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Eastwood Urethane Activator 32oz med temp less 80F

Item #21856ZP

Urethane Paint Activator works with Eastwood's Single-Stage Urethane PaintsAdd it to harden and cure our single-stage urethane paints.* Mix 1 part Activator with 3 parts Single-Stage Urethane Paint* 2-hour pot life at 70 degreesF


Lab-Metal 24 oz

Item #10207Z

…out of the can!Make fast, permanent repairs, especially before powder-coating. Lab-metal® ready-to-use repair compound spreads like paste and hardens quickly into metal.* Aluminum-filled, 1-part repair putty* Fills dents and flaws easily and economically* Can be milled, chiseled, drilled, sawed,…


USC Red Cream Hardner 4oz

Item #50779Z

For use with US Chemical fillers. Non-separating cream hardener is formulated to be used in premium, lightweight, heavyweight and specialty fillers as well as finishing putty. May come in red or blue color. packaged in 4oz tube. Made in USA


Eastwood Contour Aluminum Reinforced Repair Compound Body Filler 25.3 oz

Item #13518ZP

…corrosion resistance and adhesion* Repair factory-leaded seams and high-strength applications* Perfect for areas prone to moisture* Includes hardener Eastwood's uniquely formulated filler is fortified with aluminum particles to produce a repair with extra strength, corrosion resistance and…


Body Filler Cream Hardener Red 2.75oz tube

Item #14064

…replacement for lost or damaged catalyst. Compatible with Z-Grip, Rage Extreme, Rage Gold, Eurosoft Glazing Putty, Fiber Tech, Lite Weight Filler, and Metal Glaze. For liquid style hardener order 14065 Evercoat Liquid Hardener. These hardeners may not be suitable for other non-Evercoat products.


Eastwood Liquid Chrome and Black Base Coat

Item #51008ZP Liquid Chrome

Spray-on an easy, shiny, chrome finish that closely matches genuine chrome.* Spray on the Basecoat Black Urethane and Activator* Follow by spraying a light layer of Liquid Chrome* Finish with a coating of Liquid Chrome Clear to make it shine All of the selected products have the formulations you…


Eastwood Epoxy Primer Catalyst Quart 1:1

Item #50243ZP

For use with Eastwood 50242 ZP Epoxy Primer.


Eastwood Buff 4:1 Urethane Primer and Activator

Item #14005ZPA Urethane Primer Buff

Eastwood Urethane primer is a two-component gray surfacer designed for overall jobs.* Mixes 4:1 with 50241ZP Activator* Fills well and builds quickly* Dries fast and easy to sand* Apply over epoxy primer, body filler, existing finishes It fills well, sands easily and provides excellent color holdout…


Eastwood Urethane Activator 8 oz

Item #21854Z

…BlackUse this Urethane Paint Activator with 50429ZP 2K Ceramic Chassis Black Gloss (Qt.) or 50430ZP 2K Ceramic Chassis Black Satin (Qt.) . Works to harden and cure the following coatings:* 3:1 Single-Stage Urethane Paints* 4:1 Ceramic Engine Paints* 4:1 Ceramic Chassis Black* 4:1 Ceramic Underhood…


Pack of 10 Flat Body Filler Files

Item #12534

These hardened carbon steel blades have hundreds of open, non loading, sharp cutting teeth. Perfect for quickly shaping polyester body fillers before they completely harden. Saves considerable sanding and filing time. Each flat blade measures 10-1/2"long by about 1-1/2" wide. Welded on end cleats…


Evercoat Liquid Hardner 40 cc

Item #14065

…additional hardener for our line of Evercoat fillers. While over-catalyzing is not recommended we offer this replacement for lost or damaged catalyst. Compatible with Slick Sand, Metal-2-Metal, and Feather Fill G2. For paste style creme hardener order 14064 Evercoat Creme Hardener. These hardeners


USC Liquid Hardner 2 oz

Item #50780Z

For use with US Chemical fillers requiring a liquid catalyst. Fast acting for a permanent bond in minutes. For the strongest possible use with USC's fiberglass resin. packaged in 2oz tube. Made in USA


USC Garage Flexible Glaze 77704 with Hardener

Item #16214Z

USC® Garage™ Pouches are your premier single-use solution in the body repair and refinish category, used by DIY'ers and pros alike. USC® Garage™ Flexible Glaze has a smooth finish with superior adhesion and resilience when used on flexible and rigid bumpers as well as other plastics. Never before…


Contour Polyester Filler Hardener 3.5 ounces

Item #13523AZ

For use with Eastwood Contour Polyester Primer Surfacer one 3.5 oz bottle with Quart 13522zp and two 3.5 oz bottles with Gallon 13523ZP


Eastwood Gray Epoxy Primer and Catalyst Gallons

Item #51127 Gray Epoxy Primer

Eastwood Gray DTM (Direct To Metal) Epoxy Primer 1:1 primes and seals with excellent adhesion and corrosion resistance. * Can be used as a primer or sealer * Excellent adhesion and corrosion resistance * Fast Drying & Maintains good color holdout * Sand-able - 2-3 days * Applied Over Steel,…


One Shot Hardener 16 oz

Item #37157Z

1-Shot Hardener was designed to accelerate drying time of all 1 Shot alkyd based paints including: Lettering Enamels, Bulletin Colors, Gloss Enamels and Pearlescent Enamels. 1 Shot Hardener will improve adhesion to most substrates as well as extend color life and increase gloss. Also, will aid in…


Eastwood Candeez Silver Metallic Base Quart and Activator

Item #51549ZPA Silver Metallic Base

Eastwood Silver Metallic Base is similar to House of Kolor BC02 Orion Silver Base Paint. Eastwood's Silver metallic base is ideal as a base coat for the Candeez custom paints. The Silver base can also be used under other brands of candies. Eastwood Silver base's metallic flakes are very coarse to…


USC All Metal 2.1 lb

Item #50751ZP

Repair metal with metal—instead of lead—using USC® All-MetalIdeal for your restoration projects, USC's All-Metal offers excellent adhesion to metals (even stainless) and wood.* Can be drilled or tapped* Aluminum-based filler * Rustproof and waterproof* Includes hardener


Evercoat® Slick Sand With Hardener

Item #31108ZP Evercoat Slick Sand Quart With Hardener

Evercoat® Slick Sand™ primes and levels all at once!This high-solids, extra high-build, polyester-based formula is a sprayable primer/surfacer that offers excellent adhesion to metal, galvanized metal, aluminum, wood, fiberglass, SMC, and body filler. * Ideally suited for large, uneven surfaces*…

USC Garage SMC/Fiberglass Filler 77702 with Hardener

Item #16211Z

USC® Garage™ Pouches are your premier single-use solution in the body repair and refinish category, used by DIY'ers and pros alike. USC® Garage™ SMC/Fiberglass Filler is a waterproof filler, structurally rated to repair sheet molding compound and works on fiberglass. It’s also easier to sand than…

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