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Devilbiss Disposable Coveralls

Item #15358 coveralls

Disposable, lightweight and comfortable. Reduces contamination from street clothing. Full zipper front. Elastic wrist closures. full pullover hood. Meets OSHA standards 1910.132 for protective clothing.


Disposable In Line Air Filter

Item #34066

Disposable In-Line Air Filter makes sure only clean, dry air gets to your spray gun, to produce a flawless paint job* Removes moisture and contaminants down to 1 micron* Maximum pressure: 125 psi Disposable whirlwind filter provides an extra level of moisture- and oil-removal right at the paint gun.…


3M PPS Large Lids & Liners pk of 25

3M PPS Large Lids & Liners pk of 25
Related Phrases: 3m Pps Paint Cup Pps

Item #11543

Spray with your spray gun in any orientation without spilling paint with this special quart cup with disposable liner system. The pack of 25 disposable lids and liners are used with the (11542) 3M™ Large Cup and Collar. Be sure to choose the appropriate adapter to fit your gun (11544 thru 11553).


DeKups 9 oz Disposable Cups/Lids(32)

Item #11733

9oz disposable refill cups and lids for use with the 9oz DeKups system by Devilbiss. Contains 32 pieces of each. Simply slide the cup and lid into the reusable collar (11732) and lock it into place- no mess, no wasted paint and easy clean up. Look for other DeKups accessories by typing in keyword:…


DeKups 24 Fl Oz Disposable Dups/Lids(32)

DeKups 24 Fl Oz Disposable Dups/Lids(32)
Related Phrases: Dekups Devilbiss Paint

Item #29956

24oz disposable refill cups and lids for use with the 24oz DeKups system by Devilbiss. Contains 32 pieces of each. Simply slide the cup and lid into the reusable collar (29955) and lock it into place- no mess, no wasted paint and easy clean up. Look for other DeKups accessories by typing in keyword:…


ShopVac High Efficiency Disposible Bag 2pc 9067100

Item #1069349

…5-8 Gallon Filter Bags from Shop-Vac is super efficient and compatible with a variety of vacuums. Shop-Vac's 5 to 8 Gallon High Efficiency Disposable Filter Bag Collection is absolutely perfect for wet or dry Shop-Vacs that clean cars, vans, trucks and RVs. It helps remove debris, soil, crumbs,…


PPS #20 Adapter

Item #11544

Adapts the Sharpe MPF Mini-gun HVLP to the 3M™ disposable cup system (11543). 1/8 Male, 27 Thread UPSM.


Poly Brush Econo Pk.1 Ea. 1in 2in 3in

Item #34152

Disposable Applicators - Use this set of 3 poly-foam brushes to apply exhaust manifold coatings and other brushable finishes. This set includes one each of 1", 2" and 3" width brushes. Use PRE Painting Prep (10041Z) Aer or (10194ZP) Qt. to remove wax, oil and silicone residues before coating. Do you…


DVB QC3 Air Filter Desiccant Refill

Item #51567

…in outstanding paint finishesThree-stage filter with a 0.01-micron rating is more effective than disposable dryers.* Lasts 4 times longer than a disposable dryer* 16 times more desiccant than any disposable dryer* Replaces the filter for our 51566 3-Stage DeVilbiss® QC3 Air Filter/Dryer System


DeKups 34 oz. Pro Starter Kit

Item #29953

34-oz. DeKups® Disposable-Cup Starter Kit helps you paint with less messSave clean-up time and make it easier to use your gun at any angle with DeKups's Disposable-Cup System from DeVilbiss.* Two 34-oz. reusable cups* 32 disposable cup liners and lids* Much more...see "More Info" tab below


Touch Up Applicators pack/40

Item #34112

Perfect Detailers. Stop using match sticks! Disposable micro-brushes with non-linting, non-absorbing tips are perfect touch-up tools. Reach into the tightest spots.


Gerson One Step P95 Respirator Large 8311P

Item #14829

Maintenance-Free, Disposable Respirator is perfect for paint spray applications, even oil-based paints. Disposable Respirator can be used again and again. This respirator is NIOSH-approved OV/P95 for organic vapor plus solid and oil aerosols. * Large size* NIOSH-approved OV/P95* Recommended for…


Universal Mixing Cups 1 QT 5 PC Set

Item #51202

Universal Mixing Cups 1 Quart 5 PC Set


Eastwood Quick Mix Board

Eastwood Quick Mix Board
Related Phrases: Quick Mix Board Sheet

Item #31273

Tear-Off Filler Mixing Board - Save clean-up time, save money. Mixing board includes 100 tear-off 8-1/2" by 11-1/2" mixing sheets mounted to a ridged piece of 1/8" tempered masonite. Sheets are gum banded on 3 sides to prevent tearing while mixing and applying fillers. Flexible back strap secures…


PPS #11 Adapter

Item #11547

Adapts the following Sharpe guns: Cobalt HVLP (USA), Platinum HVLP, SGF-98, Titanium T-1 HVLP and the Snap-On (Sharpe Cobalt) to the 3M tm disposable cup system (11543). 3/8 Male, 18 Thread NPS.


Spra-Tool Aerosol Spray Gun

Item #29948Z

Want to do a small touch-up but don't like the hassle of cleaning a paint gun? Try this Convenient Reusable Sprayer. Great for small jobs, touch-ups and applying our high temp coatings! Easy clean-up too. Sprays most paints and liquids up to the viscosity of light oil. Just fill the bottle, screw it…


Mini Desiccant Dryer - 2 pack

Item #34146

Last Chance Filter with a Difference - Now it's possible to know when to change your spray gun mounted filter. This unique filter features a desiccant material that changes from dark blue to pink when it's time for a replacement. Filters remove moisture, oil and particulates down to 5 microns. Dual…


Paint Mixing Cup Set 13 pc

Item #34131

Mix paints accurately: automotive finishes cost enough. Minimize the risk of inaccurately mixing a batch of paint. This assortment of mixing containers (13 pieces from pint to 5 quarts) is graduated to match popular mixing ratios. Much more accurate than trying to read a mixing stick in a dark metal…


Devilbiss DeKups Refill Cups/Lids 34oz 32pcs.

Item #50206

Devilbiss DeKups Refill Cups/Lids 32 Pcs


Devilbiss 2 Gun Paint Gun Rack 803616

Item #14505

…use even with disposable cups Multi gun Paint Gun Rack from DeVilbiss® sits on your workbench or mounts on a wall to hold one or two of your gravity-feed spray guns, either for storing between jobs or for one-handed filling of the paint cups. It's designed to be used even with disposable cup systems…

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