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    Hvlp Spray Gun

    Hvlp Spray Gun
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16 Piece HVLP Paint Gun Kit

Item #15214

…with 3 HVLP guns to make spraying primer, paint and clear coat affordable.* All in one HVLP spray gun kit* Primer gun with 1.8mm needle/nozzle* Paint gun with 1.4mm needle/nozzle* Detail gun with 1.0mm needle/nozzle* 250ml, 600ml & 1000ml aluminum paint cups* 2 Regulators with gauges* Gun wrench*…


Concours PRO HVLP Detail Gun 1.0mm

Item #14772

Professional quality HVLP detail paint gun, without the professional price The Eastwood Concours PRO HVLP detail gun goes head-to-head with the top detail guns from the big brands, but at a price the home user can afford. The precision machine work used to produce this gun provides ultra-fine…


Economy HVLP Spray Paint Gun w/1.4mm Nozzle

Item #13907

This economy HVLP Paint Gun was built to last and produce professional quality finishes. Includes:* 1.4mm needle & nozzle* 600 ML plastic cup* Wrench* Cup filter* Cleaning brush Its balanced design and easy to use controls allow for easy applications. Additionally, the gun's stainless steel needle,…


Eastwood Concours LT HVLP Paint Gun 1.3mm

Item #15639

…atomization & wide spray pattern* 1.3mm base coat/clear coat nozzle included* Compatible with all types of coatings* Stainless internal passages & brass air cap* 1.5mm, 1.7mm, and 2.0mm nozzles available The Eastwood Concours LT HVLP paint gun has many features of the professional guns, but it was…


Devilbiss Finishline 4 Solvent Based Kit promo

Item #11528

…Paint Gun incorporates enhanced atomization technology to spray the latest solvent-based coats, top coats, light primersNew coatings are always coming online, and you want your paint gun to be compatible with the latest coatings out there. So upgrade to this DeVilbiss® FinishLine4 Solvent-Based Gun


Earlex HVLP Turbine 5500 System

Item #13227A

…of paint, select your flow, fan orientation & spray width (up to 12"), and start painting! The HVLP gun sprays lacquers, enamels, urethanes, high build primers, & more. Features a powerful 650w tapered fan turbine motor delivering 42 cfm for a even spray pattern, Teflon coated cup, 2.0mm stainless…


Maxi-Miser 1000 Painting System

Item #52402

…of warm, dry, clean air to spray solvent or waterborne paints, with no risk of oil or moisture contamination. This true high volume low pressure system sprays paint at up to 80% transfer efficiency, you save up to 40% compared to other HVLP guns. Additional spray guns, needles, nozzles, air caps,…


CONCOURS™ Pro 2 Paint Gun and Accessory Kit

Item #14776

HVLP paint & detail gun kit, at a DIY price* Professional quality at a DIY price* Low CFM – Full size gun 6.5CFM @ 30PSI, Detail gun 3CFM @ 22PSI* Ultra-fine atomization* Compatible with all types of coatings* Includes regulator, cleaning kit & storage case The Eastwood CONCOURS™ Pro HVLP paint guns


Paintucation Spray Coach

Item #15821

…Kevin Tetz, the Paintucation Spray Coach helps the user develop proper paint gun handling techniques to avoid wasting paint or making mistakes. Quickly attaches to the nozzle of your favorite paint gun to establish proper distance and positioning…learn proper spray painting habits before bad ones…


Devilbiss 3-Gun Kit

Item #20491

…3 spray guns to handle everything from custom graphics and touch-up tasks to full repaintsThese 3 precision spray guns from DeVilbiss® are the tools you'll need to take on any automotive paint job, from graphics and touch-up tasks to full repaints.* 2 large HVLP Guns* 1 small Detail Gun* 3 Tips,…


DeVilbiss Auto Paint and Priming System

Item #12506

…easy disassembly and clean-up* Requires 13 cfm at 30psi This DeVilbiss HVLP 2-Gun Set is a great value from a brand name you know and trust. Complete, self-contained spray gun set includes not only one full-size HVLP spray gun but 2 for spraying primers, colors, clears, and sprayable body fillers.


Devilbiss Auto Paint and Touch-Up System

Item #12505

DeVilbiss® Paint & Touch-Up System includes a full-size HVLP spray gun and mini detail spray gun.* Large HVLP Gun for spraying top coats, primers and heavier materials* Mini Spray Gun for detail work* 3 Tips, 2 Cups, Regulator and Tool Kit Here's a handy kit from a brand you know and trust, to…


Maxi-Miser 2000 Painting System

Item #52403

HVLP Maxi-Miser spray systems are respected throughout the world. The Maxi-Miser 2000 features* 40% paint savings * 80% transfer efficiency clean warm dry air* No oil or moisture contamination* Compatible with basecoats single stages metallic clears in both solvent and waterborne* 2 HVLP Spray guns*


Citation with Gravity Feed Gun and Halfmask

Item #34276

Citation Turbine System with Gravity Feed Gun,Hood And Halfmask - The CITATION 4T HVLP system is a pro quality spray system with a built-in Supplied-Air Respirator that offers safe cool breathing air to a user working in a toxic environment as in a paint booth. Included with this system is a dual…


Iwata LPH400 124 LV 1.2mm Paint Gun Only

Item #15020

…operating on 9.5 CFM* Applicable in solvent or waterborne products* Can be used for base and clear coats* Spray gun has a 1.2 mm nozzle size* LPH400 high performance center post gravity feed HVLP gun This spray gun is commonly made to use clear coats or base coats on specific surface areas.


Eastwood Concours PRO HVLP Paint Gun 1.3mm

Item #14771

…at a DIY price* Low CFM – Full size gun 6.5CFM @ 30PSI* Ultra-fine atomization from 1.3mm needle/nozzle* Compatible with all types of coatings* Full line of accessories available The Eastwood Concours PRO HVLP paint gun goes head-to-head with the top spray guns from the big brands, but at a price…


Tekna Prolite Paint Gun 1.2 1.3 1.4 Alum Cup

Item #14508

…one high-performance, corrosion-resistant paint gun, yet it's as lightweight as it looks...includes aluminum cup. This premium high-tech paint gun is fully protected inside and out for high corrosion resistance, making it the ideal spray gun for waterborne paints, as well as solvent-based coatings.*…


Eastwood's 2K AeroSpray™ Epoxy Primer Gray & Black

Item #14149 Epoxy Primer

…Aerosol * Most Durable Aerosol Epoxy Primer Available * Sprays Like a Paint Gun The innovative nozzle and valve technology, combined with its two internal chambers, ensure the right ratio is mixed every time. Sprays like a gun with a broader spray pattern than conventional aerosols and no mess to…


EW 5 Stage 9.5PSI HVLP Turbine Paint Syst wth Gun

Item #15334

…quality all-in-one electric HVLP turbine spray system specially developed for the automotive refinishing.* Professional paint results with no compressor* Compact, portable & easy to use* Quiet 5 stage turbine motor, 9.5 psi @ 130 cfm* Lightweight aluminum HVLP gun* Gravity Fed, consistent…


DeVilbiss StartingLine Detail Gravity Gun 802405

Item #15572

StartingLine1.0mm Detail and Touch Up HVLP Gravity Spray Gun. One Mini Size Touch Up STARTINGLINE HVLP Gravity Feed Spray Gun with a 1.0mm Fluid Tip and a 8.5 oz aluminum cup. The 1.0mm set up is suitable for Spot Repairs using a variety of Coatings. Includes Cleaning Brush and Maintenance Wrench.…

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