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2 Ton Folding Cherry Picker Engine Hoist

Item #14527

This Heavy-Duty Folding Cherry Picker is great for lifting engines in and out of cars as well as moving heavy objects around the shop.* 4,000 lbs max capacity* 60-inch boom* heavy-duty design* 33-inch base width This hoist has a 4,000 lbs max capacity with a 60-inch boom . The heavy-duty design and…


Evans HP High Performance Waterless Coolant Gallon

Item #15551ZP

…incomparable to any other engine coolant, represent a revolutionary advance in engine cooling efficiency, enhancing engine performance and reducing maintenance costs. * Proven to eliminate all problems associated with water based coolants* Redefines the boundaries of engine cooling * Increased…


Eastwood ZDDP Oil Additive 4 oz.

Eastwood ZDDP Oil Additive 4 oz.
Related Phrases: Zinc Oil Additive Oil

Item #12269Z

…for keeping that engine running smoothly.* ZDDP alters bearing and journal surface characteristics to prevent metal-on-metal contact* ZDDP reduces the tendency of parts to scuff or gall under heavy loads* Add a 4-oz. bottle of ZDDP to every 4-6 quart oil change If your engine was designed before…


Engine Porting Kit

Item #46056

Engine Porting Kit can help your engine generate more powerWhen serious engine builders "blueprint" an engine, they'll "port" or smooth-off rough head castings around the intake and exhaust ports for improved, smoother air flow. The engine can then "breathe" easier, resulting in greater power and…


Carbide Burr Set Of Four

Item #46067

Super-hard, 4-Pc. Carbide Burr Set grinds, shapes, smoothes and ports in hard-to-reach areasUse these double-cut, heat-treated, carbide burrs in a high-speed die grinder to make tough jobs easier. Long-reach burrs measure around 3" in overall length allow deep bowl blending in intake and exhaust…


Glyptal Red Enamel

Item #46000 Glyptal Red Enamel

Genuine Red Glyptal Improves Oil Circulation Recommended by many high performance engine rebuilding books, Glyptal seals the tiny ports left in metal after bead blasting and leaves the engine block interiors smooth. Helps keep the oil clean and flowing freely. Acid and oil resistant. Used on…

2K Aerospray High Temp Engine Primer Gray

Item #14932Z

…spray can* Perfect primer under all 2K Aerospray engine paint finishes* Highest temperature rating in the industry – 650° F* Chemical and chip resistant* Two part formula outlasts and out performs single part coatings* Nozzle & valve engineered for a wide fan pattern like a paint gun for more…



Related Phrases: Hone

Item #1002018

…versatile hone from Cal-Van Tools for 2"- to 7"-diameter (56mm-178mm) cylinders found on cars, trucks, buses, tractors, industrial engines and small air-cooled engines. Adjusts to all diameters within that 2"-7"-dia. range. * Flexible shaft with controlled spring action* Spread control limiters*…


Eastwood Engine Compression Tester

Eastwood Engine Compression Tester
Related Phrases: Compression Tester

Item #31351

…Tester includes all the components required to obtainaccurate cylinder compression readings for diagnosing the internal condition of gasoline engines.* Dual color scale with 0 to 300 PSI 0 to 20 kPa ranges* 3 Inch gauge with chrome bezel and protective outer boot* Two rubber cone ends for quick…



Item #1065770

Compression Tester accurately checks compression on gasoline engines. This compression tester is a quick, easy, and most importantly, accurate way to check on compression of gasoline engines. Priced for the weekend do-it-yourselfer. * Gauge registers 0-300 PSI (0-2100 kpa) * Fits 14mm and 18mm…


Eastwood Versa Bend Sheet Metal Brake

Item #14042

The Eastwood Versa Bend 20 Inch Offset Sheet Metal Brake is a precision engineered metal working tool designed to produce both standard variable length bends as well as accurate 1/2 Inch offset bends up to 90 Degrees in 20 gauge sheet steel and 18 gauge aluminum in widths up to 20 Inch. Also capable…


Eastwood 24 Inch Box and Pan Sheet Metal Brake

Item #20665

…up to 135 degrees* Removable fingers to create pans or boxes* Perfect size for small shop The Eastwood 24 inch Box and Pan Brake is a precision engineered metal working tool designed to produce accurate, variable length bends inangles up to 135° in mild, 20 gauge sheet steel and 18 gauge aluminum in…


Rockwood Valve Seal Removal and Installation Kit

Item #31487

…Allows the removal of stem oil seals squarely and without any damage to springs* Precision machined seal driving adapters guide the seal for proper setting Works with valves in place or removed from heads. This tool works great with most automotive, motorcycle, marine andpower sports engines.


Dial Type Cylinder Bore Gauge Kit 2-6in Range

Item #46281

Dial-Type Gauge Kit precisely measures cylinder bore wear* 2"-6" range* 10 pins* For most motorcycle and automotive engines* Molded storage case Just how much wear has the cylinder bore been subjected to? Measure the severity of this condition with this precision cylinder bore gauge.


Eastwood X-MAT® OE Style Quilted Fiber 2 Sheets 8.6 sq ft

Item #15827

Eliminate road noise, floor pan vibration and exhaust heat from your vehicle! * X-MAT® OE Style Quilted Fiber High Profile Heat and Sound Barrier provides the ultimate in acoustic and thermal protection for your muscle car, street rod, boat or RV* Late model, original equipment type mat with three…


Eastwood Valve Spring Compressor

Item #14534

C-type Valve Spring Compressor works one-handed to help you easily replace valves, springs, seals, guides and more. Valve spring compressor is a one-handed tool, meaning you can both lift and release the spring with one hand, leaving your other hand free to handle the valve spring keepers. * Ratchet…


Standard Manifold Smoothing Kit

Item #46076

The easy way to restore that showroom appearance to old or neglected cast iron manifolds, these kits are used with your high-speed die grinder to level rusted pitted surfaces. This Standard Kit consists of twenty 80-grit abrasive cylinders and ten each of 80-grit tapers, 120-grit cylinders and…


Eastwood Hi-Temp Internal Exhaust Coating w/Nozzle

Item #13795ZPA Exhausts Coating

Eastwood High-Temp Internal Exhaust Coating reduces under hood temperatures and extends the life of exhaust system components* Thermal coating withstands up to 1800 degrees F* 2'-long, 360-degree aerosol extension nozzle for easy application* Works with both new and used exhaust system components…


X-MAT® Low Profile Dense Mat 5 sheets 19.7sqft

Item #15826

…under carpet use * Butyl rubber membrane absorbs road and drive-line noise while the high performance aluminum facing and closed cell foam reduce engine and exhaust heat* Easily cut and installed under carpets, inside doors, around speaker boxes and firewalls so you can enjoy your ride in greater…


2K Aerospray High Temp Ceramic Engine Paint Gloss Red

Item #14926Z

Eastwood's 2K Aerospray High Temp Engine Paints allow you to paint with the durability and precision of a two component coating without the paint gun!* 2-Component Urethane Catalyzed Technology* Super Durable in Extreme Conditions* Temperature resistant up to 650 degrees F* Sprays Like a Paint Gun…

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