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Universal Mixing Cups 1 QT 5 PC Set

Item #51202

Universal Mixing Cups 1 Quart 5 PC Set


Eastwood Quick Mix Board

Eastwood Quick Mix Board
Related Phrases: Quick Mix Board Sheet

Item #31273

…Filler Mixing Board - Save clean-up time, save money. Mixing board includes 100 tear-off 8-1/2" by 11-1/2" mixing sheets mounted to a ridged piece of 1/8" tempered masonite. Sheets are gum banded on 3 sides to prevent tearing while mixing and applying fillers. Flexible back strap secures mixing


Mixing Wand for 1 Gallon and Quart Cans

Item #15549

This handy gallon and quart mixing auger is ideal for mixing paints, coatings and Elastiwrap. Simply insert it into your 3/8 inch or 1/2 inch drill and let the tool do the work. Constructed of heavy gauge steel and designed to mix the coating, not stir it. The auger head design actually pulls the…


Speed Blaster Spot Blast Adaptor

Item #22035B

…or when you want the sourrounding area to stay clean. The Spot Blaster Adapter Kit installs on the Speed Blaster in seconds and includes a push on mixing body with media capture bag and 4 rubber adapter heads (2 round 3/4" and 1/2" one for inside corners and one for outside corners). Simple push on…


Eastwood Ceramic Brake Caliper Paint Black

Item #11839Z Ceramic Brake Caliper Paint

Eastwood's Urethane Caliper Paint Kits use nano-ceramic technology for long-lasting heat resistance...and eye-catching good looks.* Resists high temperatures, UV and most chemicals* Allows brake dust to be easily wiped off* Apply without disassembling brake assemblies* Or paint new components before…



Item #16077

…to properly and easily blend the two different colors of the Eastwood Intermix Paint Colors. Once the two colors are completely blended in the included 2 gallon bucket, we also include a set of mixing cups to activate only the amount of paint that is needed to be sprayed at that particular time.


Universal Mixing Cups 5 - QT 5 PC Set

Item #51204

Universal Mixing Cups 5 - QT 5 PC Set


2K Cartridge Mixing Tip 1 pc

Item #13785

Designed to be used with Evercoat Maxim two-component cartridges. For use with 20536, 20537, 20538, 20539, 20540, 20451, 20452, 20543 and 20544. 1 mixing tip


Universal Mixing Cups 2-1/2 Qt 5 PC Set

Item #51203

Universal Mixing Cups 2-1/2 Qt 5 PC Set


Universal Mixing Cups 1 PT 5 PC Set

Item #51201

Universal Mixing Cups 1 PT 5 PC Set


DeKups 34 oz. Pro Starter Kit

Item #29953

34-oz. DeKups® Disposable-Cup Starter Kit helps you paint with less messSave clean-up time and make it easier to use your gun at any angle with DeKups's Disposable-Cup System from DeVilbiss.* Two 34-oz. reusable cups* 32 disposable cup liners and lids* Much more...see "More Info" tab below


1 Quart Mixing Cup and Lid - 1 each set

Item #51681

1-Quart Mixing Cup and Lid - 1 each set


Eastwood Winner White Super Flakes 50g

Item #15393

Eastwood Super Flakes come in a variety of awesome colors and effects. Superflakes are .004 or about 100 microns in size. Customize your project andcreate different looks using different color bases, Candeez and clears.Eastwood flakes are compatible with Eastwood Elastiwrap, Eastwood Candeez,…


Paint Mixing Cup Set 13 pc

Item #34131

Mix paints accurately: automotive finishes cost enough. Minimize the risk of inaccurately mixing a batch of paint. This assortment of mixing containers (13 pieces from pint to 5 quarts) is graduated to match popular mixing ratios. Much more accurate than trying to read a mixing stick in a dark metal…


DeVilbiss Dekones Paint Strainers

Item #14748 Dekones

…tip, and they're fast and strong. These paint strainers have all gluing and imprinting done on the outside and their tip eliminates unstrained paint passing through the tip. Keep your paints clean and clear of contamination while in the mixing booth with these DeKONES paint strainers from DeVilbiss.


Pneumatic Paint Shaker

Item #19426

Better than Stirring - Shaking most coatings is better than stirring because it's faster and more thorough than stirring. This pneumatic paint shaker uses less than 2 cfm at 90-120 psi. The rubber coated clamps adjust to securely hold round pint, quart or gallon cans. Shaker can be mounted to your…


Lizard Skin Super Pro Gun and Mixing Kit

Item #14754

The Super Pro Application Kit is made exclusively for Lizard Skin coatings, able to handle the thick viscosity of the coatings with ease. It provides exactly what's needed to properly apply the coatings. Sprayers used for typical paint applications are not engineered to handle the thickness of these…


Y Connector Manifold for Dual Blaster 11737

Item #11902

Mixing valve for the #11737 Dual blaster


Rockwood Pneumatic Paint Shaker

Item #15205

…coated finish In just 2 minutes this Rockford pneumatic paint shaker will perfectly mix paints from a 1 pint can all the way up to a full gallon. Needs just 70psi and 4.3cfm to deliver professional quality paint mixing at 1110 cycles per minute. Lightweight and compact, it can be set up and ready to…


12 in Wooden Stir Sticks 1000 box

Item #15327

Contains 1000 wooden paint stir sticks

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