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Dynamat Extreme Bulk Pack

Item #11675

…floors, doors, roof, hood, trunk lid, quarter panels and more Install Dynamat® Xtreme in your ride and listen as the doors and trunks slam snug, and road and wind noise virtually disappear. Use Dynamat on almost any body section for a "sound" improvement in your ride, as well as heat reduction.


X-MAT® Sound Deadening Material 5pc - 12x12

Item #15842

Eliminate road noise, floor pan vibration and exhaust heat from your vehicle! * X-MAT® Low-Profile / All-Purpose Heat and Sound Barrier provides the ultimate in acoustic and thermal protection for your muscle car, street rod, boat or RV* All-purpose X-MAT® with three layers offering excellent…


X-MAT® Sound and Audio 4 sheets 15.75sqft

Item #15824

Eliminate road noise, body panel vibration and excess interior heat from your vehicle! * X-MAT® Lightweight Sound and Audio Barrier provides the ultimate in acoustic and thermal protection for your muscle car, street rod, boat or RV* Lightweight X-Mat with a layer of closed-cell, acoustic foam…


DEI Under Carpet Lite 050113 27 Sq Ft

Item #30523

…to install with staples, or spray adhesive. Insulated the inside of your car truck or van from heat, or cold. * Use over Boom Mat for extra vibration and sound deadening* Easily trimmed and shaped to size* Flexible to conform to irregular surfaces* Insulated from heat in summer & cold in winter


Eastwood Heat and Sound Barrier Coating 1.5 Gallon Kit

Item #15632ZP

Sound and heat reduction in one easy to apply coating * Tough 2 part catalyzed coating* Kit covers 30 sq.ft. at 60mil* Coating & activator included* Deadens sound & blocks heat* Rugged gray finish, or can be top coated* Resists UV, chemicals & abrasion* Inhibits corrosion on bare metal* No primer…


Coldshield Thermal Paste

Item #13904

Stop Welding Heat Damage - This is the kind of product that you have to try to believe how well it works! We held onto a small metal panel while a torch heated the metal almost white hot. The part in my fingers never went above about 85 degreesF! That's the kind of protection Cold Shield provides.…


Eastwood Anti Heat Compound

Item #31042

…absorbs excess surface heat.* Shields against heat up to 3000 degrees F* Use as a jigging/fixturing compound* Ideal for welding and soldering Spread it on with a putty knife to a 3/8" thickness as close to the weld or solder area as possible. This confines the heat to the open area. Great…


Eastwood 1500W Heat Gun with LCD Display

Item #30073

Eastwood 1500-watt LCD Heat Gun lets you control the temperature. Eastwood Heat Gun generates a blast of heat from 122° up to 932°F, and displays the temperature in easy-to-read LCD numerals so you can select the heat the job needs. Choose from 6 fan settings. * 1500 watts* 122–932°F* 6…


Eastwood Hi-Temp Internal Exhaust Coating w/Nozzle

Item #13795ZPA Exhausts Coating

…Works with both new and used exhaust system components Use our exclusive formula to coat the inside of exhaust system components to trap the heat inside the tubing, thereby lowering under hood and under car temperatures. Great for headers, exhaust manifolds and more! "The headers came out…


Hi-Temp Lab Metal 24 oz

Item #10288Z

For leveling or filling jobs that withstand up to 1000 degreesF, you need our High-Temperature Lab MetalEven in high-temperature applications, you can make permanent, rustproof, metal repairs with Hi-Temp Lab Metal.* No messy mixing or measuring* Creates a durable, heat-resistant, rustproof repair*…


DYNALINER 1/4in 12SQ FT 32in X 54in

Item #21883

…ALL NEW Dynaliner is the perfect ultra light weight insulator to use on top Dynamat. This durable crush and tear resistant material has the highest heat blocking properties available in a single layer synthetic foam-type material. Dynaliner isn't affected by oil and does not absorb water. Dynaliner…


X-MAT® High Profile 15.75 sq ft 4 Sheets

Item #15828

Eliminate road noise, floor pan vibration and exhaust heat from your vehicle! * X-MAT® High Profile X-MAT® High Profile / All-Purpose, Heat Sound and Vibration Barrier provides the ultimate in acoustic and thermal protection for your muscle car, street rod, boat or RV* All-purpose X-MAT® with three…


Infra Red Powder Curing Lamp 1800 Watts

Item #10170

Parts too big to cure in an oven? This Infrared Powder Curing Lamp can do the job in your shop or garage.* Infrared lamp sets-up on optional stand in minutes* Use in shop or garage* For small parts to large housings You're using our Eastwood Powdercoat System, but some of your parts require more…


Lizard Skin Ceramic Insulation 1 Gal Pail

Item #51527

Lizard Skin Ceramic Insulation is an easy to apply effective heat insulating coating for virtually any metal surface. Withstands -45 to 500 degrees F. This water-based coating is formulated with high-grade acrylic binders & air filled particles. Proven aerospace technology dramatically reduces…


Pocket Infrared Non-Contact Thermometer 522deg

Item #11476

Versatile unit fits in a pocket, yet performs like large premium units. Features a wide measuring range: -22F to 500F, (-30C to 260C), built-in laser pointer, backlit LCD display. Imported.


Hotcoat Powder Super-Gloss Clear

Item #10286 Super-Gloss Clear

…formulated of the highest quality materials and are chemical and fuel resistant. Eastwood Powders are durable enough for under hood applications and heat resistant up to 250 degrees F. They are suitable for any metal surface and most cure at a temperature of 400 degrees F at 20 minutes after flow…


DEI Boom Mat 18oz Spray On 050220

Item #30517

…and more. Works as a thermal barrier to block heat as well, and will withstand up to 300° Fahrenheit. Helps prevent rust, won’t crack or chip, and can be painted. * Spray-on sound deadening from the makers of Boom Mat* Blocks noise, vibration and heat too* Easily applied in hard to reach places*…


Eastwood Metal Blackening System

Item #15357Z

…no heat cure* For iron, steel, stainless, and aluminum Many factory brackets and fasteners originally were given a black oxide/phosphate finish to protect them. Eastwood’s Metal Blackening System allows you to apply a factory looking finish, with no special equipment and no need to heat cure.…


Eastwood Bench Top Powder Coating Oven

Item #15635

…and is ready when you need it.* 120 Volts AC 50/60hz * 1400 Watt * ETL listed * 4 Stainless heating elements * 0-450 Degrees F heat range * 60 minute timer on/off knob * On/Off control switch * Quick heat recovery * Low E glass door * Insulated case * Power indicator * 2 chrome powder racks *…


Heavy Duty Heat Gun ATD Tools 3737

Item #1067914

Heavy-Duty Heat Gun has 2 temperature settings for use all around your garage and shop — ATD3737 Low and high settings, with a temperature range from 500 to 730 degreesF, offers versatility around your garage, and also around your home or shop where you can use it to dry or strip paint, apply…

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