Provides extremely durable finish * Contains no environmentally harmful solvents * 100% Virgin powder * Impact resistant and flexibility * Good chemical resistance Eastwood Powders are far superior to liquid coatings. They provide an extremely durable finish…


Metric Nut & Bolt Set 800 Piece ATD Tools 344

Metric Nut & Bolt Set 800 Piece ATD Tools 344
Related Phrases: Workbench Bolt Set Bins

Item #1067893

Stock up on all the 800 Metric Nuts and Bolts you'll need...bins and racks included! — ATD344 Mount the bins on a wall, or set them on a workbench, and you'll have the metric fasteners you need, when you need them. Includes 40 heavy-duty, 3"x4"x5" plastic bins with identification labels, and wall…


True Power Air Polisher Kit

Item #31579

…Perfect for wheel restoration The tool will pay for itself in 1 or 2 restorations. Ideal for restoring aluminum and magnesium Rims, Engine Parts, Motorcycle Parts and Plastics (1800 RPM's). Easily removes clear coats from weathered wheels. Create CUSTOM looks on parts by giving them a polished or a…


POR 15 Cycle Fuel Tank Repair Kit

Item #13432ZP

Cycle Tank Repair Kit cleans, prepares and seals smaller fuel tanks in motorbikes, cycles and moreIf that the old gas tank you're restoring has gum, varnish or sludge inside, it has to be removed first. This POR-15® Cycle Tank Repair Kit is specially formulated for the special needs of small…


Deluxe Polishing Automotive 18 pc Kit

Item #19839

18-Pc. Deluxe Polishing Kit has everything you need to add a lustrous shine to automotive parts and moreEastwood's deluxe polishing kit is designed to make your steel, stainless, aluminum and plastic automotive components shine brightly! Use your electric drill, cordless drill or pneumatic die…


748 Piece Nut & Bolt Set ATD Tools 343

Item #1067892

Stock up on all the 748 SAE Nuts and Bolts you'll need...bins and racks included! — ATD343 Mount the bins on a wall, or set them on a workbench, and you'll have the fasteners you need, when you need them. Includes 40 heavy-duty, 3"x4"x5" plastic bins with identification labels, and wall rack.…


Air Tool Essential Starter Tool Kit

Item #70477

…Tool* Reciprocating Saw* 1/4 Inch Angle Die Grinder This ideal starter kit includes all the core air tools you need to work on your car, boat, motorcycle or any other project. All these air tools work with a home compressor, so this kit is perfect for the DIYer. From regular maintenance to a…


Sticky Mickey's Automotive Masking Tape

Item #11233

The "Must Have" Masking Paper for custom flames and graphics.* 10" wide* A big 150-ft.-long roll Draw it, cut it, paint it, done! Use flame legend Mickey Harris' masking paper to make customizing your rod's finish so much easier.


24 in Straight Edge

Item #1068160

For precision measurements, use this 24" Straight Edge — CEN 6429 Use this 24" straight edge along with your feeler gauges to measure head, block, flywheel straightness (warping) for every application from small engines to heavy-duty diesel engines. * 1/4"-thick, high-quality steel for sturdiness*…


9 Pc Scraper Pick & Hook Set

Item #1068037

For cleaning tools and parts, this set of Hooks, Picks and Scraper get the job done — ATD8424 Assortment of large and mini tools help you scrape-clean in tight spots, and help you pull "O" rings and gaskets too. Good-sized comfort handles reduce hand fatigue. * Includes 4 mini precision tools, 5…


Eastwood Digital Tire Pressure Gauge/Inflator

Item #30535

…crawl, mud bog, or race off road, it is essential to get accurate low pressure readings. It’s also great for reading low pressure air levels in motorcycle forks. If the reading is too high, there is a simple bleed to let air out too. The back-lit digital display even lets you take readings in the…



Item #1019897

…the need for electricity or compressed air. Ideal for draining fluids from reservoirs on boats, RVs, ATVs, snowmobiles, farm equipment or motorcycles. Includes accessories for draining engine oil or transmission fluid directly through the dipstick tubes. * Integrated 1.9-gallon-capacity reservoir*…


Suction Gun ATD Tools 5004

Item #1067941

Transferring lubricants? This Suction Gun gets it done neatly and fast — ATD5004 This ruggedly built suction gun can be used to easily transfer all types of non-corrosive lubricants through its 8" suction hose. The deluxe lip seal provides maximum suction, and it needs no priming. Powder coated…


True Power 12 Volt Oil Pump Fluid Extractor

Item #31636

…Diesel Transfer Flow Rate: 4 Litres Per Minute Connects to a 12 volt power supply with included battery clamps. Works well for oil changes on cars, trucks, motorcycles and many other vehicles. Siphon & Transfer Diesel To Cars, Trucks, Ships, Boats, Tractors, Farm Machinery, Plant Equipment etc.


Compression Tester Kit

Item #1068199

…on gasoline engines — OTC 5606 Kit has everything you need for complete compression testing on gasoline engines, including domestic, imports, motorcycles, marine, and small engines. Helps you test even in today’s limited-space engine compartments. Pro-quality gauge has a zero-adjust feature, chrome…


5 Piece Roll Pin Punch Set ATD Tools 762

5 Piece Roll Pin Punch Set ATD Tools 762
Related Phrases: Hole Punch Punch

Item #1068003

5-Pc. Roll Pin Punch Set for fast roll pin removal — ATD762 These punches speed up pin removal, center perfectly, and eliminate damage to pin and hole wall. Manufactured to 0.01" tolerance. Set includes: 5 roll pin punches (1/8”, 5/32”, 3/16”, 1/4” and 5/16”), all in a vinyl roll pouch. * Hot…


VHT High temp Black Wrinkle Aerosol SP201

Item #15232Z

VHT Black Wrinkle combines strong colors with a deep rich texture for a custom look. It is temperature resistant to 350 degrees F (177 degrees C) and is ideal for adding a touch of personal styling to almost any metal surface. VHT Wrinkle Plus resists color fading, grease, degreasers and severe…


4 1/2 Gallon Drain Pan Black ATD Tools 5184

4 1/2 Gallon Drain Pan Black ATD Tools 5184
Related Phrases: Drain Pan

Item #1067947

Make fluid changes easier, cleaner, when you use this 4-1/2-gallon Drain Pain — ATD5184 Specially designed polymer drain pan includes a large spout for neatly disposing of used fluids when you're done. Anti-splash lip contains fluid during transport.* Large spout for easy pouring* Molded handle for…


Large Transmission Drain Funnel ATD Tools 5192

Large Transmission Drain Funnel ATD Tools 5192
Related Phrases: Funnel Car Lift

Item #1067948

Catch every drip! Funnel extends the draining area of your lift drain — ATD5192 Sometimes the lift drain you use isn't quite large enough for catching all the draining fluid. So place this Transmission Drain Funnel on top to expand the draining area and keep your shop floor drier and cleaner.*…

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