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Eastwood Guide Coat Black Aerosol 12 oz

Item #12416Z

…to highlight low spots* Identifies scratches and pinholes Pros know the secret to a level surface is using guide coat while you're block sanding. A light misting of guide coat over primer will highlight low and uneven areas. Keep sanding and applying guide coat until the guide coat disappears.


16 in Soft Sanders 6 Pc Kit 0704

Item #15839

If you've every tried to sand the style lines in bodywork with a folded up piece of sand paper you know how easy it is to lose the sharpness of the details.* Soft Rounded Edges Eliminate Gouging* Lightweight Design for comfort No Matter How They Are Held* Extremely Durable and Resistant to Most…


Chemical Guys Mr. Pink Super Suds Shampoo & Superior Surface Cleanser 16 oz CWS_402_16

Item #16227

…rubber parts. Mr. Pink is pH-balanced and gentle on all exterior automobile parts like paint, clear coat, polished metals, glass, and even vinyl, rubber, and plastic trim pieces. Slick lubricants guide abrasive dirt and grime off the car gently, and helps prevent future swirl marks and scratches in…


Drill Doctor Model 750X

Item #30767

…adds increased capacity, sharpening 3/32 to 3/4 inch bits.One chuck sharpens all sizes 3/32" -3/4"Longer jaws hold bit more precisely and jaw guides eliminate jaw twisting on small bits“Push to Stop” design on the drill point splitting port will not allow you to over split the bit point* Adjustable…


Eastwood Beginner's Powder Coating Handbook

Item #14104

The long awaited guide to powder coating covering everything from getting started, to advanced techniques. Powder coating is becoming increasingly popular as a nearly indestructible alternative to regular paint. Now Eastwood brings “Beginning Powder Coating”, a 52 page handbook to help you learn to…


Powder Coating How to Guide Book SA296

Item #15845

…information. Moreover, powder coating has a number of applications, including automotive, motorsports, household, and more. While powder coating has had limited coverage in several other books, this book is dedicated to the process and this is the authoritative guide that covers equipment, products,…

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