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Pressure Blaster Pull Up Gasket

Item #22005

This durable rubber gasket provides an air-tight seal for the pull-up plunger on our Model 100 (22008) and 110 (22011) pressure blasters.


Cylinder Leakage Tester Kit

Cylinder Leakage Tester Kit
Related Phrases: Leak

Item #1068200

…diagnose internal engine problems — OTC 5609 Here's how to easily diagnose internal engine problems such as bad rings, valves and leaking head gaskets. OTC's Cylinder Leakage Tester Kit comes complete with adapters for most applications. Dual 2-1/2"-dia. gauges both read 0-100 PSI (0-700 kPa), and…


Berkebile Super Black Silicone B4

Item #31587Z

Berkebile B4 Black RTV Silicone Instant Gasket Maker.* Low Volatile Formulation, Sensor Safe replaces most pre-cut gaskets* Meets OEM specifications for use near engine sensors* Insulates electrical connections* Resists high pressure and temperatures from –65o to 500 degrees F* Resists oil,…


Berkebile High Temp Red Silicone B5

Berkebile High Temp Red Silicone B5
Related Phrases: Berkebile

Item #31586Z

Berkebile B5 Red RTV Silicone Instant Gasket Maker* Low Volatile Formulation, Sensor Safe* Meets OEM specifications for use near engine sensors* Specifically formulated to resist high temperatures to 650 degrees F* Resists high pressures, oil, transmission fluids, water (steam), and anti-freeze…


Eastwood Flexible Strip Caulk Bk 2-lbs

Item #13524

Flexible Strip Caulk seals-out moisture and debris from irregular areas* 2 pounds of 3/16" x 12"-long strips* Stays flexible* Good up to 150 degrees F* Paintable* Black Non-hardening, paintable caulk strips match the original equipment look, so they're perfect for firewalls, taillight housings,…


DeVilbiss StartingLine Cup Fitting Gasket 803615

Item #15578

Devilbiss Starting line cup fitting gasket, for use with all Full Size Starting line guns


O-Ring (Gasket) for Dual Blaster 11737

Item #11861

Replacement fill cap gasket for Eastwood blasters #11737, #50095, #50096, #51117, #51118, #51119. 90 day warranty. Imported.


Concours Detail Gun Rebuild Kit

Item #12194

Rebuild Kit for the Eastwood Concours Detail Gun, 51686. Kit includes 2 springs, Packing, E-stopper, packing gland and gasket.


9 Piece 2 in Sanding and Prepping Kit 29062

Item #15645

The 9 Piece 2 Inch Twist Lock Surface Prepping Kit can be used with any cordless or electric drill to sand, strip, buff, and prep all sorts of objects and surfaces. Features a Versatile set for several sanding, stripping, and finishing applications. Max Speed is 30,000 RPM.


DeVilbiss Fluid Inlet Kit 703631

Item #15579

Tekna Pro lite Fluid Inlet Kit, replace worn or dried fluid inlet seals on all Tekna Prolite guns.


Expander Wheel Band Fine Finishing

Item #13153

Conditioning Belts for Gentle Cleaning - Gentle, thorough cleaning and surface conditioning. Great for preparing parts for buffing or leveling of slightly contoured surfaces. Use the Fine belt to remove carbon from valves and pistons or clean off old gasket material.


Eastwood 4 Piece Puller / Scraper Utility Set

Item #70265

…that gives them the same durability and hardness of S2 steel while also retaining the elastic and flexible quality of Cr V to resist breakage.* Gasket Scraper* Hose Pluck* Cotter Pin Puller * Scratch Awl The ergonomically designed handle is constructed from both polypropylene and thermoplastic…


9 Pc Scraper Pick & Hook Set

9 Pc Scraper Pick & Hook Set
Related Phrases: Tools Pick Scraper

Item #1068037

…and Scraper get the job done — ATD8424 Assortment of large and mini tools help you scrape-clean in tight spots, and help you pull "O" rings and gaskets too. Good-sized comfort handles reduce hand fatigue. * Includes 4 mini precision tools, 5 full-size tools* Drop-forged, heat-treated chrome vanadium…


Concours Air Diverter Ring for 51550 Gun

Item #51550RING

Replacement nozzle ring/gasket. This is the black plastic ring that sits behind the nozzle on the full sized Concours HVLP gun.


#12 razor Blades 100/pack RB12

#12 razor Blades 100/pack RB12
Related Phrases: Razor Blades Razor

Item #14963

#12 Razor Blades are a must have item in the shop. Perfect for removing overspray or stickers from glass, scraping away old gaskets, and countless other uses.


Evolution Gun Rebuild Kit

Evolution Gun Rebuild Kit
Related Phrases: Evolution

Item #14753A

…components can wear from normal wear and tear. This easy-to-install tune-up kit replaces those components that can wear out over time. Includes two white gaskets, airflow ring, needle spring, needle spring seat and a sealing gasket. Also included are easy-to-follow installation instructions.

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Related Categories: Roloc | 3m | Sanding | 2 Sanding | Pressure Pot