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    Fuel Tank Coating

    Fuel Tank Coating
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Eastwood Gas Tank Sealer One Pint 16 oz

Item #10087Z

Tank Sealer seals pinhole leaks in steel, aluminum, and some fiberglass gas and diesel tanks. One pint of sealer treats tanks up to 12 gallons capacity. For best results buy our 10166Z Gas Tank Sealer Kit for Small Tanks/Motorcycles or 10165Z Gas Tank Sealer Kit for Automobiles.Ethanol blended fuels


POR 15 Cycle Fuel Tank Repair Kit

Item #13432ZP

Tank Repair Kit cleans, prepares and seals smaller fuel tanks in motorbikes, cycles and moreIf that the old gas tank you're restoring has gum, varnish or sludge inside, it has to be removed first. This POR-15® Cycle Tank Repair Kit is specially formulated for the special needs of small fuel


POR 15 Fuel Tank Repair Kit

Item #13431ZP

…that must be removed first. This POR-15® Fuel Tank Repair Kit has everything you need to properly clean it out, prepare it, and seal it. * Marine Clean™ removes gum, sludge, varnish * Prep & Ready™ removes rust and prepares tank for sealer * US Standard Tank Sealer™ permanently seals the tank


Gas Tank Sealer Kits - Eastwood Gas Tank Sealer

Item #Gas tank sealer kits 10165Z

Seal that older gas tank to keep rust out of your vehicle's fuel system, and to seal minor leaks. Wondering how to seal a gas tank? Our Gas Tank Sealer Kit rids the gas tank of damaging rust, and then seals it, so your fuel stays cleaner. Plus, the gas tank sealant seals minor leaks, so there's no…


Eastwood Tank Tone Metallic Coating Aerosol 13 oz

Item #10030Z

Eastwood's Tank Tone is more than just gas-tank paint...metallic coating also helps prevent rust!* Get an OEM look plus corrosion protection* Formulated with zinc to prevent tank rust* No primer needed* 13-oz. aerosol can covers 8 sq. ft. Don't mistake this for ordinary silver gas-tank paint! This…

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