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Eastwood Glass Polishing Kit for Deep Scratches

Item #12526

Remove deep scratches from automotive glass and avoid expensive replacements with this glass polishing kit!* Removes deep scratches from automotive glass* Perfect for hard-to-replace windshields on older cars * Works with your corded or cordless drill (up to 2000 RPM) Think that old windshield is so…


Eastwood Pro Glass Polishing Kit

Item #12525

…* Works with your drill or low-speed polisher Think that old windshield is so scratched that you'll have to replace it? It's not easy to find a replacement, and even if you do, imagine the expense! Our Pro Glass Polishing Kit will remove scratches from glass and prevent that aggravation and cost!


Sight Glass Kit for 51106 WK33

Item #15985

Replacement Sight Glass Kit for 51106


Sight Glass Kit for 20591 20606 SKD10

Item #15991

Sight Glass Kit for 20591; 20606 desiccant dryer


EW Air Management Sight Glass Rebuild Kit

Item #14996

Sight glass repair kit includes replacement sight glass, retainer, indicator ball and O ring. Fit the following Eastwood air filters and dryers; 34104, 34106, 20607, 20602, 20590, 20472.


Glass Polishing 3 Disc Replacement Set

Item #12539

This is a replacement set of discs for the deep scratch glass polishing kit. Included is a green, blue and orange disc of different grits. These discs are 3" in diameter


Headlight Refinishing Kit

Item #52267

…light output by up to 30%. Rather than replace the headlights (an expensive proposition), you can quickly repair your hazy headlights by using this Headlight Refinishing and Restoration Kit.* Includes the buff wheel assembly and Autosol® polish * Quick and easy to use* Works with your electric drill


Media for Abrasive Blast Intro Kit 10LBS

Item #1377910LBS

Ground Glass Blast Media: silica-free abrasive for light rust removal.* 40-70-grit* 10 lbs. in a plastic bottle for use with our Abrasive Blast Kit 13944 Silica-free, ground glass abrasive blast media is a smart, non-hazardous substitute for silica sand and slag. Works best for paint, carbon and…


TPO TEO & PP Plastic Welding Kit 80W Iron

Item #50347

Apparently, the mobile technicians were not keeping it a secret. They were telling their friends about how easy and profitable it is to do bumper repairs with the Micro-Weld 80. Now, you can repair the problem plastics like TPO, TEO, and PP just like the pros do with the Micro-Weld 80. The…


Plastex Rigid Plastic Repair Kits

Item #40025 Plastex

Plastex™ Plastic Repair Kit makes strong, permanent repairs on almost any hard plastic* Repairs cracks* Fills gaps* "Welds" panels* Fixes stripped threads Repair almost any hard plastic as well as many other materials (but not PP or PE). Just mix the powder and solvent and you're ready to go. Easy,…

Paintucation DVD Fiberglass Repair

Item #15333

kit cars, dune buggies, fiberglass hot rod bodies and more. Learn how to strip old finish without damaging the gel coat or underlying fiberglass. Discover the secrets to replacing complete panels, demonstrated on an actual ‘70s Vette front end step by step. Learn proper prep and repair of kit car…


Two Stage Desiccant Dryer System

Item #20473 Two Stage Desiccant Dryer System

…quart desiccant dryer disperses air through a 70 micron element and evenly into the desiccant bed. Water vapor is absorbed producing a -40+F pressure dew point. Clear indicator sight glass shows desiccant efficiency. Includes 1 quart desiccant, shut-off valve and mounting hardware. 15986 Rebuild Kit

Soda Blast Intro Blast out of Bucket Gun and Media

Item #13943 Soda Blast Intro Kit

Try out soda blasting without a large initial investment with our blast out of a bucket gun and 10lbs of media. Just connect the gun to your 7 cfm at 80 psi compressor put on appropriate protection and put the pickup tube in the included bottle of soda blast media. The Suction head draws the soda…

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