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    Extreme Chassis Paint

    Extreme Chassis Paint
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Eastwood Extreme Chassis Black Gloss Finish

Item #11172 Extreme Chassis Black Gloss Finish

paint* Apply multiple coats without lifting You spend hours prepping your frame and suspension parts; now top-coat them with a tough, OEM-matching, glossy black chassis paint that provides extreme durability! 3X more resins make it 3X more durable than our original Chassis Black. Note: This paint


Eastwood Chassis Kleen 18 oz Aerosol

Item #12196Z

Clean grimy chassis and suspension parts with Eastwood's aggressive Chassis Kleen™ Aerosol Spray.* Use it to clean under car areas prior to painting* Huge 18-oz. can means you'll have enough for the job* Not for use on sensitive electronic equipment or painted surfaces Eastwood's Chassis Kleen™ is a…


Eastwood Extreme Chassis Black Satin Finish

Item #11175 Extreme Chassis Black

…that provides extreme durability! 3 times more resins make it 3 times more durable than our original Chassis Black. Note: This paint can not be applied over top of self-etching primers. Customer Review: "This is a great product but you really have to use it with the Extreme chassis black primer. Buy…


POR-15 Top Coat Chassis Black

Item #13715ZP Chassis Coat

…non-porous, extremely scratch resistant and chip resistant and will strengthen when exposed to moisture. Use over POR-15 Rust prevention and other finishes. They will protect against corrosion and won't crack, peel or chip! Chassis Coat has a semi-gloss appearance. For maximum durability Chassis

Eastwood Extreme Chassis Black Primer

Item #11193 Extreme Chassis Black Primer

Extreme Chassis Black® finish on bare metal, start with this Extreme Chassis Black® Primer. * Maximizes adhesion* Improves chip resistance* 14-oz. aerosol covers 8 sq. ft.; 1-qt. can covers 30 sq. ft. Epoxy-fortified primer is the perfect foundation formulated specifically for Extreme Chassis Black®…


Mixing Wand for 1 Gallon and Quart Cans

Item #15549

This handy gallon and quart mixing auger is ideal for mixing paints, coatings and Elastiwrap. Simply insert it into your 3/8 inch or 1/2 inch drill and let the tool do the work. Constructed of heavy gauge steel and designed to mix the coating, not stir it. The auger head design actually pulls the…


Hotcoat Powder Semi-Gloss Black

Item #10108 Hotcoat Powder Semi-Gloss Black

…Eastwood Powders! * Provides extremely durable finish * Contains no environmentally harmful solvents * 100% Virgin powder * Impact resistant and flexibility * Good chemical resistance Eastwood Powders are far superior to liquid coatings. They provide an extremely durable finish that is chip…

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