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Dynamat Extreme Bulk Pack

Item #11675

Dynamat® Xtreme deadens noise, giving your vehicle a more solid sound and "feel".* 4 times the sound deadening material effect, but half the weight, of original Dynamat* Reduces interior temperatures up to 50%* Cut to size with knife or scissors, then peel and stick* For floors, doors, roof,…



Item #21890

Dynamat® Xtreme Door Kit deadens noise coming through doors, giving your vehicle a more solid sound and "feel"Install Dynamat® Xtreme throughout your vehicle and listen as the doors and trunks slam snug, and road and wind noise virtually disappear (when part of a complete Dynamat installation).*…


Lizard Skin Super Pro Gun and Mixing Kit

Item #14754

The Super Pro Application Kit is made exclusively for Lizard Skin coatings, able to handle the thick viscosity of the coatings with ease. It provides exactly what's needed to properly apply the coatings. Sprayers used for typical paint applications are not engineered to handle the thickness of these…


DYNALINER 1/4in 12SQ FT 32in X 54in

Item #21883

The ALL NEW Dynaliner is the perfect ultra light weight insulator to use on top Dynamat. This durable crush and tear resistant material has the highest heat blocking properties available in a single layer synthetic foam-type material. Dynaliner isn't affected by oil and does not absorb water.…


Insulation Tape 2in X 30 ft

Item #52144

This pressure-sensitive industrial aluminum foil tape is easily trimmed with household scissors. Insul-Tape readily conforms to irregular surfaces, sealing seams, edges, and joints, while providing a superior vapor barrier. 2"x30' roll.

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