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    Mig Pliers
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Eastwood Mig Welders Pliers

Item #19015

MIG Welder's Pliers make your welding tasks a whole lot easier* Squared-off, spring-loaded tips remove spatter* Knurled surfaces hold tips and nozzles for installation* Built-in wire cutter* Comfortable rubberized handle Unlike typical pliers, these pliers are designed to help you through those…


Plugweld Pliers

Item #19134

Plugweld Pliers makes it easier to use your MIG welder for plugging small holes in metalPlugweld Pliers clamps and supports the weld area, compressing the panels for tight plug welding.* Copper pad eliminates problem of burn-thru* Weld won't stick to copper pad* "U"-shaped jaw put pressure all…


Eastwood MIG Spot Weld Kit

Item #13901

…can "spot weld" with your MIG welder...just add this Spot Welding Kit to your tool box!* Duplicate full-penetration OE spot welds from one side with your existing MIG welder* No need to buy a resistant spot welder (about $250!) or fool with carbon arc rods* Spot Weld Pliers has forked jaws to secure…


Channellock 360 Welder's Pliers

Item #70495

Channellock 360 Professional Multi Purpose Welder's Pliers is a must have tool for your welding needs. The unique groove nose design is designed for superior spatter removal. The grips are excellent for gripping and drawing wires. The nose design allows for easy tip installation and removal. The…


Spot Weld Pliers

Item #13899

These pliers allow for easy clamping of sheet metal to create spot welds using your MIG welder. These pliers are included in the 13901 Spot Weld Kit.


Fiberglass Welding Blanket 4ft X 5ft

Item #12562

…welding blanket with stitched hem. Heavy weave fiberglass will stop most hot spatter during mig or stick welding from burning adjacent materials. A must have if welding floor pans with the dash still installed or under hood repairs with a detailed engine in place. Gloves and pliers sold separately.

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