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Plasma Shades

Item #13948

These glasses can be used while operating your Plasma Cutter to protect your eyes from the harmful arc rays. * 5.0 IR Green Lens Shade * Scratch Resistant Lens * Block 99.9% of UV rays * Ultra Light Weight Frame * Meets ANSI Z87+ Standard * Wrap Around Lens for Frontal and Peripheral Protection


Eastwood Pro Glass Polishing Kit

Item #12525

…* Works with your drill or low-speed polisher Think that old windshield is so scratched that you'll have to replace it? It's not easy to find a replacement, and even if you do, imagine the expense! Our Pro Glass Polishing Kit will remove scratches from glass and prevent that aggravation and cost!


Eastwood Glass Polishing Kit for Deep Scratches

Item #12526

Remove deep scratches from automotive glass and avoid expensive replacements with this glass polishing kit!* Removes deep scratches from automotive glass* Perfect for hard-to-replace windshields on older cars * Works with your corded or cordless drill (up to 2000 RPM) Think that old windshield is so…


Ground Glass Media Free 40/70 Mesh 50 lbs.

Item #13779

Ground Glass Blast Media: silica-free abrasive for light rust removal* 40-70-grit* 50-lb. bag Silica-free, ground glass abrasive blast media is a smart, non-hazardous substitute for silica sand and slag. Works best for paint, carbon and light rust removal. See our Blast Media Selection Chart


Eastwood 2K Universal Urethane Adhesive Cartridge

Item #51654Z

…Time 5-10 Minutes* Paintable and Sandable* Recommend using with 26:1 Application Gun* Compatible with fiberglass, SMC, TPO, PPO, metal, aluminum, glass, wood, and most automotive plastics Its unique 2 part cartridge and mixing tip ensures a perfect 50/50 mix every time. Its medium speed work time is…


Eastwood Replacement Glass

Item #20073

Replacement Glass for Eastwood Blast Cabinet 20027


Glass Polishing 3 Disc Replacement Set

Item #12539

This is a replacement set of discs for the deep scratch glass polishing kit. Included is a green, blue and orange disc of different grits. These discs are 3" in diameter


Extra Large View Welding Helmet

Item #20189

One of the best helmets on the market for the price. * Durable and lightweight* Impact resistant Nylon* Multi adjustable head band* Variable #4 to #13 shade* Extra large viewing area* Grind feature Grind mode allows you to quickly reshape tungstens, grind spot welds and more, without having to the…


Eastwood Bench Top Powder Coating Oven

Item #15635

…* 4 Stainless heating elements * 0-450 Degrees F heat range * 60 minute timer on/off knob * On/Off control switch * Quick heat recovery * Low E glass door * Insulated case * Power indicator * 2 chrome powder racks * Internal dimensions: 16 inches L x 14 inches D x 8 inches H. * External dimensions:…


Replacement Plastic Window for 30721

Item #30772

This is the plastic replacement window for the 30721 benchtop blast cabinet only. Will not fit the 20072


Headlight Refinishing Kit

Item #52267

Can't see up ahead on the road at night? Brighten your vehicle's headlamps by refinishing their plastic lensesOver time, sun-damaged plastic lenses can reduce your headlights' light output by up to 30%. Rather than replace the headlights (an expensive proposition), you can quickly repair your hazy…


Abrasive Blasting Cabinet Lens Cover Pack of 4

Item #22062

Lens Covers protect the glass lens on your blast cabinetEach clear plastic lens cover will fit and protect up to a 12" x 24" glass lens from any of our red or blue blast cabinets and the older-style benchtop cabinet...or any glass lens of that size.* Peel-and-stick to apply* 12" x 24"* Includes 4…


Blast Media Glass Bead 50 lb

Item #22023

Glass Bead Blast Media: all-purpose abrasive for all types of metals, many plastics.* 70-100-grit size* Use at maximum 60 psi* 50-lb. bag* Meets mil spec MIL G9954A for size uniformity Glass bead blast media works best on softer metals like aluminum, brass and die-cast. Also works for paint, carbon…


Eastwood Abrasive Media Blast Cabinet

Item #20027 Blast Cabinet

Effectively Blast Large Vehicle Parts.The Eastwood Abrasive Blast Cabinet will provide you with an effective abrasive blasting tool that is easy to assemble and has a large internal size.* Exterior: 36-1/4” width x 24-1/4” depth x 58-3/4” height * Interior: 36” width x 24” depth x 23” height * Easy…


Media for Abrasive Blast Intro Kit 10LBS

Item #1377910LBS

Ground Glass Blast Media: silica-free abrasive for light rust removal.* 40-70-grit* 10 lbs. in a plastic bottle for use with our Abrasive Blast Kit 13944 Silica-free, ground glass abrasive blast media is a smart, non-hazardous substitute for silica sand and slag. Works best for paint, carbon and…


Abrasive Media Funnel Strainer

Item #50417

Abrasive-Media Funnel includes a built-in strainerThe easiest way to neatly pour abrasive media into your blaster is to use this funnel that includes a concave 16-mesh screen permanently affixed inside the top rim to filter debris.* Generous 8" diameter at top* Funnels down to 9/16"-dia. opening at…


Two Stage Desiccant Dryer System

Item #20473 Two Stage Desiccant Dryer System

…separator coalescing filter with sight glass and pop-up indicator. One quart desiccant dryer disperses air through a 70 micron element and evenly into the desiccant bed. Water vapor is absorbed producing a -40+F pressure dew point. Clear indicator sight glass shows desiccant efficiency. Includes 1…


Griot's Foaming Glass Cleaner Aerosol 10998

Item #30615Z

…the glass surface longer as it works to loosen dirt, oil, and grime.* Get crystal clear, haze-free glass, windows, and mirrors every time* It's ammonia-free so there are no CFCs that deplete the ozone* Use with our PFM Dual Weave Glass Towels or Lint-Free Towels You'll enjoy Foaming Glass Cleaner's…


ElastiWrap Surface Prep Aerosol

Item #14933Z

…top coat adhesion and removal. ElastiWrap® Surface Prep also leaves a smooth wax like finish that will enhance adhesion and make topcoat removal easier. Safe for use on all types of glossy painted surfaces as well as safe for glass, plastic and rubber. One aerosol can will cover an entire car.


Berkebile Glass Cleaner B2600

Item #31585Z

BERKEBILE 2+2® GLASS CLEANER... leaves windows, mirrors, stainless steel, and chrome shining like new!* Cuts through dirt, smoke, haze and fingerprints!* Does not streak, smear haze, or leave film buildup!

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