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Eastwood Internal Frame Coating 14oz Aerosol

Item #12515Z Internal Frame Coat

…Use our Internal Frame Coating to make your chassis rust-free throughout! Internal Frame Coating destroys rust hiding inside the chassis, so it doesn't rust its way through. You spend time and money restoring a chassis, but what about all that rust inside the frame? Apply our Internal Frame Coating…


Eastwood Hi-Temp Internal Exhaust Coating w/Nozzle

Item #13795ZPA Exhausts Coating

Eastwood High-Temp Internal Exhaust Coating reduces under hood temperatures and extends the life of exhaust system components* Thermal coating withstands up to 1800 degrees F* 2'-long, 360-degree aerosol extension nozzle for easy application* Works with both new and used exhaust system components…


Eastwood Internal Frame Coating Aerosol Black

Item #15275Z

Internal Frame Coating destroys rust hiding inside the chassis, so it doesn’t rust its way through. * Tough phenolic resin penetrates, converts and encapsulates the rust on the internal surface* Zinc phosphate seals it to prevent future corrosion* 24"-long tube with conical nozzle reaches in to…


Aerosol Nozzle w/ 24in Extension Hose

Item #12512

…on the following Eastwood products: 16060Z Black Rust Encapsulator 22742Z Flexible Sealer and Sound Deadener 22743Z Carpet and Trim Adhesive 13795Z Internal Exhaust Coating 14040Z Rubberized Undercoating 10041Z PRE Painting Prep 15275Z Internal Frame Coating Black 12515Z Internal Frame Coating Green


Glyptal Red Enamel

Item #46000 Glyptal Red Enamel

Genuine Red Glyptal Improves Oil Circulation Recommended by many high performance engine rebuilding books, Glyptal seals the tiny ports left in metal after bead blasting and leaves the engine block interiors smooth. Helps keep the oil clean and flowing freely. Acid and oil resistant. Used on…


Eastwood Heavy-Duty Anti-Rust in Black

Item #16032 Black Anti Rust

Heavy-Duty Anti-Rust protects internal surfaces against rust.* Air-tight, watertight barrier prevents and slows rust* Ideal for rocker panels, frame, rails, tailgates* Self-heals if scratched* 1-qt. can covers 20 sq. ft. Works with your undercoat spray gun to apply a black, waxy film that sticks to…


Blast Media Walnut Shells 50 lb

Item #22018

…or baked-on carbon deposits from ferrous metals (like iron, steel) or to clean internal parts. * 12-20-grit size* Use at maximum 80 psi* 50-lb. bag Use this walnut-shell abrasive to clean ferrous metals or internal parts; any of the soft abrasive material left inside the working part will break…


Coilspring Compressor Internal

Item #49031

For safer installation of coil springs, use this Internal Coil-Spring CompressorInternal Coil-Spring Compressor quickly compresses coil springs for easy removal and replacement.* Works from inside the coil spring* Easier, safer way to install coil springs* For most passenger cars and pickup trucks


1st Stage Prefilter/Internal Frame20x20x1

Item #58195

This filter is used as a replacement pre-filter in the following powder coating and liquid coating booths: Powder Coating Booths: 58136, 58135, 58137, 58129B, 58129, 58188B, 58188, 58138 and 58124SPH.


External Coil Spring Compressor

Item #49016

…springs, use this External Coil-Spring CompressorExternal Coil Spring Compressor works where an internal-type compressor won't. Unlike conventional internal compressors, the 3 shafts fit on the outside of the spring, so you can remove and install springs on virtually any vehicle.* Three 5/8"-dia.…


Cylinder Leakage Tester Kit

Cylinder Leakage Tester Kit
Related Phrases: Leak

Item #1068200

Cylinder Leakage Tester Kit helps you quickly diagnose internal engine problems — OTC 5609 Here's how to easily diagnose internal engine problems such as bad rings, valves and leaking head gaskets. OTC's Cylinder Leakage Tester Kit comes complete with adapters for most applications. Dual 2-1/2"-dia.…


Devilbiss Air Filter Control Unit

Item #34271

Devilbiss Filter/Regulator - General-purpose regulator gauge for painting and tool operations. 0-125 psi, 120 cfm 5 micron particle filter, quick shut-off valve, fast filter changes, minimal pressure drop through large internal air passages.


12 Piece Snap Ring Plier Set ATD Tools 915

Item #1068054

…Pliers Set includes the most popular sizes and tips — ATD915 Each versatile, heavy-duty, fixed-tip Snap Ring Pliers removes and installs either internal or external snap rings on a wide range of applications. You get 4 sizes (0.038", 0.047", 0.070" and .090"), each in 3 tip angles: 45- and 90-degree…


Evolution Gun Rebuild Kit

Evolution Gun Rebuild Kit
Related Phrases: Evolution

Item #14753A

Ensure you Evolution Paint Gun is performing at its best. Over time, a paint gun's small internal components can wear from normal wear and tear. This easy-to-install tune-up kit replaces those components that can wear out over time. Includes two white gaskets, airflow ring, needle spring, needle…


Rockwood Metal Deburring Tool

Item #31416

Use this tool to easily remove the burrs from your metal working projects.* Grooved plastic handle for better grip* Compact design* HSS Steel Blade* Extra blade storage in tool handle Removes burrs on both internal and external surfaces. Suitable to be used on most types of metal.


Economy HVLP Spray Paint and Detail Gun

Item #14124 Paint Guns

…Its balanced design and easy to use controls allow for easy applications. Additionally, the guns have stainless steel needles, nozzles and internal passages that allow you apply both solvent and waterborne coatings. Machined brass air cap ensures excellent transfer efficiency and atomization.


ShopVac HEPA Small Cartridge Filter 9034100

Item #1069323

…HEPA Cleanstream Small Filter is absolutely perfect for wet or dry Shop-Vacs that clean cars, vans, trucks and RVs. It helps remove debris, soil, crumbs, and hair from carpets and internal upholstery. * Maintains suction longer* Exclusive non-stick surface* Made from clog-resistant material


Deluxe Sandblasting Hood

Item #22095

…hood that's ideal for many abrasive-blasting applications. * Durable fabric and synthetic-leather construction * Large 4-1/2" x 2-1/2" acrylic viewing plate * Adjustable internal helmet for added comfort * Reinforced side ventilation panels for increased airflow * NOT for respiratory protection



Related Phrases: Lug Nut

Item #1024522

…nuts missing the key? Or are they stripped? Not a problem for this 4-Pc. Emergency Lug Nut Remover Socket Set. Use these impact-grade sockets with patented reverse-tapered internal thread to easily remove stripped lug nuts or even lug nuts missing their keys. You'll need a 1/2"-drive impact wrench.


ShopVac HEPA Cartridge Filter 9034000

Item #1069322

…Shop-Vac's HEPA Cleanstream Filter is absolutely perfect for wet or dry Shop-Vacs that clean cars, vans, trucks and RVs. It helps remove debris, soil, crumbs, and hair from carpets and internal upholstery. * Maintains suction longer* Exclusive non-stick surface* Made from clog-resistant material

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