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Eastwood Replacement Gun with Hoses

Item #20067

Replacement Gun with Hoses for Eastwood Blast Cabinet


Eastwood 3/8 in x 50 Foot Retractable Air Hose Reel

Item #70449

…Eastwood Retractable Air Hose Reel makes it easy to manage your air hose reels in your shop or home garage. * Constructed of Professional Grade Steel* Durable Powder Coated Finish* Reinforced rubber hose* Maximum Air Pressure 300 PSI* Maximum Air Flow 25 CFM The air hose is ready when you need it…


Welder Gas Hose

Item #22543

This 56 inch long welder gas hose uses a 5/8 Inch x 18 male thread for the most common welders and gas regulators. Replace your warn or missing hose with the Eastwood Welder Gas Hose.


Desiccant Snake

Item #34570

Disposable, In-Line Desiccant Air Dryer• A unique design that combines desiccantdrying with built in dirt and oil aerosol filters• Effective with both HVLP and Conventionalspray equipment• 200 PSI maximum• 150˚ F maximum


Devilbiss High Flow HVLP Hose Connector Male

Item #14883

These connections improve the performance of any air tool by delivering greater air flow with less pressure drop, and are ideal for HVLP applications because they won't ever starve the spray gun. In addition, the quick detach connection assures smooth, easy lock and release. Precision manufacturered…


Diamond Flex Premium Hybrid Polymer Air Compressor Hose 3/8 x 50 ft

Item #70494

Never fight with your air hose again. This industrial quality 3/8-inch I.D. x 50-foot air hose is the most flexible, light weight hose on the market and features no memory effect so it lays flat and uncoiled.* Premium Hybrid Polymer* Stays flexible under extreme weather conditions* Superior bend…


8 FT. Replacement Blast Hose

Item #11784

1/2"-inside diamter by 8-foot length, double-sewn-wall pressure-blaster hose.


Eastwood Welding Cart with Drawers

Item #20241 Welding Cart with Drawers

…finish for durability. Welding cart is ourstandard 28 inches high x 27 inches long and set up to hold any welder orplasma cutter and up to 1 80 cubic ft bottle. Large rear wheels easily roll overair hose or garage thresholds. Front swivel caster makes backing unit intotight space a snap for storage.


Aerosol Nozzle w/ 24in Extension Hose

Item #12512

Eastwood’s exclusive 24” Extension Hose and Nozzle allows you to apply your favorite Eastwood coatings into the toughest of areas. Featuring a machined brass nozzle that disperses the coating in a 360 degree fan pattern, this extension nozzle ensures you get full coverage. The extension nozzle can…


Eastwood Soda Blaster

Item #50095

100-lb.-capacity Soda/Abrasive Blaster removes paint and rust safely...strips without chemicals* Requires as little as 10 cfm at 90 psi* 8' blast hose with dead-man valve gives you optimal control* All-steel, welded, top-loading hopper and pressure gauge* 100-lb. Abrasive media capacity* 50-lb. Soda…


Citation with Bottom Feed Gun & Half Mask Hood

Item #34275

…working in a toxic environment as in a paint booth. Included with this system is a dual pump unit powered by 110 volts, 2 - 40' airline hoses, a 4' long whip hose, quick connect and air control fittings. Also included is a comfortable 'positive pressure' halfmask with a pull-over hood for complete…


Gates Power Grip Hose Clamps

Item #Gates Power Grip Hose Clamps 31444

Gates High-Performance Hose Clamps look great, seal better and tighter than standard metal hose clamps. * Clean, low profile design fit many hard to reach locations* Shrink in place with a standard heat gun* Quickly conform to any shape of connection or hose* Once and done installation, no…


Undercoating Gun with 2 hoses and bottle

Item #20441

Now there's a better way to rustproof your car. This durable undercoating system is ideal for applying Heavy Duty Anti-rust and Rubberized Undercoating.* Applies direct from the adjustable gun nozzle * 24" long by 7/16" diameter flexible wands* Straight or 90 degree spray tips * One year…


Eastwood Lead Body Soldering Diffuser Tip

Eastwood Lead Body Soldering Diffuser Tip
Related Phrases: Solder Lead Tip Torch

Item #50553

Diffuser Tip turns your torch into a soft-flame soldering gunSlip this tip over your existing oxy-acetylene tip and you can use acetylene (only) to produce a soft flame that's perfect for soldering.* Saves gas and money* 1/4"-I.D. rubber hose


First Air Pipe for Dual Blaster 11737

Item #11897

Replacement airline for 11737 Dual blaster. Line that connects each tank to the manifold. This is the line approx 10" in length that attached to the tank at the fill opening fitting and also the black 4 way manifold


Mastercool AC Hose Crimp Set 71550

Item #30088

Crimping Kit easily crimps 4 sizes of air conditioning hoses. Manual style air conditioning hose crimping kit includes dies that snap quickly into place in the fixture


Eastwood Airbrush Hose

Item #12169

More room to work, with this 9' braided hose, complete with couplings. 1/8" Female NPT coupling on airbrush end 1/4" Female NPT coupling on tank end Accessories Airbrush Filter Regulator Unit Eastwood 1/4" Digital Regulator Eastwood Master Gun Cleaning Kit Tack Rags box/12 Eastwood Concours Custom…


Whip Hose 3/8 in x 6 feet

Item #70490

…whip air hose is weather, oil and solvent resistant. Its EDPM rubber coating ensures long lasting durability and will withstand temperatures from 40 deg below 0 to 190 deg F. Its solid brass end fittings are swaged on to the hose ends, not crimped like some lesser imported hoses. Boasts a bursting…


Whip Hose 3/8 in x 3 feet

Item #70489

3'-long, 3/8"-dia. Air Hose resists oil, solvents, and whatever the weather throws at it. 3' Rubber Air Hose has the top quality and affordability you expect from Eastwood, with swaged solid brass end fittings, and a bursting pressure of 1070 PSI. * 300 PSI maximum working pressure* Withstands from…


3/4 in Compressed Air Hose Elbow

3/4 in Compressed Air Hose Elbow
Related Phrases: Rapid Air Rapidair

Item #13534

Use this 3/4"Hose Elbow with the Eastwood 3/4" Compressed air system.This 90 degree Elbow is nickel plated for long lasting reliability and uses a unique 2 O-Ring design to insure no air leakage. Use to create 90 degree bends in the tubing.

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Related Categories: Air Hose | Air Hose Reel | Gas Hose | Hose Reel | Gas Regulator