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Infra Red Light Stand

Item #10171

The Infrared Light Stand easily assembles to provide sturdy support for the Infrared Light. Assembled height 6'.


Infrared Dual Lamp Cure System

Item #10590

Infrared Powdercoat Curing System cures twice the area of our single-head model, to work fasterFor curing large powder-coated workpieces, there's no easier or faster way to do it than under this Dual-Lamp Infrared Powder-Coating Curing System.* Cures area up to 36" x 36"* Dual 6000-amp infrared lamp…


2ftx 3ftMedium Wave Curing Lamp

Item #12054

Infrared Paint Curing Lamp can cure small area repairs1500 watts of infrared curing power over a 2' x 3' coverage area makes this lamp ideal for small area paint repairs or a home shop paint job.* Infrared lamp and 6' stand set-up in minutes* Use in shop or garage* 36"-long bulb


Eastwood Non Contact Infrared Thermometer

Item #31223

The Eastwood Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer is compact, rugged and easy to use.This infrared thermometer safely measures the surface temperatures of hot, hazardous, or hard-to-reachobjects without contact. Simply aim and push the button to read instantaneous temperaturesin less than a second. *…


Infra Red Powder Curing Lamp 1800 Watts

Item #10170

Parts too big to cure in an oven? This Infrared Powder Curing Lamp can do the job in your shop or garage.* Infrared lamp sets-up on optional stand in minutes* Use in shop or garage* For small parts to large housings You're using our Eastwood Powdercoat System, but some of your parts require more…


Eastwood 1/2 inch x 18 inch Professional Mini Belt Sander

Item #31455

The Eastwood Mini Belt Sander is a professional quality tool ruggedly designed for many yearsof reliable service.* Adjustable sanding arm* 8-1/2” long Abrasive Arm* High-torque ball bearing motor* Variable speed control Features an infinitely adjustable sanding arm through a 120° range of belt…


Eastwood Zinc Rich Primer Powder

Item #16058 Zinc Rich Primer

…to 90% at 60 Degrees* Powder Type: Pure Epoxy* Storage: **Note for cure time: be sure to monitor your parts closely using the 31223 Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer to be sure your part does not spend more than the required cure time at full temperature. For primers, over curing will affect adhesion…


Infrared Curing Lamp 6000

Item #10680A

10" x 30" Infrared 6000 Powdercoat Curing Lamp heats 3X more surface than our 10" x 10" version.* 6000 Watt infrared lamp head* Output: 18,846 BTUs* Rolling stand included For curing large powder-coated work pieces, our Infrared 6000 Powder-Coating Curing Lamp covers a wide area to get you done…


ATD Laser Infrared Thermometer 70001

Item #30085

Infrared Thermometer lets you determine a wide range of temperatures from a safe distance away...12:1 distance to target ratio. Complete your tool chest with this versatile High Temperature Infrared Thermometer from ATD Tools. With its ergonomic grip and easy to read backlit LCD display


Pocket Infrared Non-Contact Thermometer 522deg

Item #11476

Versatile unit fits in a pocket, yet performs like large premium units. Features a wide measuring range: -22F to 500F, (-30C to 260C), built-in laser pointer, backlit LCD display. Imported.


IR Heavy Duty 90 Degree Angle Die Grndr

Item #1057253

Ingersoll Rand Heavy-Duty 1/4" Angle Die Grinder generates 20,000 RPM ideal for finishing and more - IR302BUse this 1/4" Angle Die Grinder for cutting, porting, weld-breaking, deburring, polishing and grinding. Its angled shape lets you work in those hard-to-reach areas with a 1/3-horsepower motor,…


Infratech Color Matcher Stand

Item #12808

Portable stand for the Infratech CM5300 Color Matcher, #12792


Sd Club Style 3/8 indr Ratchet

Item #1052532

Ingersoll Rand 3/8" Air Ratchet generates 76 ft./lbs. of torque...the highest torque rating of IR's 3/8"-drive air ratchets - IR109XPA 76 ft./lbs. of torque is powerful for heavy fastening jobs, with optimized gear ratio and airflow for improved performance, exceptional durability. Variable-speed…


Plasma Shades

Item #13948

These glasses can be used while operating your Plasma Cutter to protect your eyes from the harmful arc rays. * 5.0 IR Green Lens Shade * Scratch Resistant Lens * Block 99.9% of UV rays * Ultra Light Weight Frame * Meets ANSI Z87+ Standard * Wrap Around Lens for Frontal and Peripheral Protection


Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

Item #20520

This Light weight Auto Darkening Helmet is specifically designed to provide maximum eye and face protection from harmful UV and IR radiation emitted when welding,* 3.8" x 1.85" Viewing area* Dims automatically to a fixed shade 11* Light Shade of crisp shade 3* Switching time of 1/4000 seconds*…


1/2 in Dr Air Impact

Item #1055301

Ingersoll-Rand's 1/2"-drive Impact Wrench includes an enhanced Twin Hammer impact mechanism for more power - IR231HAThis version of the classic IR Model 231C, the most popular tool in its class, features an enhanced Twin Hammer impact mechanism for more power and durability to tackle the toughest…


Eastwood 6" Dual-Action Air Sander

Item #13746

Eastwood's 6" Pneumatic Dual-Action Sander produces swirl-free finishes while you use less "elbow grease"!* 10,000 rpm* Adjustable speed control* Takes 6" discs with pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) backings* Requires just 2.8 cfm at 90 psi so you can use your home compressor Just push the lever…


Ingersoll Rand 1 2 in 7803RA Dr Rev Air Drill

Ingersoll Rand 1 2 in 7803RA Dr Rev Air Drill
Related Phrases: Air Drill

Item #21813

Take-on your toughest drilling jobs with this Ingersoll-Rand® 1/2"-drive, Super-Duty, Air Reversible Drill.* Reversible* Variable speed* Industrial-grade 1/2" chuck, ball/needle bearings* 500 RPM no-load speed Powerful 1/2-HP motor inside this Ingersoll-Rand 1/2"-drive Pneumatic Drill takes you…


Ingersoll Rand IR325B Heavy Duty Air Nibbler

Item #1069309

The Heavy Duty Air Nibbler from Ingersoll Rand is the perfect tool for any metal working project. The IR325B Heavy Duty Air Nibbler from Ingersoll Rand is one of the best quality air nibblers on the market today. Get a bigger bite and better angle cuts with IR's Heavy Duty Air Nibbler. Instead of…


Air Hammer with Chisel Set

Item #13734

Eastwood Air Hammer pounds away at 4,500 blows per minute to aggressively cut through metal...4 chisels included.* Comfortable pistol-grip design* Includes 4 hex-indexed chisels* Built-in power regulator and trigger control* Uses just 2.3 cfm at 90 psi Our affordable air hammer is…

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