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Plasma Shades

Item #13948

These glasses can be used while operating your Plasma Cutter to protect your eyes from the harmful arc rays. * 5.0 IR Green Lens Shade * Scratch Resistant Lens * Block 99.9% of UV rays * Ultra Light Weight Frame * Meets ANSI Z87+ Standard * Wrap Around Lens for Frontal and Peripheral Protection


Safety Goggles

Item #43090

The Safety Goggles protect your eyes from hazards from the front or sides. The adjustable elastic strap holds the goggles comfortably in place. For additional protection we recommend the Face Shield (13123).


Eastwood Soda Blasting Protection Kit

Item #50097

Stay safe and protected while soda blasting with this Protection Kit.* Face Shield* Pair Of Large Rubber Gloves* Dust Particle Mask* 5 Head Socks* Not for abrasive blasting The Eastwood Soda-Blasting Protection Kit includes the essential body protection items you need when soda blasting.


High Speed Mandrel For Abrasive Rolls 1/4inx 6

Item #13141

…and all Abrasive Roll Mandrels with light side pressure to avoid bending. For a smoother cut & longer abrasive life use Grinders Grease (13119). We recommend the use of a dust mask like our Disposable Dust Masks (22055) pk of 20, Goggles (43090), and ear protection during all grinding operations.


Eastwood 50 lb Soda Blaster

Item #12256

…construction will have you blasting in about 45 minutes. We suggest using an approved respirator such as what you should use when painting along with goggles and gloves. The overall size of the unit is approximately 36" high with handles and about 24" diameter so it will easily store in the corner…

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