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    Door Panel Tool

    Door Panel Tool
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Eastwood Trim and Reversed Door Panel Removal Tool

Item #52297

Trim Removal Tool with Stainless Steel Blade - Heavy ergonomic rubber handle with heat-treated stainless steel blade make this an interior tool that will last a lifetime. Use the Reversed Door Panel Tool to release door panel fasteners on the hinged side of the door. Limited lifetime manufacturer's…


Master Door Panel Tool Set 5pc Stainless

Item #52354

5-Pc. Trim Tool Set includes all the shapes and sizes you'll needThese 5 trim tools quickly detach panels and remove interior fasteners, and are built to retain their shapes, no matter what you put them through.* Heat-treated, polished stainless steel blades* Flat fulcrums prevent marring of painted…


12 pc Trim Tool Set

Item #14132

…Piece Tool Set makes trim removal easier, with the shapes and sizes you need. * 33% glass-filled nylon * Won’t scratch surfaces * Impact resistant * Divided storage pouch Complete 12 Piece Trim Tool Set allows you to easily remove door panels, fascia and trim strips, dashboard and interior panels


Trim Removal Set All Three Tools

Item #52021

…to be removed during interior work. These tools fit most cars and get the job done right. A. Door panel clip lifter protects door panels while removing the clip. B. Window handles use special wire clips that are difficult to remove without this tool. C. Windshield molding clips are quickly…


Upholstery Set Eastwood 4 Piece

Item #70263

…Grip constructed from both Polypropylene and Thermoplastic Vulcanizate rubber* Ensures you the best grip while resisting chemicals, oils and most solvents* Includes a 4 Inch Tack Puller, 2-4" Door Upholstery Panel Removers and a Trim Pin Remover to give you versatility to tackle any job anywhere.


Window Handle Removal Tool

Item #52021B

Window Handle Removal Tool


Door Panel Fastener Removal Tool

Item #52021A

Door Panel Fastener Removal Tool


Door Panel Removal Tool inUin Notch SS Eastwood

Item #52299

Trim Removal Tool with Stainless Steel Blade - Heavy ergonomic rubber handle with heat-treated stainless steel blade make this an interior tool that will last a lifetime. Use the Door Panel Removal "U" Notched Tool to release door panel clips. Broad face helps prevent damage. Limited lifetime…


Eastwood Hands Free Panel Gap Setting Tool

Item #31595

…Hands Free Panel Gap Setting Tool will help keep all your body panels perfectly aligned during assembly.* Includes 3 Gap Gauges* Suction cups holds gauges in place to keep your hands free* Each Gauge has ten 0.45" thick blades* Assures hoods, doors, trunks and other body panels will have even…


X-MAT® Application Roller Tool

Item #15829

…reach areas and apply an even load distributing the adhesive and the mat. The roller is constructed of a durable urethane held to the wooden handle with a riveted steel roller bracket. This is a solid tool that makes installation consistent and easier. can be used on any brand of adhesive matting.


1000 Lb Work Stand ATD Tools 7800

Item #1068004

…just too far away from where you need it, pull out this 1/2-ton-capacity Portable Work Stand and place your project right on it...fenders, doors, body panels and more. Sturdy, 1.25"-dia. tubular steel frame (0.08" thick) is wrapped with 1/2" foam padding around and down the top of the frame to…


Eastwood Pin Alignment System

Item #15838

…paint from the corner of the fender due to being miss aligned. What would you have paid to eliminate this? Our new alignment kit will save you hundreds or even thousands in paint re work when installing doors, hoods and deck lids. In fact your panel gaps will be more accurate and even with this kit!


Replacement Pad 2in for 12445

Item #12445B

Replacement pad for 12445 Eastwood Door Skinning Tool. 2" wide x 1". Will also fit the Sykes Pikavant model 31059. Smaller pad is 12445A


Replacement Pad 1.25in for 12445

Replacement Pad 1.25in for 12445
Related Phrases: Door Skin Tool

Item #12445A

Replacement pad for 12445 Eastwood Door Skinning Tool. 1.25" wide x 1". Will also fit the Sykes Pikavant model 31059. Larger pad is 12445B


Eastwood Solid Rivet Kit

Item #20127

…Pro Custom Work* Perfect for Race Cars & Street Rods* Pneumatic Rivet Gun* Aircraft Quality Rivets* 3/16" & 1/8" Panel Holders Used to structurally join panels for under hood, door skins, interiors, etc. Kit includes all components required to drive AN470 (round head) rivets in both 1/8" and 3/16"…


Eastwood Hot Stapler Plastic Repair System

Item #Hot stapler 13650

…3 heat settings for a variety of applications Why replace expensive parts if you don't have to? Eastwood's Hot Stapler is a precision-engineered tool that helps you make solid, permanent repairs of breaks, cracks and tears in rigid or flexible plastic parts. As you hold the wand in position and…


Eastwood 750Lb Work Stand

Item #43120

…foam rubber padding* Heavy gauge chain with welded links* Non-skid tips Work standing up can really save your back! But when your workbench is otherwise occupied, you can just pull out this Portable Work Stand and set your project down right on top...fenders, doors, hoods, panels and more.


Long Handle Spoon Dolly Model #1052

Item #31037

This high quality tool manufactured by Martin Tools (originally manufactured by Fairmount) is hand-ground and polished to the perfect shape for bodywork and balanced for ease of use. Long handle works inside door pockets, quarter panels, and fenders. Length 14 1/2", Face 2 1/2" x 2 1/2".


Martin Fender Bumper Fiberglass Handle

Item #14278

Fender Bumper Hammer with Fiberglass Handle - Use this hammer on fenders, doors, and other panels where extra length is needed to reach around braces and obstructions. Used for bumping out dents that cannot be reached with a dolly. Heavy enough to shape heavier gauge metal. Weighs about 1 1/2 lbs; 8…


Chemical Guys 6.5" White Lake Country Light-Medium Polishing Pad BUFLC_104_6

Item #16231

…polishes and one-step swirl-removers* 6.5” hook & loop pad fits any 6” backing plate on your machine polisher* Perfect for polishing tight spots like door jambs, headlights, bumpers, and wheel spokes, rims, and hubs* Lake Country CCS Closed Cell Structures holds polish and wax at the surface* CCS…

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