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Flap disc 4.5" Zirconia

Flap disc 4.5

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Grinding Wheel
Grinding Disc

Item #Flap Disc 12036

…take the place of resin fiber discs and grinding wheels. Help make weld joints almost undetectable and reduces need for final filler. Flap design runs cooler to reduce panel warping and won't gouge metal like ordinary grinding discs. Each flap disc will outlast approximately 15 resin fiber discs.…

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EW Buff Compound Tripoli 13 oz Tube

Item #13135

For general cutting of all non-ferrous metals (aluminum, brass, etc.). Mild cutting action. Use with Spiral Buff or Ventilated Flap Buffs. Use with our Spiral Sewn Buff 4" (13035), 6" (13034), 8" (13033), 10" with 1/2" mounting hole (13037), or 10" with 3/4" mounting hole (13038). One year hassle…

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