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    Flexible Hose

    Flexible Hose
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Aerosol Nozzle w/ 24in Extension Hose

Item #12512

Eastwood’s exclusive 24” Extension Hose and Nozzle allows you to apply your favorite Eastwood coatings into the toughest of areas. Featuring a machined brass nozzle that disperses the coating in a 360 degree fan pattern, this extension nozzle ensures you get full coverage. The extension nozzle can…


Undercoating Gun with 2 hoses and bottle

Item #20441

…Rubberized Undercoating.* Applies direct from the adjustable gun nozzle * 24" long by 7/16" diameter flexible wands* Straight or 90 degree spray tips * One year manufacturer's warranty Flexible wands are perfect to rust proof the inside rocker panels, inner fenders & other closed box sections.…


Eastwood 37ftTurbine Hose 5/8 Dia Quick Connectors

Eastwood 37ftTurbine Hose 5/8 Dia Quick Connectors
Related Phrases: Turbine Spray

Item #15648

…replacements for any Apollo turbine system or as an extra hose to run multiple spray guns. Apollo air hose is 5/8 inch (16mm) diameter and is available in several precut lengths. Apollo air hoses come with Quick Connect couplers and a flexible whip end to reduce operator fatigue. Size: 37 feet x 5/8…


Hobby Air Pro 40 Full Mask 80ft Hose

Item #12703

Hobby Air Pro 40 Full Mask 80ft Hose * PROAIR two stage turbine. 6.5 cfm* OSHA, NIOSH & MSHA Approved* Full Face Mask* Positive air flow, cooling fresh air, nothing can get into the mask* 40 feet of flexible air delivery hose


Diamond Flex Premium Hybrid Polymer Air Compressor Hose 3/8 x 50 ft

Item #70494

Never fight with your air hose again. This industrial quality 3/8-inch I.D. x 50-foot air hose is the most flexible, light weight hose on the market and features no memory effect so it lays flat and uncoiled.* Premium Hybrid Polymer* Stays flexible under extreme weather conditions* Superior bend…


Pistol Grease Gun ATD Tools 5002

Pistol Grease Gun ATD Tools 5002
Related Phrases: Grease Grease Gun

Item #1067940

…fingers from pinching, and the follower plate locks to help loading. Use this gun with your 14.5-oz. grease cartridges. Gun includes an 18" flexible hose and 6" steel extension with 4-jaw coupler, and a heavy-duty aluminum die-cast head for durability. Robust barrel is 0.049" thick.* Pistol handle…


5 Piece Mini Blow Gun Set

Item #13957

…this 5-pc. Mini Blow Gun Set will come in handyMini blow gun attaches easily to your compressor; then just add one of the 3 needle inflators or the flexible rubber tip and you’re ready to blow!* Clear away dirt and debris* Dry wet surfaces* Fill inflatables* You'll discover even more uses


RapidAir 3/4 Inch Professsional Compressed Air Line Kit

Item #13600

…and three air outlets. The premium tubing is constructed of HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) wrapped around an aluminum core for the ultimate in durability and flexibility without any sagging. The tubing can be mounted directly to walls or even buried under concrete, it won't rust or build up scale.


True Power 3 Pack Swivel Air Couplers

Item #31577

These air couplers allow you to quickly fasten attachments to your air compressor and make safe quick disconnections if necessary.* 1/4 Inch NPT, flexible coupling swivel 360º* Fast and easy quick disconnect with swivel function Universal style plugs brass fittings to fit onto any 1/4 NPT tool.…


Chemical Guys Mr. Pink Super Suds Shampoo & Superior Surface Cleanser 16 oz CWS_402_16

Item #16227

…have a pressure washer? Mix Mr. Pink up in your garden hose foam gun to create a stream of foamy bubbly foam to your wash and keep up with the professional detailers on the block. Take on all detailing jobs and clean it all with the flexible cleaning power of Mr. Pink Car Wash Soap. Safe For Wax And…

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