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Eastwood Fender Forming Pliers

Item #16022

The Eastwood Fender Finisher is a precision engineered tool designed for years of reliable service.* Flatten front fender lip inner flanges for tire clearance without fender damage* Straighten bent metal edges* Crimp door skin edges when installing new door skins* Includes replacement pressure pad…


1000 Lb Work Stand ATD Tools 7800

Item #1068004

Portable Work Stand holds up to 1,000 lbs.! — ATD7800 If your workbench is jam-packed, or just too far away from where you need it, pull out this 1/2-ton-capacity Portable Work Stand and place your project right on it...fenders, doors, body panels and more. Sturdy, 1.25"-dia. tubular steel frame…


Eastwood Fender Roller and Fender Finisher

Item #11989

…exclusive Fender-Rolling Tool and Fender Finisher Kit won't let your fender ruin expensive tires on lowered vehicles First use the Roller to easily and quickly “roll” the entire inner lip on a wheel opening to increase fender/tire clearance. Then use the Fender Finisher™ for the final touch,…


7 Piece Body and Fender Set ATD Tools 4030

Item #1067923

7-Pc. Heavy-Duty Hammer and Dolly Set priced for the weekend do-it-yourselfer — ATD4030 The 3 hammers in this body and fender set give you excellent balance and feel—and durability—thanks to the cushioned fiberglass handles. The 4 dollies are the most commonly used shapes and profiles.* 3 hammers, 4…


Eastwood Fender Roller Tool

Item #31158

Eastwood's Fender Roller won't let your fender ruin expensive tires on lowered vehicles!* Professional grade high quality tool for years of service * Durable powder coated finish* Delrin® ball-bearing fender-former wheel* Fender former eliminates tire rub by increasing tire-to-fender clearance*…


Magnetic Fender Cover ATD Tools 10160

Magnetic Fender Cover ATD Tools 10160
Related Phrases: Fender Cover

Item #1067856

Magnetic Fender Cover protects your vehicle's finish as you work — ATD10160 When you're working under the hood, you don't need your tools scratching the fender's finish. This large fender cover has strong magnets that securely hold the it in position on your vehicle's fender. Use on the front or on…


Flanger/Punch Tool Pneumatic 7/32in

Item #31015

It's a Flanger, and a 7/32" Punch, in one handy pneumatic tool* Produce 0.040" offset flanges* Punch 7/32" diameter holes* Requires 4 cfm at 90 psi Double-action head swivels to let you create flanges and holes from any angle with just a squeeze of the handle.


Martin Fender Bumper Fiberglass Handle

Item #14278

Fender Bumper Hammer with Fiberglass Handle - Use this hammer on fenders, doors, and other panels where extra length is needed to reach around braces and obstructions. Used for bumping out dents that cannot be reached with a dolly. Heavy enough to shape heavier gauge metal. Weighs about 1 1/2 lbs; 8…


Hickory Handle Body Fender Hammer-Dolly Set 7pc

Item #50801

Martin 7-Pc. Hammer & Dolly Set will be your favorite body tool set in no timeThese high-quality hammers and dollies from Martin Tools are crafted of genuine hickory handles and USA alloy steel, for years of dependable service.* 3 hammers* 3 dollies* 1 dinging spoon


Fiberglass Handle Body Fender Hammer Dolly 7pc

Item #50800

Martin's Professional 7-Pc. Hammer & Dolly Set will be your favorite body tool set for many years to comeThese professional-quality hammers and dollies from Martin Tools are crafted with strong fiberglass handles and USA alloy steel, to give you years of dependable service.* 3 hammers* 3 dollies* 1…


Flanger And Hole Punch Combination Tool

Item #31018

Combination Tool is a hand-operated Flanger and Hole Punch in oneThis manual tool's swiveling head doubles its function. Turned one way, the tool produces a neat flanged edge in sheet metal, just the right depth for welding two pieces together. Turn the head 180 degrees and the tool becomes a hole…


7 Piece Economy Body & Fender Set Fiberglass Handles

Item #31198

…shapes Ideal for demanding yet value-conscious enthusiast who expects high quality materials and workmanship, along with superb balance and feel. Tools feature polished and hardened working surfaces for precision metal shaping and maximum durability. This Set Includes: * Shrinking Hammer * Pick…


Monkey On The Stick Friction Jack Body Alignment Tool

Item #31148

…versatile mechanical body puller is used to push, pull, align, spread, lift and straighten body panels. As easy to use as a mechanical jack, this tool can deliver up to 3000 lbs. of push/pull power thru the heavy 3/4" steel extension. The multi-purpose head can be used with chains or straps. The…


Heavy Duty Body Dolly

Item #14276

Heavy-duty General Purpose Fender Dolly - A necessity on heavy gauge fenders which resist the blows of lighter dollies. Brings out the toughest damage. Weighs over 4 lbs. Fits comfortably in the had and protects fingers from a swinging blow. Limited lifetime manufacturer's warranty. Made in USA.


Martin 4pc Hickory Handle Hammer Set

Item #50797

This selection of the 4 most popular Martin hickory handle body and fender hammers includes: * Door Skin Hammer* General Purpose Pick Hammer* Utility Pick Hammer* Curved Chisel Hammer All are constructed with natural hickory handles and hardened steel heads. MADE IN USA


Bullseye Pick 20in Reach

Item #31002

Use this 20" Bull's Eye Pick to straighten metal in blind areas quickly and accurately Originally designed for collision shops, this 20"-reach Bull's Eye Pick is also practical for restoration projects because it helps you repair dings in hard-to-reach areas.* 20" throat depth* Faster than…


Bullseye Pick 30in Reach

Item #31003

Straighten Metal With Accuracy The accuracy, speed and ease of operation of a bullseye pick produces quality work faster than conventional methods. Designed for angle picking around braces, gussets or other hard-to-reach places. You know exactly where the pick will strike so your work is precise.…


Door Hinge Pin Puller

Item #31139

…a strong acme threaded bolt with 3 case hardened 18-8 stainless extension pins measuring (1", 1-1/2", and 2") exerts enough pressure to remove most pins. Designed only for Fords. Limited 1-year manufacturer's warranty. Removes hinge pins up to 7/16" (0.437"). Tool Clearance over 1/2" (0.530").


5in Pad for Random Orbital Sander

Item #43665

Replace your Worn DA Sanding Pad - This replaceable DA Sanding Pad is designed to make quick work of surface preparation and shaping of body fillers. Made of durable, temperature resistant closed cell foam. Makes feathering an edge a breeze. Fits most DA sanders. 5/16" - 24 thread.


Indasa 6in PSA Sanding Pad 6003

Item #43666

Replace your worn PSA Sanding Pad* Made of durable, temperature resistant closed cell foam* Makes feathering an edge a breeze* Fits most sanders with 5/16" - 24 thread* Maximum RPM 12,000 This replaceable PSA Sanding Pad is designed to make quick work of surface preparation and shaping of body…

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