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EW Air Management Sight Glass Rebuild Kit

Item #14996

Sight glass repair kit includes replacement sight glass, retainer, indicator ball and O ring. Fit the following Eastwood air filters and dryers; 34104, 34106, 20607, 20602, 20590, 20472.


Headlight Refinishing Kit

Item #52267

…plastic lenses can reduce your headlights' light output by up to 30%. Rather than replace the headlights (an expensive proposition), you can quickly repair your hazy headlights by using this Headlight Refinishing and Restoration Kit.* Includes the buff wheel assembly and Autosol® polish * Quick and…


12 pc Trim Tool Set

Item #14132

Eastwood 12 Piece Tool Set makes trim removal easier, with the shapes and sizes you need. * 33% glass-filled nylon * Won’t scratch surfaces * Impact resistant * Divided storage pouch Complete 12 Piece Trim Tool Set allows you to easily remove door panels, fascia and trim strips, dashboard and…


Sight Glass Kit for 51106 WK33

Item #15985

Replacement Sight Glass Kit for 51106


Sight Glass Kit for 20591 20606 SKD10

Item #15991

Sight Glass Kit for 20591; 20606 desiccant dryer


Paintucation DVD Fiberglass Repair

Item #15333

…by step. Learn proper prep and repair of kit car panels so repairs and mold seams don’t show through the paint. Plus learn important safety precautions, as well as how to work in fiberglass and minimize itchy irritated skin. It will even cover how to repair modern composites as used in Corvettes…


Plastex Rigid Plastic Repair Kits

Item #40025 Plastex

Plastex™ Plastic Repair Kit makes strong, permanent repairs on almost any hard plastic* Repairs cracks* Fills gaps* "Welds" panels* Fixes stripped threads Repair almost any hard plastic as well as many other materials (but not PP or PE). Just mix the powder and solvent and you're ready to go. Easy,…


Composite Headlamp Restoration Downloadable Video

Item #15671

Get an education in Composite Headlamp Restoration with this downloadable video by Kevin Tetz. Television host, Kevin Tetz, guides you through the process of restoring faded and hazed composite headlights in this Paintucation 2:27 downloadable video. Kevin's tips will save you time and money. You'll…


TPO TEO & PP Plastic Welding Kit 80W Iron

Item #50347

…about how easy and profitable it is to do bumper repairs with the Micro-Weld 80. Now, you can repair the problem plastics like TPO, TEO, and PP just like the pros do with the Micro-Weld 80. The Micro-Weld 80 contains everything you need to repair problem plastics. Just look at all the benefits: *…


USC Garage SMC/Fiberglass Filler 77702 with Hardener

Item #16211Z

…rated to repair sheet molding compound and works on fiberglass. It’s also easier to sand than conventional fiberglass fillers Never before has there been a more broad selection of top-of-the-line fillers and glazes. From dents and small repairs on aluminum, steel and fiberglass to repairs around the…


Eastwood 5" Paintless Dent Removal Suction Cup

Item #31608

The Eastwood 5" Vacuum Cup is an excellent solution for pulling out minor dents in auto bodysheet metal or handling difficult to grip items such as body panels and glass.


Paintucation Body Replacement Panel DVD Kevin Tetz

Item #50046

…about the procedures used to replace sheet metal on your modern or vintage vehicle. Includes full quarter replacement, leading and body solder techniques, door skin replacement, welded partial quarter panels, modern panel bonding adhesives, and glass polishing and repair.Total run time 152 minutes.


Adhesion Promoter Aerosol 14.75 Net

Item #52366Z

How to get topcoats and repair materials to adhere to problem plastics such as PP or TPOHigh-tech plastic adhesion promoter will bond to PP, TPO and other automotive plastics. Easy to use with no sanding.* Topcoat within 15-30 minutes* Works on most flexible or rigid plastics, and painted surfaces*…


Eastwood Master Blaster Dual Abrasive Soda Blaster

Item #11737

…maintenance shop where rust is a problem and paint removal is necessary such as fabrication shops, weld shops, trailer repair, automotive repair and restoration, heavy equipment repair, small engine maintenance facilities, etc. The dual tanks each hold 100 lbs of media and operate on as little as 10…


Evercoat Metal Glaze Ultra 30 ounces

Item #14352ZP

…other Metalworks products to improve flowout. Formulated with ZNX 7 for improved adhesion. For use on Sanded Body filler, Steel, Galvanized Steel, E Coat, Aluminum, Rigid to Semi rigid Thermoset Plastics, SMC, Fiberglass (cosmetic repairs only), Cured sanded 2K primer surfacers, Sanded OEM paints.


90 Pound Abrasive Blaster ATD Tools 8402

Item #1068036

…than siphon types* Use glass beads, silica sand, or aluminum oxide* Heavy-duty, all-steel construction Just attach this 90-lb.-capacity pressure blaster to your air compressor, put on your appropriate hood and respiratory protection, fill with blasting media (glass beads, silica sand, or aluminum…


Paintucation 6 DVD Set

Item #15625 Paintucation 6 DVD Set

…step to repair and restore you car's body. Kevin speaks in easy to understand language and shows you the tricks the pros know. Learn the basics and perform a show winning resto job. Contains 5 DVDs with more than 585 minutes of hands on instruction. Body Shop Basics, Metal Prep and Rust Repair, How…


Adjustable Flexible Sander 15 in

Item #31143

Get a glass-smooth paint finish when you use this 15"-long Flexible Sander to create a uniformly sanded surfaceThis 15" flexible sander makes complete contact even on high-crowned fenders and body panels, to prevent flat spots.* Flexible Sander bends to match contoured or flat surfaces* Remove any…


21 in Adjustable Flexible Sander

Item #31144

Get a glass-smooth paint finish when you use this 21"-long Flexible Sander to create a uniformly sanded surfaceOur 21" flexible sander makes complete contact even on high-crowned fenders and body panels, to prevent flat spots.* Flexible Sander bends to match contoured or flat surfaces* Remove any or…


Eastwood 2K Universal Urethane Adhesive Cartridge

Item #51654Z

…urethane adhesive is is designed for the repair of all types of rigid and flexible plastics.* Work Time 5-10 Minutes* Paintable and Sandable* Recommend using with 26:1 Application Gun* Compatible with fiberglass, SMC, TPO, PPO, metal, aluminum, glass, wood, and most automotive plastics Its unique…

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