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    Dust Mask

    Dust Mask
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Rockwood Valved Dust Mask 10 Pack

Rockwood Valved Dust Mask 10 Pack
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Item #31575

* Meets FFP 2, 1 Standards* Metal Nose Piece with Foam Seal Retains Shape and Provides Comfort* Dual Retaining Straps for Comfort and Security* Check Valve for Breathing and Speaking Ease* Gently Conforms to Any Facial Structure


Buff Shop Dust Mask

Item #13000

This 3M™ Respirator provides protection in dusty, non-oil based particle applications. It features the 3M Cool Flow Exhalation Valve and adjustable M-nose clip to help provide a custom fit and secure seal.


Eastwood Soda Blasting Protection Kit

Item #50097

Stay safe and protected while soda blasting with this Protection Kit.* Face Shield* Pair Of Large Rubber Gloves* Dust Particle Mask* 5 Head Socks* Not for abrasive blasting The Eastwood Soda-Blasting Protection Kit includes the essential body protection items you need when soda blasting.


USC Plastic Masking Sheeting 12' Wide x 400ft

Item #14742

Protect your project from the elements or just dirt and dust in your shop with USC's Plastic Sheeting. Single roll is 12' wide x 400' long, plenty to wrap your car or even your shop equipment when doing body work. A-Fold construction for easy handling. Seamless film construction eliminates…


Buff Taper For 1/4 in Drill Chucks

Item #13053

This Buff Taper with 1/4" shank fits most die grinders, electric drills, or the Hanging Motor Flex-Shaft Tool (12793) with the 1/4" Collet Hand Piece (12863). Wear a dust mask and eye protection.


High Speed Mandrel For Abrasive Rolls 1/4inx 6

Item #13141

…and all Abrasive Roll Mandrels with light side pressure to avoid bending. For a smoother cut & longer abrasive life use Grinders Grease (13119). We recommend the use of a dust mask like our Disposable Dust Masks (22055) pk of 20, Goggles (43090), and ear protection during all grinding operations.


Eastwood Metal Buff shop Kit 6 in. Wheels for 1/2 in. Shaft

Item #13125

…can get professional results when buffing stainless, brass, aluminum, pot metal, and plastic using this Buffing Kit. Kit includes: * Buff Rake* Dust Mask* Face Shield* Gloves* Six Compounds (one each of Emery, Stainless, Tripoli, Plastic, Jewelers Rouge, and White Rouge)* Eight Buffing Wheels (two…


Paint Strainer Medium Blue - 149 Micron

Item #34057B

Reusable paint and thinner strainers will remove almost any kind ofcontamination, even minute fibers and dust particles. This strainer is made of a precision stainless steel mesh, 100(blue) for primers.

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Related Categories: Respirator Masks | Masking | Respirator | Dust