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Pneumatic Paint Shaker

Item #19426

Better than Stirring - Shaking most coatings is better than stirring because it's faster and more thorough than stirring. This pneumatic paint shaker uses less than 2 cfm at 90-120 psi. The rubber coated clamps adjust to securely hold round pint, quart or gallon cans. Shaker can be mounted to your…


Paint Mixing Cup Set 13 pc

Item #34131

Mix paints accurately: automotive finishes cost enough. Minimize the risk of inaccurately mixing a batch of paint. This assortment of mixing containers (13 pieces from pint to 5 quarts) is graduated to match popular mixing ratios. Much more accurate than trying to read a mixing stick in a dark metal…


Mixing Wand for 1 Gallon and Quart Cans

Item #15549

…to mix the coating, not stir it. The auger head design actually pulls the coating from the bottom and elevates it to the top. The bottom of the mixer is convex so it can be placed on the bottom of the can and rotate. Easy to clean and comes with an end cap, so you store it on a peg hook or nail.…


2K Cartridge Mixing Tip 1 pc

Item #13785

Designed to be used with Evercoat Maxim two-component cartridges. For use with 20536, 20537, 20538, 20539, 20540, 20451, 20452, 20543 and 20544. 1 mixing tip


Eastwood Quick Mix Board

Eastwood Quick Mix Board
Related Phrases: Quick Mix Board Sheet

Item #31273

Tear-Off Filler Mixing Board - Save clean-up time, save money. Mixing board includes 100 tear-off 8-1/2" by 11-1/2" mixing sheets mounted to a ridged piece of 1/8" tempered masonite. Sheets are gum banded on 3 sides to prevent tearing while mixing and applying fillers. Flexible back strap secures…


Eastwood Intercoat Clear Kit 1 gallon

Item #15678ZPA

…The 3:1 paint comes in a gallon can 3/4 full, with a 1 quart activator for easy mixing. Just add your flake or pearl powder and mix with a paint mixer on an electric drill, and you are ready to spray. Unlike other similar clears formulated for paint effects ours is a modern 2k urethane, not an old…

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