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Eastwood 1500W Heat Gun with LCD Display

Item #30073

Eastwood 1500-watt LCD Heat Gun lets you control the temperature. Eastwood Heat Gun generates a blast of heat from 122° up to 932°F, and displays the temperature in easy-to-read LCD numerals so you can select the heat the job needs. Choose from 6 fan settings. * 1500 watts* 122–932°F* 6…


Heavy Duty Heat Gun ATD Tools 3737

Item #1067914

Heavy-Duty Heat Gun has 2 temperature settings for use all around your garage and shop — ATD3737 Low and high settings, with a temperature range from 500 to 730 degreesF, offers versatility around your garage, and also around your home or shop where you can use it to dry or strip paint, apply…


Eastwood MIG Welder 110VAC/ 135A Output

Eastwood MIG Welder 110VAC/ 135A Output
Related Phrases: Welder Mig 135 Mig

Item #12011

…welding range* Tweco-Style Gun and Consumables* Powered by standard 120v household current* Ships with regulator and hose for MIG welding* Can also be used for Flux-Core welding.* Compare to similar welders that sell for over $500* Now compatible with 20172 spool gun for efficient welding of…


Eastwood Fender Roller and Fender Finisher

Item #11989

…coated finish this tool will last for years. Replaceable rubber pads (two extra included) will not damage painted surfaces. To be used on the front fenders only. Use a heat gun (not included) to gently heat the paint on the outside of the fender to ease the forming without damage to the paint.



Related Phrases: Soldering Gun Solder

Item #1001466

…Soldering Gun from Weller® produces 200 and 260 watts so you can choose low or high output with a pull of the trigger. Depending on how hard you pull the trigger, this dual-heat soldering gun will produce either 200 watts (low) or 260 watts (high) of power. Weller soldering gun heats-up in…


Airless Plastic Welder Model 7

Item #14013

…plastic repairs on virtually any of your vehicle's plastic partsMake quick, durable repairs on plastic bumpers, grills, any plastic car part. Welder heats the thermoset polyurethane welding rod as you feed it through, melting it into the cracked plastic (see "Video" tab).* Includes welding rods for…


Tillman 48 Goatskin MIG Welding Gloves

Item #21292 Tillman 48

…Brand Pros Demand for over 85 years.* A Top grain Goatskin palm for best feel, Cowhide split back resists heat* Fleece lined for added heat protection without the bulk* Straight thumb for best gun grip* Thumb strap reinforcement for extra strength* Elastic back for snug fit* 3 1/2” cuff for added…

Gen-Nex Painters Coveralls

Item #20403 Gen-Nex Painters Coveralls

Gen-Nex painters coveralls are a high quality patented liquid-proof barrier that protects against Isocyanate-based paints. Anti-static, lint free with heat dissapating cloth-like fiber. Full zipper front and elastic wrists. A must for every painter. Available in Medium, large and X-Large.

Economy Undercoating Gun and 625cc Bottle

Item #15676

The economy undercoating gun was designed to fit most standard quart cans and can apply any undercoating, anti rust or bedliner coating, no matter what the viscosity. Made from aluminum for long lasting durability and easy cleanup.


Eastwood 175 Amp MIG Welder w/spool gun

Eastwood 175 Amp MIG Welder w/spool gun
Related Phrases: Welder Mig 175 Mig

Item #12012

…30-175-amp welding range. Feeds wire at 58"-471" per minute, and has infinitely adjustable wire speed and heat settings. Includes a precision-drive motor, regulator with hose, spool gun (to weld aluminum, 19-gauge to 1/4" plate), wire, tips and accessories...just add your own cylinder of CO2/Argon.…


Eastwood Hot Stapler Plastic Repair System

Item #Hot stapler 13650

…replacement-part costs* For automotive, power sports, hobby and industrial applications * 3 staple-mounting options* 3 staple types (1/2" wide)* 3 heat settings for a variety of applications Why replace expensive parts if you don't have to? Eastwood's Hot Stapler is a precision-engineered tool that…


Powder Coating How to Guide Book SA296

Item #15845

…how to properly clean the part (which includes chemical strippers, wire brushes, media blasting, and sanding media), spray with a media gun, and then cure with heat. He compares and contrasts several popular kits and explains how they function and perform. A wide range of powders and powder-coating…



Item #12084

1lb 0.030" 4043 Aluminum Filler Wire Spool. 4043 is a great choice for the welding of heat-treatable base aluminum alloys and more specifically the 6000 series alloys. Fits the Eastwood MIG175 Spool Gun, as well as any other MIG welder that utilizes a 4in spool.


Tillman 24C Kidskin TIG Welding Gloves

Item #21290 Tillman 24C

…Unlined to maximize feel and dexterity* 4" cuff for added protection* Straight thumb for best gun grip* Includes Lock stitching with Kevlar® thread for added strength Tig welding produces the lowest heat and the flame is concentrated to a certain area. The result is minimal sparks and spatter. The…

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