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Eastwood Solid Rivet Kit

Item #20127

…door skins, interiors, etc. Kit includes all components required to drive AN470 (round head) rivets in both 1/8" and 3/16" diameter. These are the same rivets used on aircraft and high performance race vehicles. Complete instructions included with kit. Solid rivet kit designed to install AN470…


MIG Spot Weld Kit

Item #13901

Now you can "spot weld" with your MIG welder...just add this Spot Welding Kit to your tool box!* Duplicate full-penetration OE spot welds from one side with your existing MIG welder* No need to buy a resistant spot welder (about $250!) or fool with carbon arc rods* Spot Weld Pliers has forked jaws…


Eastwood Spot Weld Cutter Kit

Item #11282

Premium Spotweld Cutter Kit for removing spotwelds in auto body & automotive restoration. Kit includes (3) 3/8" cutters, arbor, & extra pilot all contained in a convenient carrying case.


Autotwirler Bed Lift Kit Bare Steel

Item #31412

This bed lift kit is used in conjunction with a engine crane to assist the user in lifting a truck bed off of the frame. Blue pictured is no longer available. Comes in bare steel.


Eastwood Tubing Notcher and Hole Saw Kit

Item #12739 Tubing Notcher

Pipe notcher will bore a maximum 2" hole in mild steel, stainless and aluminum tubing. Small tubing can be held up to a 60 degree angle. Kit includes bi-metallic hole saws in 1", 1.25", 1.25", 1.37" and 1.5" diameters. Color of hole saws may vary.


Eastwood 69 Chrysler Plum Crazy/In Violet 3:1 SS Urethane

Item #50230Z Chrysler Plum Crazy In Violet

…clear top-coat, but if you are using a metallic or "poly" a clear coat is recommended. Eastwood has found a way to make it easier than ever to get the quality paint you need to achieve professional results. Try one of our comprehensive Paint Prep Kits or our critically acclaimed Concours Paint Gun.

16 Piece HVLP Paint Gun Kit

Item #15214

One kit with 3 HVLP guns to make spraying primer, paint and clear coat affordable.* All in one HVLP spray gun kit* Primer gun with 1.8mm needle/nozzle* Paint gun with 1.4mm needle/nozzle* Detail gun with 1.0mm needle/nozzle* 250ml, 600ml & 1000ml aluminum paint cups* 2 Regulators with gauges* Gun…


Devilbiss 3-Gun Kit

Item #20491

…from custom graphics and touch-up tasks to full repaintsThese 3 precision spray guns from DeVilbiss® are the tools you'll need to take on any automotive paint job, from graphics and touch-up tasks to full repaints.* 2 large HVLP Guns* 1 small Detail Gun* 3 Tips, 3 Cups, Regulator and Tool Kit


Devilbiss Spray Paint 2 Gun Kit & DeKups System

Item #50203 Devilbiss

…plus the DeKups Start-Up Kit.* 2 large HVLP Guns* 3 Tips, 2 Cups, Regulator and Tool Kit* DeVilbiss DeKups DIY Start-Up Kit A great value kit from a brand you know and trust. Kit includes 2 precision HVLP spray guns from DeVilbiss®, plus a DeKups Start-Up Kit for easier painting and clean-up.


Devilbiss Spray Paint 3-Gun Kit & DeKups System

Devilbiss Spray Paint 3-Gun Kit & DeKups System
Related Phrases: Dekups Pps Devilbis

Item #50205 Devilbiss

…to handle everything from custom graphics and touch-ups to full repaints...DeKups® Kit makes the clean-up quicker!* 2 large HVLP Guns* 1 small Detail Gun* 3 Tips, 3 Cups, Regulator and Tool Kit* DeKups Starter Kit These 3 precision spray guns from DeVilbiss® are the tools you'll need to take on…


DeVilbiss Auto Paint and Priming System

Item #12506

All-in-one DeVilbiss® Auto Paint and Priming System includes 2 HVLP auto spray guns—one for priming and one for top-coating * Kit includes two 20-oz. aluminum cups, plus 1.3mm, 1.5mm and 1.8mm tips* Also includes air regulator and a complete set of brushes and wrenches for easy disassembly and…


