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Manual Pneumatic Grease Gun Kit

Manual Pneumatic Grease Gun Kit
Related Phrases: Air Hose

Item #31295

…Pneumatic Grease Gun Kit is a professional quality tool ruggedly designed for many yearsof reliable service.* Provides up to 6000 PSI of grease* Quick interchangeable heads* Can be used with air or manual power* Easy access to difficult to reach areas Capable of providing up to 6000 PSI of grease it…


Lever Action Grease Gun ATD Tools 5000

Item #1067938

Use this Lever-Action Grease Gun with 6" extension for general lubrication and daily maintenance work — ATD5000 Hardworking, medium-duty grease gun works with a standard 14.5-oz. grease cartridge to handle general lubrication and daily maintenance work, but you can also load it up from a drum or…


Pistol Grease Gun ATD Tools 5002

Item #1067940

Pistol-Grip Grease Gun helps you work even in tight spots — ATD5002 This pistol-grip grease gun can be used in tight spaces or where access to grease nipples is restricted. The pistol handle is designed to prevent fingers from pinching, and the follower plate locks to help loading. Use this gun with…


Eastwood Aerosol Injected Cleaner 11 oz Net

Item #12846Z

…Cleaning System directs a focused blast of cleaner to penetrate deep into hard-to-reach places* Cleans Paint Guns and Equipment* Brake, transmission and fuel lines* Removes paint, grease, machining oils and other contaminants Our Aerosol-Injected Cleaning System was the 2011 Winner of Popular…


Fish Eye Eliminator Pint

Item #14498Z

…combat fish eyes or cratering in urethane finishes. Fish eyes are caused by contamination, most often in the form of silicone, water, oil and/or grease on the substrate. The best defense against fish eyes is a properly prepared surface and clean work environment; however sometimes, despite efforts…


DeVilbiss Paint Prep Wipes 300Bx 803657

Item #15584

DeVilbiss Clean Paint Prep Wipes are absorbent wipes designed to easilyremove grease, dirt, wax, sanding dust, and other contaminants toleave a clean final prep ready surface PAINT PREP WIPES ARE SAFE TO USE ONMOST SURFACES INCLUDING: Bare metal, Aluminum, plastics, OEM finishes and Fiberglass. 300…

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