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Eastwood Sheet Metal Gauge

Item #28038

…sizes again * Measures sheet metal thickness from 36-0 gauge * Measures wire gauge * Decimal equivalent shown on reverse side * Tempered for long life Handy gauge shows all sizes of sheet metal and wire from thin 36 gauge to thick O gauge. Takes guess work out of measuring. Tempered for long life.…


Adjustable Profile Gauges 5-10-15 inch

Item #Profile Gauges 11190

…your own panels. This profile gauge features over 16 nylon blades per inch to assure faithful reproduction of even the finest details. Magnetic backing provides convenient storage and positioning for creating a metal pattern. Interconnects with another profile gauge to create an even wider pattern.


Eastwood Digital Tire Pressure Gauge/Inflator

Item #30535

…for accuracy* Accurate at pressures below 10psi* LED lit display for easy reading* Built in bleed for lowering pressure The Eastwood tire pressure gauge gives readings to 1/10th of a psi, plus it will provide accurate readings from 100psi all the way down to single digit pressures. If you drag race,…


Eastwood Welding Flow Meter

Item #20277

…flow* Dual calibrated Flow Meter for Argon or CO2 gases* Flow Meter Scale is graduated in SCFH* Uses U.S. Industry Standard inlet and outlet connections The large, easy to read, shatter-resistant Flow Meter Gauge provides improved control ofgas flow with quick, easy and repeatable flow adjustment.


Eastwood Pin Alignment System

Item #15838

Eliminate paint chips when reassembling doors, hoods and deck lids after paint. * Magnetic pin alignment system* Ensures perfect alignment every time* Works on doors, hoods and deck lids* Eliminates paint chips when reassembling Imagine your frustration when installing the hood only to find it chips…


Gas Regulator

Item #12238

Dual-gauge CO2, Argon regulator for Eastwood MIG 135 (12011) and MIG 175 (12012).


Dial Type Cylinder Bore Gauge Kit 2-6in Range

Item #46281

Dial-Type Gauge Kit precisely measures cylinder bore wear* 2"-6" range* 10 pins* For most motorcycle and automotive engines* Molded storage case Just how much wear has the cylinder bore been subjected to? Measure the severity of this condition with this precision cylinder bore gauge.


Eastwood ARC200i Stick Welder

Item #20484

Weld from Thin Sheet Metal to Heavy Gauge Steel Quickly, Cleanly with Precision.* Precision welder, excellent for thin sheet metal and heavy gauge steel up to 3/8” thick* Perfect for welding in floors and body panels as well as thicker projects* Dual capability, converts to a TIG with optional…


Round Bead Kit 1/4 In.

Item #20624

…die* Fits Eastwood powered bead roller* Works with up to 18 gauge sheet steel* Works with up to 16 gauge aluminum sheet These dies fit the free standing motorized bead roller and allow you to form 1/4 inch raised beads. The dies and roller work on steel up to 18 gauge and aluminum up to 16 gauge.


Iwata Air Regulator AK1R

Item #15037

…control valve model has an easy to read EPA-compliant gauge, and a non-slip control knob to provide consistent air flow * Compact design* EPA-compliant gauge to 40 CFR standard* Consistent air flow* Non-slip control knob* Easy to read gauge ranging from 0-60 PSIThe AK1R2 Air Regulator valve will…


Eastwood Extra Large Capacity Shrinker Stretcher and Foot Operated Stand

Item #51433 Shrinker Stretcher and Stand

Extra-Large-Capacity Shrinker/Stretcher has a big 8" throat and is easy to use on this foot-operated stand * Deep 8" throat for bigger jobs* Shrink or stretch up to 16-gauge mild steel* Hardened-steel jaws* Foot-operated stand for hands-free work Shrinking jaws contract metal to create inside…


Eastwood Non Contact Infrared Thermometer

Item #31223

The Eastwood Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer is compact, rugged and easy to use.This infrared thermometer safely measures the surface temperatures of hot, hazardous, or hard-to-reachobjects without contact. Simply aim and push the button to read instantaneous temperaturesin less than a second. *…


Eastwood Air Regulator with Gauge 1/2 NPT

Item #20599

This is a high quality and accurate regulator and that's why we include it in our air management systems. This US built unit features a reinforced diaphragm for repeated accuracy, micro finished brass seat to ensure no reduced pressure creep. Three- position non rising adjustment knob; push to lock,…


Eastwood Brake Bleeder

Item #30178

…system all by yourself without depressing the brake pedal or wasting any fluid. The kit comes complete in a blow molded case with: * Hand pump with gauge* Reservoir container* Storage cap* 3 valve adapters* Necessary hoses and additional fittings This newly improved design creates vacuum in your…


Eastwood Punch and Bead Dies

Item #20356 Punch and Bead Dies

…a hole and bead is a 1/2 inch pilot hole and a 3/4 inch wrench . An easy process that can be done on a vehicle, on the work bench or on the job site. * Punches a clean hole and produces a smooth bead* Made of Hardened Steel* Handles up to 16 gauge mild steel, 19 gauge stainless and 14 gauge aluminum


DeVilbiss Air Regulator W/Digital Gauge 802419

Item #15600

…air measurement on your spray guns. Precise air control is especially important with basecoats and waterborne materials. This Devilbiss digital gauge is very simple to use. The pressure display shuts off automatically after 45 seconds to conserve battery life. max PSI 160 1/4 inch NPS male inlet,…


Brake Pad Gauge

Brake Pad Gauge
Related Phrases: Tire Gauge Pad

Item #1068204

Brake Pad Gauge speeds-up your inspection process — OTC 6596 How much life is there left in those brake pads? The OTC Brake Pad Gauge gives you a definitive measurement of brake pads to determine remaining life. Gauge lets you measure on the vehicle without removing any components in most cases…


Fastrax Camber/Caster Gauge

Item #49089

Improve handling, plus save suspension and tire wear, when you set your tires' proper camber and caster with Fastrax™Fastrax™ Camber/Caster Gauge works in the shop or track to help you easily set tires' proper camber and caster; optional toe adapter also available (see "Accessories" tab).* Displays…


Eastwood 4 Gauge Jumper Cables

Eastwood 4 Gauge Jumper Cables
Related Phrases: Jumper Cable

Item #30172

20' long Jumper Cables have heavy-duty 4 gauge cables to jump any car or truck.* Professional quality* 4-gauge insulated cable* Color-coded for easy identification* 20' length* Heavy-duty terminal clamps* Nylon storage bag Talk about a ""must have""! Jumper cables are among the most important…


2-6 in Cylinder Bore Gauge

2-6 in Cylinder Bore Gauge
Related Phrases: Bore Gauge

Item #1068105

Cylinder Bore Gage is ideal for measuring out-of-round and tapered cylinders — CEN 3D301 Use this bore gage for checking cylinder bores in an engine block. Add the 2" extension to any of the 11 anvils (2.0"-4.0") to work in the 4"-6" range. * Head/Stem/Handle Assembly* Dial Indicator* Dial Indicator…

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