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12 pc Trim Tool Set

Item #14132

…scratch surfaces * Impact resistant * Divided storage pouch Complete 12 Piece Trim Tool Set allows you to easily remove door panels, fascia and trim strips, dashboard and interior panels and trim, window moldings, etc. Impact-resistant, glass-filled nylon won’t mar surfaces like metal tools can.


Eastwood Abrasive Media Blast Cabinet

Item #20027 Blast Cabinet

Effectively Blast Large Vehicle Parts.The Eastwood Abrasive Blast Cabinet will provide you with an effective abrasive blasting tool that is easy to assemble and has a large internal size.* Exterior: 36-1/4” width x 24-1/4” depth x 58-3/4” height * Interior: 36” width x 24” depth x 23” height * Easy…


Glass Polishing 3 Disc Replacement Set

Item #12539

This is a replacement set of discs for the deep scratch glass polishing kit. Included is a green, blue and orange disc of different grits. These discs are 3" in diameter


90 Pound Abrasive Blaster ATD Tools 8402

Item #1068036

…than siphon types* Use glass beads, silica sand, or aluminum oxide* Heavy-duty, all-steel construction Just attach this 90-lb.-capacity pressure blaster to your air compressor, put on your appropriate hood and respiratory protection, fill with blasting media (glass beads, silica sand, or aluminum…


Fairmount Tools Air Conditioning Manifold Gauge Set

Item #31533

…Check pressure and recharge automotive air conditioning systems* Quick-Disconnect fittings for refrigerant conservation and safety* Convenient built-in sight glass to observe refrigerant condition and flow Compatible with most motor vehicle R-134 A/C systems and refrigerant supply equipment.


Performance Tool 6 in Soft Jaws MV1

Performance Tool 6 in Soft Jaws MV1
Related Phrases: Vise Vise Soft Jaws Vice

Item #30649

…with magnets. Now you can firmly hold painted parts or soft metals like aluminum, brass and copper without damage. Clamp delicate materials like glass and porcelain without cracking them. No special installation necessary, they simply slip over your existing vice jaws and are held in place with…


Eastwood Inspection Mirror/Magnetic Set

Eastwood Inspection Mirror/Magnetic Set
Related Phrases: Magnet

Item #30184

…with the magnet. The mirror gives you 2” of looking glass and an extra 27.5” of length to see around any corner. They both telescope back down to fit into your pocket or tool bag so they’re always within reach. Get both of these useful tools together in the Eastwood Inspection Mirror/Magnet Set.


Autel MaxiVideo MV101 Digital Inspection Videoscope

Item #31497

…illumination control* Views objects as close as 1"* Oil and scratch resistant tempered glass lens* 1M(39.4 ")semi-rigid, but flexible watertight shaft* Ergonomic and durable tool housing The ergonomic tool features comfortable pistol grip design, a 2.4 " full color LCD screen, auto focus and viewing…


Safety Goggles

Item #43090

The Safety Goggles protect your eyes from hazards from the front or sides. The adjustable elastic strap holds the goggles comfortably in place. For additional protection we recommend the Face Shield (13123).


CRC Blue Layout Fluid Aerosol 03066

Item #14752Z

…non-peeling fluid dries very quickly, sticks to both metal and glass and allows you to scribe sharp precise lines. For use by tool and die makers, machinists, pattern makers and maintenance mechanics Dries very quickly; Sticks to metal and glass; Allows user to scribe sharp, precise lines; Prevents…


Eastwood 2 Stage Desiccant Air Drying System 1/2in NPT

Item #20473

2-Stage Desiccant Dryer Filter System keeps paints and powders free of moisture and debris* 2-stage filtration removes particles down to 70 microns* Oil-coalescing filter* Sight glass and pop-up indicator This 1/2"-NPT, 2-stage system ensures that no debris enters your air tools or spray equipment.


Eastwood Master Blaster Dual Abrasive Soda Blaster

Item #11737

…rust and paint removal cast iron, steel, etc. * Quality construction - heavy gauge, fully welded and powder coated tanks and frame. * A “must have tool” - for any maintenance shop where rust is a problem and paint removal is necessary such as fabrication shops, weld shops, trailer repair, automotive…


Eastwood Modular Coalescing Air Filter Separator Regulator System

Item #20472

…filters air in 2 stages for debris-free "air power"1/2"-NPT, 2-stage system includes moisture and oil separators to ensure no debris enters your air tools or spray equipment. * First stage removes moisture and particulates* Second stage removes oil aerosols* Includes sight glasses and drain valves


Eastwood 4 Stage Desiccant System 1/2 IN NPT

Item #20474

…2 stages remove debris* Third stage removes particulates* Fourth stage removes moisture and oil vapors* Includes sight glasses and drain valves 1/2"-NPT, 4-stage system removes debris, particulates, oil and moisture to ensure nothing enters your air tools or spray equipment but pure, powerful, air.


Autel MaxiVideo MV400 Digital Inspection Videoscope

Autel MaxiVideo MV400 Digital Inspection Videoscope
Related Phrases: Autel Scope Camera

Item #31498

…Views objects as close as 1"* Oil and scratch resistant tempered glass lens* 1M (39.4") semi-rigid, but flexible watertight shaft* Built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery with up to 3-4 hours of continuous use* Ergonomic and durable tool housing It features the ability to record digital still images…

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