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Eastwood Oblong Forming Dolly

Item #14517

…and fabricators to form and shape metal body parts and trim, and now you can use them to make your forming work easier too. This Oblong T-Dolly is 11" long, ranging in width from 3" to 6". * Multiple curved surfaces can form unlimited curves and arcs* Clamps into any vise* Form gentle and compound…


Spoiler Roll 1 1/4 In.

Item #20628

Form a 1 1/4 inch radius edge with the Eastwood motorized bead roller. * 1 1/4 inch spoiler bead roller die* Wrap sheet metal around 2 inch tubing* Fits Eastwood powered bead roller* Works with up to 18 gauge sheet steel* Works with up to 16 gauge aluminum sheet These dies fit the free standing…


Benchtop English Wheel

Item #14156

Fabricating compound curves in metal workpieces is easier when you do it on Eastwood's Benchtop English Wheel. * 20" throat and 18" internal height* Includes large 8" wheel and 5"-radius anvil wheel* Micro-adjustable anvil adjustment wheel For metal fabrication of auto panels and general…


Eastwood Air Flange Punch Tool

Item #30121

It's a Flanger, and a 3/16 Punch, all in one handy pneumatic tool...and it's Eastwood priced for the DIYer!* Punches 3/16” holes* 7/8" Flange width* Air Consumption 4 CFM; Max Air Pressure 90 PSI* Works on up to 16 Gauge Mild Steel or 18 Gauge Stainless Steel This 2 in 1 pneumatic tool easily…


Eastwood Bead Roller Metal Fabrication Forming Dies

Item #20267

…degree lower die, lower edge forming die and a lower forming die. All are made of CR12 steel with a Rockwell hardness of 35 HRC. The Eastwood Bead Roller Forming Dies enable you to take your already capable bead roller to the next level. This kit enables you to form, bend, stretch and strengthen…


Eastwood Panelbeater Sandbag

Item #28030

…All-leather, 18"x18" panel beater bag* Hook-and-loop opening for easy filling* 1-year hassle-free warranty Just add dry sand to the panel beater bag, and it'll support your sheet metal workpiece while "giving" under your mallet blows, to allow your metal work piece to be formed into shape.


Eastwood Motorized Bead Roller and Stand

Item #20622 Motorized Bead Roller

…24 in throat leaves plenty of room to work around even large panels* Rated for up to 18 gauge steel and 16 gauge aluminum* Includes 1/2" Die Set* Forms precise beads, joggles and bends This Eastwood bead roller has a 1/6hp 120v electric motor which makes it much easier to work large or long pieces…


English Wheel Forming Band

Item #20637

This forming band enables you to form metal quicker and have more control of your Eastwood English Wheel. * 3” wide x 0.063 thick, high-density EPDM rubber.* Fits Eastwood and all other 2” x 8” Upper Wheels. The EPDM material transfers energy across the work surface under light pressure which…


Eastwood Tubing Bender and Forming Pliers Kit

Item #13621

…vinyl handles If you try to bend a brake, fuel, transmission or A/C line by hand, you kink the tube...try to align or form the line by hand, you kink the tube. Since you're tired of wasting that time and money, let Eastwood end your frustration with our hand Tubing Bender and Forming Pliers Set.


Eastwood Bead Roller Fence

Eastwood Bead Roller Fence
Related Phrases: Fence Bead Roller Roller

Item #20552

…with infinite adjustment from the edge, up to 12” deep, in your panel. * Easy-on, easy-off 2 bolt attachment - allows quick adjustment during forming* Works with Eastwoods #28187 bead roller – and competitors with ½” plate frame designs* Heavy ¼” thick welded steel construction- adds strength…


Adjustable Profile Gauges 5-10-15 inch

Item #Profile Gauges 11190

Make sure the left and right sides match when repairing wheel arch profiles bodywork contours, or forming your own panels. This profile gauge features over 16 nylon blades per inch to assure faithful reproduction of even the finest details. Magnetic backing provides convenient storage and…


Eastwood Round Forming Dolly

Item #14518

Bowl-Shaped Forming Dolly helps you form and shape specialized curves in metal Forming dollies are used by auto body shops to form and shape metal body parts and trim, and now you can use them to make your forming work easier too. This round Bowl-Shaped Forming Dolly is a big 6" in diameter, 2-1/2"…


Versa Bend Forming Brake

Item #20411

…Versa-Bend Forming Brake is designed to be used with the Eastwood #14042 Versa-Bend 20" Sheet Metal Brake to create multiple bend channel shapes as narrow as 3/8" (9.5mm). * Works with 20 gauge steel and 18 gauge aluminum* Use on panels up to 20" wide* Excellent for creating hard to form parts*…


Eastwood Fender Forming Pliers

Item #16022

…clearance on lowered cars and trucks or those fitted with oversize wheels and tires without the need to remove the wheels from the vehicle. In addition, this tool can be used for many other gentle metal forming tasks such as crimping door skins in place, straightening bent edges and more.


Hammer forming Techniques

Item #20117

Ron teams up with Ron Fournier to show the basics and advanced metal working with Hammer forming techniques. Ten basic hammer forming operations are covered to produce one of the most comprehensive hammer forming videos


Eastwood Brake Line Forming Tool

Item #49074

Align, bend and adjust 3/16" and 1/4" brake and fuel lines with just a twist of the wrist.* Works on 3/16" and 1/4" lines* Brake lines or fuel lines* Aligns, bends and adjusts* Comfort-grip vinyl handles Whether fitting new hard lines, or decreasing the bend radius next to an end fitting, this brake…


S&G 5 Piece Body Forming Punch Set 89360

S&G 5 Piece Body Forming Punch Set 89360
Related Phrases: Contour Hammer

Item #16326

…hammer will not* Use to form body panels in hard to reach areas* Great for tight clearance spots, crevices and corners* Polished and hardened surfaces to form sheet metal with precision* 5 profiles to fit the job* The most popular needed profiles and shapes * Use to form curves, contours and…


BF-II Creates .080in Bead on 2-4in Dia Steel Tube

Item #13927

Vise mounted or handheld, create formed beads as found on OEM style fuel lines, heater cores, radiators, inter-coolers, vacuum, ducts and more. Bead Form beads are created with hardened, gear-driven steel forming rolls. Use the Bead Former II for creating precision 0.080" beads in 0.050" wall, 2" to…


Eastwood's Pro Former Tubing Bender

Item #12485

…(chromoly) tubing in diameters from 0.75” to 1.75”. Ridged steel frame construction, 8 ton forming jack offer a sturdy, reliable base that will not move across the bench when in use. Our steel forming dies and cast followers offer accurate bends without flattening or deforming the edges. Great…


Fairmount Bumping Hammer

Item #16162

The Fairmount Bumping hammers are designed for years of service. * Designed with optimum balance and comfort * Manufactured with high quality raw materials * Heat treated, hand ground and polished surfaces * High quality hickory handle Each Fairmount Hammer is designed for optimum balance, exacting…

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