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Body Solder Stick 1/4 lb

Item #31127

30/70 Body Solder Stick for easy leading.* 30% tin, 70% lead* Ideal for auto body repair* Certified alloy content Individual 1/4-lb. stick makes it easier to work with. Contains 30% tin, 70% lead, for long-lasting repairs.


Eastwood Professional Folding Underhood LED Light

Item #30989

The Eastwood Professional Underhood Folding LED Light features 40 super high-intensity LED’s formaximum light output. Features 0° to 180° angle of adjustment, 180° individual tube rotation,spring-loaded hooks & a three function switch for maximum versatility.* Three function switch: Low, High & Off…


Eastwood Rechargeable 7 SMD LED Worklight

Item #30758

…and hanging hook, the 6 SMD LEDs on the retractable work light provide 200 lumens exactly where you need them for roadside repairs. The one LED flashlight on the end provides 90 lumens just where you need it. These advanced SMD LEDs are 2 times brighter than regular LEDs. Recharges in 6 hours from…


Autel AL519 AutoLink Enhanced OBD II CAN Scan Tool

Autel AL519 AutoLink Enhanced OBD II CAN Scan Tool
Related Phrases: Autel Code Reader Obd

Item #31495

…Features the unique patented One-Click Readiness Key for quick State Emissions readiness check and drive cycle verification* Bright color coded LEDs and built-in speaker provide both visual and audible tone for readiness verification* Retrieves generic (P0, P2, P3 and U0), manufacturer specific…


Eastwood 5 Watt Rechargeable SMD LED Spotlight

Item #30762

…water resistant housing allows you to use it on your boat, or in any weather, without issues. A single SMD LED puts out twice as much light as regular LEDs, from just 5 watts of power. * 1 SMD LED spot light = 280 lumens* Rechargeable lithium ion battery* 2 hours of use per charge* Fully charged in…


Eastwood Folding 11 SMD LED Worklight

Item #30763

Plenty of light when you need it and folds up for easy storage* 10 SMD LED work light = 220 lumens* 1 SMD LED flashlight = 40 lumens* 2 AA Energizer batteries included* Hanging hook and magnetic back* Rugged soft touch rubberized case* Flashlight - 8 hours of battery life* Work light - 5 hours in…


Eastwood Rechargeable 39 SMD LED Worklight

Item #30759

This Eastwood Rechargeable Work Light puts light anywhere you need it and frees both of your hands.* 30 SMD LED work light = 180 lumens* 9 SMD LED flashlight = 50 lumens* Long lasting lithium ion battery* Magnet on back, plus 2 hanging hooks* 3 hours run time in work light mode* 6 hours run time in…


Ranger Dynamic Wheel Balancer DST-2420

Item #31545 Ranger Balancer

…Optimization * Wheel Graphic Interface * LED Rolling Wheel Weight Displays The DST2420 automatically calculates the exact weight needed to achieve an optimal balance for almost every tire and wheel configuration on the planet and brightly displayed LED’s mark the exact amount and location in just…


Eastwood 28 LED Palm Light

Item #30760

…4 LEDs on the end and high or low switch, plus the 24 LED work light mode. It also makes a great lantern to hang inside your tent when camping. When in work light mode this light puts out 80 lumens of bright white light for up to 8 hours on 3 AAA batteries. * 24 LED work light = 80 lumens* 4 LED


Rockwood 280 Lumen LED Headlight

Rockwood 280 Lumen LED Headlight
Related Phrases: Headlamp Led Light Light

Item #30465

This LED headlamp will give you the ability to be hands free while completing the job that they are doing no matter if you are working on a project car or repairing a household item.* Three function switch - High Beam, Low Beam and Strobe* Variable beam focusing lens - spot to flood * Adjustable…


NOCO Boost HD 2000a Jump Starter GB70

Item #31511

…Recharges USB devices, like smartphones, tablets, and more* Power 12V devices anywhere, like tire inflators, power inverters, and more* 400 lumen LED flashlight with multiple modes, including SOS* Jump starts gas engines up to 8 liters, and diesel engines up to 6 liters* Provides up to 40 jump…


MIG Light

MIG Light
Related Phrases: Mig Light Welding Tig

Item #11614

This MIG Light from Steck allows you to light your welding area before you strike an arc. The light is a AAA battery powered LED with an easy on/off switch along with auto shut off which easily mounts utilizing a flexible mounting bracket. This light will make it easier to see before you weld in…


Uview Spotgun Jr & UV Phazer Black Kit 332005

Item #30077

…air conditioning system leaks. Spotgun Jr./UV Phazer Black is a professional injection system that injects dyes into a pressurized automotive A/C system quickly and easily. Compact UV leak detection light. 6 LEDs illuminate all UV leak detection dyes. Certified to meet SAE J 2297 Dye Standard.


Eastwood Modular Blast Cabinet

Item #20464

…60 Hz* Air supply requirements: 7 CFM @ 80 PSI* Convenient Bench Top use or mount to optional # 20499 Leg Kit This cabinet features a high-intensity LED work lamp for increased visibility and a baffled, flow-through ventilation design with an external vacuum connection all in a compact, space saving…


DeVilbiss Air Regulator W/Digital Gauge 802419

Item #15600

The HARG555 devilbiss regulator with digital display is a must for any painter who wants an exact pressure read out. Digital air control that provides precise air measurement on your spray guns. Precise air control is especially important with basecoats and waterborne materials. This Devilbiss…


12 / 24V Hybrid Circuit Tester ATD Tools 55042

12 / 24V Hybrid Circuit Tester ATD Tools 55042
Related Phrases: Tester Circuit Tester

Item #1067956

…Pointed probe tests through wire insulation, and automatically identifies the voltage as 12v or 42v with LED voltage indicators. Has a 12'-long, heat- and oil-resistant, coiLED cord.* For 12v and 42v hybrid systems* Automatic Voltage ID: blue LED for 12v, red LED for 42v* Computer- and airbag-safe


Eastwood Basic Body Solder Kit

Item #31124A

Eastwood's Basic Body Solder Kit helps you complete small leading jobs with better adhesion, strength and durability than plastic fillers* Spreadable (plastic) range is 361-489 degreesF* Includes tools and accessories 30/70 lead-based body solder is slightly easier to work with than our lead-free…


Eastwood Deluxe Body Solder Kit

Item #31126A

Eastwood's Deluxe Body Solder Kit has more of what you need to fill with better adhesion, strength and durability than plastic fillers.* Spreadable (plastic) range is 361-489 degreesF* Includes tools and accessories 30/70 lead-based body solder is slightly easier to work with than our lead-free…


Rockwood Battery Maintainer

Item #30550

…batteries at their peak power and efficiency.* 12 Volt DC, 0.8 Amp (800 ma) output capacity* Automatic input power, charging, & fully charged LED display* Automatic switching; charge/maintain/charge microprocessor circuitry* Connect to side-or top-mount battery terminals* Ideal for maintaining…


Rockwood USB Borescope Camera

Item #31537

…works for all of these situations and records color video if desired.* Color video camera* LED light* Several useful attachments* Plug the USB into a computer for video viewing The Borescope has adjustable LED light and camera at the endo f a 6.5’ flexible cable. The camera at the end of the cable…

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Related Categories: Led Light | Light | Lead | Solder Kit | Lead Bars