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Eastwood Dual Voltage Powder Gun

Item #11676

…overspray This innovative system will allow you to achieve the benefits of powder coating small parts instead of coating them with paint. The new Dual Voltage system gives you the capability to coat small areas using the Low 15kv setting. Or coat large areas using the High voltage setting 25kv. All…


Eastwood Complete Sanding and Accessory Kit

Eastwood Complete Sanding and Accessory Kit
Related Phrases: Da Sander Sander Sanding

Item #70474

…areas and an Eastwood 6 Inch Dual Action pneumatic sander for prep and finish work. Both of theses quality sanders produces a smooth, no pattern finish to help you do the job right faster. Kit comes with:* Eastwood 3 Inch Pistol Grip Mini Air Sander* Eastwood 6 Inch Dual Action Air Sander* 3 inch…


Eastwood Master Blaster Dual Abrasive Soda Blaster

Item #11737

Eastwood "Master Blaster" Dual Blaster lets you switch "on-the-fly" between soda and abrasive media, or a combination of both! * Exclusive Mixing Valve - offers “on-the-fly” control of each media. * Quickly blast away years of paint and corrosion - on auto parts, fiberglass boats, outdoor furniture,…



Item #1011429

Labor-saving Brake Tool compresses dual brake pistons simultaneously for easier pad replacement. Dual-Piston Brake Caliper Compressor from Lisle® compresses dual brake pistons simultaneously, making it easier for you to replace brake pads.


Infrared Dual Lamp Cure System

Item #10590

…single-head model, to work fasterFor curing large powder-coated workpieces, there's no easier or faster way to do it than under this Dual-Lamp Infrared Powder-Coating Curing System.* Cures area up to 36" x 36"* Dual 6000-amp infrared lamp heads* Total output of 37,700 BTUs* Separate on/off switches


Y Connector Manifold for Dual Blaster 11737

Item #11902

Mixing valve for the #11737 Dual blaster


Three Way Manifold for Dual Blaster 11737

Three Way Manifold for Dual Blaster 11737
Related Phrases: Soda Blaster

Item #12494

Replacement "T" fitting for #11737 Dual Blaster for the bicarbonate soda tank. Fitting is located on the bottom valve assembly of the bicarbonate soda tank


3/8in Ball Valve for Dual Blaster 11737

Item #11862

Replacement ball valve for "Mixing Valve assembly" on #11737 Dual Blaster.90 day warranty. Imported.


First Air Pipe for Dual Blaster 11737

Item #11897

Replacement airline for 11737 Dual blaster. Line that connects each tank to the manifold. This is the line approx 10" in length that attached to the tank at the fill opening fitting and also the black 4 way manifold


Eastwood 1 HP Buff Motor Dual Speed

Item #51460

1HP Dual Speed (1720/3400rpm) Buffer High value, professional preferred motor offers the utility of dual speeds perfect for buffing metal and plastics.* Extended length and balanced shafts offer more work space around wheel* Cast housing and base assure smooth operation, extended bearing life* Dual


90 CFM Dual Filtration Dust Collection System

Item #22108

…to your blast cabinet to help clear the airBlast more efficiently and effectively when you can see what you're doing! This Dust Collection System adapts to any blast cabinet to capture dust and help assure a safe, clean work environment. * Dual filtration* 1-1/2-HP motor* Moves air at 90 cfm


Eastwood Dual Side Opening Blast Cabinet

Item #22104

For safer, less-of-a-mess sandblasting or abrasive-blasting, do it in our Blast Cabinet with Dust Collector.* Loading doors on both sides* 20-cfm (at 80 psi) blasting gun* 27"x60"x35" interior* 90-cfm, dual-filtration dust collector system* 13" x 46" viewing window Sandblasting small parts needn't…


NOCO 12v Cigarette Connector Dual Size GC011

Item #31517

GC011 X-Connect 12V Dual-Size Male Plug* Charge and maintain your battery through the 12-volt auxiliary port* Works with both standard and mini 12-volt outlets* Built-in fuse protection for increased safety* More ways to charge with plug-n-play accessory changes* Rugged, watertight connector for…


O-Ring (Gasket) for Dual Blaster 11737

O-Ring (Gasket) for Dual Blaster 11737
Related Phrases: O Ring Sand Blaster

Item #11861

Replacement fill cap gasket for Eastwood blasters #11737, #50095, #50096, #51117, #51118, #51119. 90 day warranty. Imported.


Second Air Pipe for Dual Blaster 11737

Item #11900

Replacement hose for red pressure line going from manifold to lower valve of media or soda tank


Moisture Trap for Dual Blaster 11737

Item #11917

Replacement moisture separator for the Eastwood 50lbs, 100lbs, and 200lbs abrasive blaster and soda blasters. (51117, 51118, 51119, 12256, 50095, 50499)


Eastwood 6 inch Dual Action Air Palm Sander

Item #13748

…pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) sand paper* Requires just 2.8CFM at 90PSI.* 3/32 (2.5mm) Orbit* 5/16 x 24 Spindle Size Just a push of the lever and the dual action of the Eastwood palm air sander will deliver a smooth, pattern-free finish. Quiet and smooth operation is achieved by the variable…


Outer and Inner Valve G3-8 for Dual Blaster 11737

Outer and Inner Valve G3-8 for Dual Blaster 11737
Related Phrases: Dual Blaster

Item #11914

Outer and Inner Valve G3-8 for Dual Blaster 11737


ATD Deluxe Dual Brass AC Manifold Gauge Set 3694

Item #30078

Deluxe Dual Manifold Gauge Set tests.R12/R134a With Couplers and Vibration Free Gauges!


Ingersoll Rand 311A Dual Action 6 in Sander

Item #12598

6" Pneumatic Dual-Action Sander from Ingersoll-Rand® produces swirl-free finishes...you'll use less "elbow grease"!Super-quiet Ingersoll-Rand 6" Dual-Action Air Sander makes a great addition to your garage or shop for any work requiring precision sanding. Use this economical air-powered sander for…

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