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Eastwood Stitch Weld Magnets

Item #20421

Super strong magnets hold patch panels in place from the outside, perfect for blind repairs.* 8 pack of strong rare earth magnets* 1/2 inch (12.7mm) diameter disc* Strong enough to hold patch panels* Hold flush patches in perfect alignment* Position panels with no gaps* Perfect for blind repairs If…


4 in Magnetic Copper Welding Backer

Item #22994

4"-long Magnetic Copper Backer helps you weld without burning holes.* Prevents warping and weld burn-thru* Welding material won't stick to copper* 2" x 4" copper panel is magnetic; no hands or clamps needed Magnetic copper backing panel provides hands-free support when doing butt-welding or welding…


Eastwood Pin Alignment System

Item #15838

Eliminate paint chips when reassembling doors, hoods and deck lids after paint. * Magnetic pin alignment system* Ensures perfect alignment every time* Works on doors, hoods and deck lids* Eliminates paint chips when reassembling Imagine your frustration when installing the hood only to find it chips…


Arrow Welding Magnet Fabrication Holder

Item #20677 Welding Magnets

Powerful magnet keeps panels or other parts securely in place during metal fabrication and welding projects. * Powerful magnet encased in durable steel* Excellent for holding pipe and metal in up right positions* Use for welding, soldering, and assembly* Available in 25, 50, 75 and 100lb Capacity…


Eastwood Magnetic Toolbox Trays

Item #30186

Magnetically mounted toolbox trays store frequently needed items within reach.* Extra strong rubber coated magnets* Keep needed items within easy reach* 6in wide tray* 12in wide tray* 3 spray can tray with screwdriver holes* Paper towel roll holder Mount these metal trays to the side of your metal…


0-1 in Dial Indicator With Base

0-1 in Dial Indicator With Base
Related Phrases: Dial Indicator

Item #1068098

…Set with Magnetic Base accurately measures equipment calibration and alignment — CEN 3D101 Use this dial indicator with machinery, vehicles and anything else that needs to be aligned and calibrated to precise specifications. * Graduations: 0.001"* Range: 0"-1"* Compact magnetic base* Wooden…


6pc clamp kit for #14106 welding table

Item #20162

6pc welding clamp set for #14106 welding table. Designed to retain, clamp or postion round, square, flat or round objects. Kit includes 2 mag spring clamps, 1 multi angle magnet, 1 mini multi angle magnet, 2 pcs adjustable magnetic V pads for round object


Eastwood 4 and 8 in Magnetic Copper Butt-Weld Backer Set

Item #22993

Magnetic Copper Backer Set helps you weld without burning holes.* Prevents warping and weld burn-thru* Welding material won't stick to copper* 4" and 8" copper panels are magnetic; no hands or clamps needed Two magnetic copper backing panels provide hands-free support when doing butt-welding or…


Eastwood TIG 200 AC/DC Welder Versa-Cut 60 Plasma Cutter and Cart

Eastwood TIG 200 AC/DC Welder Versa-Cut 60 Plasma Cutter and Cart
Related Phrases: Welding Cart Tig Cart

Item #20030 TIG 200 ACDC Plasma 60 Cart

Save BIG money when you get our TIG 200 Welder PLUS our Versa-Cut 60 Plasma Cutter, and organize it all on the Cart included! Click on the individual links below for all the specs, but you must click the "Buy Now" button below to get the special savings over individual prices!Eastwood-engineered TIG…


Eastwood Rechargeable 7 SMD LED Worklight

Item #30758

…LED flashlight and work light.* 6 SMD LED work light = 200 lumens* 1 SMD LED flashlight = 90 lumens* Long lasting lithium ion battery* Swiveling magnetic base and hanging hook* Retracts for easy storage anywhere* 3 hours per charge in work light mode* 6 hours per charge in flashlight mode* 12v and…


Power Probe CAT IV Multimeter DMM101ES

Item #30643

…efficient. Features:AC/DC Voltmeter, Ohmmeter, Ammeter, Frequency & Duty Cycle, Temperature, Min/Max, Relative, Average, Hold, Backlight, Water and Dust Resistant Heavy Duty Housing. Parts:5 Ft. CAT III 1000V & CAT IV 600V Test Leads, Alligator Clamps, Magnetic Strap Accessory, Temp Thermocouple.


Adjustable Profile Gauges 5-10-15 inch

Item #Profile Gauges 11190

…forming your own panels. This profile gauge features over 16 nylon blades per inch to assure faithful reproduction of even the finest details. Magnetic backing provides convenient storage and positioning for creating a metal pattern. Interconnects with another profile gauge to create an even wider…


Drill Doctor Model 750X

Item #30767

…diamond sharpening wheel design for simple replacement* Cast aluminum point angle shuttle for added durability* Metal sharpening tube* Permanent magnet motor produces consistent power, regardless of speed or load* Sharpens High-speed Steel, Carbide, Cobalt, TiN-coated and Masonry bits* Can sharpen…


Magnetic Hole Plug Welding Tool

Item #29935

Magnetic Backing Tool makes it easy to weld-shut a hole in the middle of a panel.* Weld material won't stick to copper head* For holes up to 1" in diameter* Perfect for use with your MIG, TIG or stick welder With this versatile tool, you'll leave your 2 hands free for welding while the copper head…


Rockwood USB Borescope Camera

Item #31537

…video viewing The Borescope has adjustable LED light and camera at the endo f a 6.5’ flexible cable. The camera at the end of the cable uses a wide angle 60 degree view. also comes with additional pieces including a mirror, magnet and fishhook attachment. The mirror has a 45 degree field of vision.


Magnetic disc 1.9 in and 2 .4 in

Item #12893

…the edges for a great mask. Combine with our high temperature tapes to make it easy to mask areas with curves. Each disc will mask 2 different size areas, this one specifically covering 1.9 in and 2 .4 in. The combination of high temperature silicone and high temperature magnets ensure many uses.


Eastwood MIG 250 AMP Welder Plasma Cut 60 and Cart

Eastwood MIG 250 AMP Welder Plasma Cut 60 and Cart
Related Phrases: Welder Welding Cart Mig

Item #20362 MIG Plasma 60 250 Cart

The Eastwood MIG 250 with its state of the art inverter technology weighs 1/2 as much as similar welders. It delivers all the power you will ever need to weld aluminum and steel up to a ½ inch thick. * 120 or 240 volt powered* Infinitely adjustable 30-250 amp welding range* 60% duty cycle at 250 amp…


Corner Magnet kit

Item #20041

securely holds sheet metal and thin plate projects from the outside at precise 90 degree angles. Also fixtures plate at 60 degree angles or secures round tube to flat plate. 2 inches long legs on each magnet assure plenty of clamping power.


Eastwood 6 Pc Go Through Screwdriver Set

Item #30116

Go-thru handles and magnetized tips make this Eastwood 6-pc. Pro Screwdriver Set your favorite. Professional screwdriver set features chrome vanadium steel blades that go all the way through the handle, ending with a steel end cap durable enough to withstand hammer blows. Magnetized tips hold onto…


25 lb Welding Magnet

25 lb Welding Magnet
Related Phrases: Welding Magnet Jig

Item #19065A

Powerful magnet keeps panels, pipes or other parts securely in place during welding,soldering and assembly operations. Shape permits panels to be arranged at 45 deg.,90 deg. or 135 deg. angles. Comes with manufacturer's lifetime warranty. Dimensions are 4 1/2"L x 3 1/2" W x 1/2" D.

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