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Eastwood Dust Collection System for Blast Cabinets

Item #30998

…mount* 1.75 gallon dust capacity A powerful 12 amp 120 volt motor draws the dust and loose media out of the cabinet and catches it so you can reuse it. Using a dust collector means you can work faster too, because you’ll be able to see what you are doing without a cloud of dust filling the cabinet.…


Buff Shop Dust Mask

Item #13000

This 3M™ Respirator provides protection in dusty, non-oil based particle applications. It features the 3M Cool Flow Exhalation Valve and adjustable M-nose clip to help provide a custom fit and secure seal.


90 CFM Dual Filtration Dust Collection System

Item #22108

Dust Collection System attaches to your blast cabinet to help clear the airBlast more efficiently and effectively when you can see what you're doing! This Dust Collection System adapts to any blast cabinet to capture dust and help assure a safe, clean work environment. * Dual filtration* 1-1/2-HP…


Eastwood Benchtop Blast Cabinet

Item #30721

…full sized cabinets. Meanwhile, you look down at your work through a big 19 inch x 15 inch screen, with full sized tear off protection (5pk #30770). Dust control is handled by hooking up any shop vacuum to the cabinet, or use it in a well ventilated area with no vacuum. The whole cabinet will take…


DeVilbiss Desiccant Air Drying System 130026

Item #15583

…and dirt down to 5 microns. The second stage coalesce filter removes oil aerosols and dirt particles down to .01 microns. The third stage uses low dusting desiccant to trap water vapor. This unit has a 25 CFM air capacity. This unit includes the New and Improved premium desiccant by DeVilbiss that…


Eastwood Dual Side Opening Blast Cabinet

Item #22104

…less-of-a-mess sandblasting or abrasive-blasting, do it in our Blast Cabinet with Dust Collector.* Loading doors on both sides* 20-cfm (at 80 psi) blasting gun* 27"x60"x35" interior* 90-cfm, dual-filtration dust collector system* 13" x 46" viewing window Sandblasting small parts needn't be a dirty…


Run Razor

Item #34005

…crop uptoward the end of the painting process. Run Razor holds standard razor bladesat a precise angle to shave down semi-hardened runs, sags or dust between coloror clearcoats. Just pass it gently over the surface, dialing down the bladeposition indicator in .001" increments until the imperfection…


Dewalt 4.5IN 10AMP Heavy Duty Angle Grinder D28402

Item #30641

…Grinder * 10.0 Amp AC/DC 11,000 rpm motor designed for faster material removal and higher overload protection* Dust Ejection System™ provides durability by ejecting damaging dust and debris particles that enter the tool through the air intake vents* Low profile, jam-pot gear case provides precise…


MotorGuard Run Razor Blocker Set

Item #34007 Run Razors

…up towards the end of the painting process. Run Razor holds standard razor blades at a precise angle to shave down semi-hardened runs, sags or dust between color or clearcoats. Just pass it gently over the surface, dialing down the blade position indicator in.001" increments until the imperfection…

Dust Collection Refurb Kit for EW 22108

Item #50038

…for the 22108 dust collection system. The DC1500 is the most common dust collection system sold for and used with most Eastwood cabinets. Kit includes: replacement motor, replacement cartridge filter and replacement filter bag. Items in this kit will help keep down times to a minimum and your dust


Replacement Latch for 30998 Dust Collector

Item #31188

Eastwood Replacement Latch for 30098 Dust Collector


Replacement Filter for 30998 Dust Collector

Item #30999

One replacement filter for the Eastwood Dust Collection System 30998.


Rockwood Valved Dust Mask 10 Pack

Rockwood Valved Dust Mask 10 Pack
Related Phrases: Masking Dust Mask

Item #31575

* Meets FFP 2, 1 Standards* Metal Nose Piece with Foam Seal Retains Shape and Provides Comfort* Dual Retaining Straps for Comfort and Security* Check Valve for Breathing and Speaking Ease* Gently Conforms to Any Facial Structure


Small Pleated Cartridge Filter for Dust Collector EW# 22108

Item #25227

Keep your dust collector operating at peak efficiency. This replacement small pleated filter cartridge fits the 22108 90 CFM dual Filtration Dust Collector. Made in USA.


High Flow Blast Cabinet Dust Collect 400 CFM

Item #22114

Dual filtration keeps your shop virtually dust-free. Flows up to 400 cfm. Designed specifically to serve 1-3 sandblasters simultaneously. Durable 1/3-HP motor runs quietly while providing sufficient vacuum. Conveniently hopper door makes it easy to remove reusable media. 16-gauge steel construction.


Eastwood MIG 135 and 175 Welder Cover

Item #20131

…welder from dust and debris * Mold and tear resistant * Washable It is custom made to fit your MIG 135 and MIG 175 like a glove. No more stretching a too-small cover or having to fold excess material to keep the dust out. The Eastwood MIG Welder Cover protects your welder from dust, debris or…


Eastwood Soda Blasting Protection Kit

Item #50097

Stay safe and protected while soda blasting with this Protection Kit.* Face Shield* Pair Of Large Rubber Gloves* Dust Particle Mask* 5 Head Socks* Not for abrasive blasting The Eastwood Soda-Blasting Protection Kit includes the essential body protection items you need when soda blasting.


Tack Rags box/12

Tack Rags box/12
Related Phrases: Tack Rag Tack Rags

Item #34178

Leave No Dust Behind - Resin coated tack rags pick up dust particles that could otherwise mar a beautiful finish. Tack Rags are sold in 12 piece packs. Each tack cloth measures 18" x 36". Compatible with all primers, sealers, lacquers, enamels, urethanes varnishes and more.


ShopVac Drywall Collection Filter Bag 2pc 9067200

Item #1069350

The High Efficiency 10-14 Gallon Filter Bags from Shop-Vac is super efficient and compatible with a variety of vacuums. Shop-Vac's 10 to 14 Gallon High Efficiency Disposable Filter Bag Collection is absolutely perfect for wet or dry Shop-Vacs that clean cars, vans, trucks and RVs. It helps remove…

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