Eastwood Pro Fab Kit TIG 200 AC/DC Welder & Versa-Cut 60 Plasma Cutter

Eastwood Pro Fab Kit TIG 200 AC/DC Welder & Versa-Cut 60 Plasma Cutter
Related Phrases: Tig Welder Tig 200

Item #14390 TIG 200 ACDC Plasma 60

Save BIG money when you get our TIG 200 Welder PLUS our Versa-Cut 60 Plasma Cutter! Click on the individual links below for all the specs, but you must click the "Add To Cart" button below to get the special savings over individual prices!Eastwood-engineered TIG welder, the TIG 200 AC/DC Welder,…


Eastwood Sheet Metal Fab Kit MIG 135 Versa Cut 20 and Cart

Item #12011 Sheet Metal Fab Kit

Save BIG money when you get our MIG 135 Welder Versa-Cut 20 Plasma Cutter and Cart! Eastwood's own MIG 135 Welder: as good as the "name brands", but at a fraction of the price!* Welds mild and stainless steel as thin as 24-gauge* Welds up to 3/16" with solid core wire* Welds up to 1/4" with flux…


Eastwood MIG Welder 175 Amp and Cart

Item #20166 MIG 175 Cart

Eastwood's MIG 175 Welder Kit with Cart,and Spool Gun: "high-end" features at a DIY price!* Welds mild and stainless steel, 24-ga. to 5/16"* Welds aluminum, 14-ga. to 1/4"* 30-175-amp welding range* FREE spool gun ($199.99 value!)* Includes a 3-shelf welding cart (20232)* Powered by 220v current*…


Eastwood Jaded Green Metallic 4:1 Basecoat Gallon

Item #13726ZPA

…a fast, medium or slow Low-VOC Activator* Makes 5 sprayable quarts* Clearcoat is required on basecoat paints* Mixes 4:1 with your activator choice Basecoat Paint Kit is a low-VOC system, so it meets regulatory limits in highly-regulated areas, eliminating the need to switch to a waterborne system.

Powder Standard Color Sample Kit

Item #10252

Can't decide on a color? Here's a 6-Piece Sampler Set of our standard Eastwood colors.* Dark Green* Gloss Clear* Bright Yellow* Gloss White* Ford Light Blue* Bright Red You get six 8-oz. bottles of our specialty colors—standard colors that make your vehicle look like it just rolled off the factory…


Eastwood Complete Sanding and Accessory Kit

Item #70474

This Eastwood Sanding Kit is all you need for your sanding, buffing and polishing jobs. Sanding or polishing from confined areas to larger surfaces with this Eastwood kit. Set includes an Eastwood 3 Inch Air Sander that lets you reach hard to reach areas and an Eastwood 6 Inch Dual Action pneumatic…


Air Tool Essential Starter Tool Kit

Item #70477

…multi-functional Eastwood Air Tool Essentials Starter Kit!* 1/2 Inch Reversible Drill* Hammer with Chisel Set* 1/2 Inch Twin Hammer Composite Impact Wrench* 3 Inch High Speed Cut Off Tool* Reciprocating Saw* 1/4 Inch Angle Die Grinder This ideal starter kit includes all the core air tools you need…


Eastwood MIG Welder Consumables Kit

Item #20000

Consumables Kit for your MIG Welder* 2 Gas Nozzles* 20 Contact Tips (ten 0.023"/0.6mm and ten 0.030"/0.8mm)* Plastic Storage Case Kit includes a complete set of consumables for your Eastwood MIG135 or MIG175 Welder or any other MIG welder with a Tweco-style torch.


Eastwood Pin Alignment System

Item #15838

…paint from the corner of the fender due to being miss aligned. What would you have paid to eliminate this? Our new alignment kit will save you hundreds or even thousands in paint re work when installing doors, hoods and deck lids. In fact your panel gaps will be more accurate and even with this kit!

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Related Categories: Rivet | Solid Rivet Kit | Rivet Gun | Rivet Tools | Rivit