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    Devilbiss Aluminum Cup

    Devilbiss Aluminum Cup
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Tekna Copper HE Paint Gun 1.3 1.4 Alum Cup

Item #14526

Tekna® Copper High-Efficiency Paint Gun from DeVilbiss® increases your productivity with fewer coats...includes aluminum cup. Tekna® Copper HE Paint Gun will give you slicker clears, superior metallic control, better blends...all with even material distribution that results in fewer coats, increased…


DeVilbiss StartingLine 250Cc Cup And Lid 803609

DeVilbiss StartingLine 250Cc Cup And Lid 803609
Related Phrases: Devilbiss Paint Cup Cups

Item #15576

250cc aluminum cup and lid for Devilbiss Starting Line Detail Guns


Starting Line 600cc Metal Gravity Feed Cup

Item #12503

Aluminum Cup and Lid Assembly - Fits the large gun included in the 34566 and other guns that accept a M16 x 1.5 pitch male thread. One year manufacturer's warranty.


Tekna Pro Paint Gun 1.2 1.3 1.4 AL Cup

Tekna Pro Paint Gun 1.2 1.3 1.4 AL Cup
Related Phrases: Iwata Devilbiss Gun

Item #14511

Tekna® PRO Paint Gun from DeVilbiss® has a non-stick coating inside and out...includes aluminum cup, high-efficiency air cap. Spend your time painting, not cleaning! The non-stick coating on the inside passages makes clean-up a breeze—just flush through and wipe. Corrosion resistance makes it…


16 Piece HVLP Paint Gun Kit

Item #15214

…kit* Primer gun with 1.8mm needle/nozzle* Paint gun with 1.4mm needle/nozzle* Detail gun with 1.0mm needle/nozzle* 250ml, 600ml & 1000ml aluminum paint cups* 2 Regulators with gauges* Gun wrench* Cleaning brushes* 100 micron filters* Plastic storage case This kit has practically all you need, except…


Devilbiss Eastwood PLUS Paint Gun 303742

Item #15194

…spray paint guns for automotive work that money can buy, and it comes with the following included items: * 1.2 mm, 1.3 mm, and 1.4 mm fluid tips* 900cc aluminum cup with push-on lid* High output air adjusting valve with gauge* Spray gun lube, fluid filter, gun hook* Air Requirements - 9 CFM @ 30 PSI


600cc Aluminum Cup for 51550

Item #51550B

600cc aluminum cup for the Eastwood HVLP Concours Paint gun


DeVilbiss StartingLine Cup Fitting Gasket 803615

Item #15578

Devilbiss Starting line cup fitting gasket, for use with all Full Size Starting line guns


Devilbiss DeKups Refill Cups/Lids 34oz 32pcs.

Item #50206

Devilbiss DeKups Refill Cups/Lids 32 Pcs


DeVilbiss Auto Paint and Priming System

Item #12506

…and one for top-coating * Kit includes two 20-oz. aluminum cups, plus 1.3mm, 1.5mm and 1.8mm tips* Also includes air regulator and a complete set of brushes and wrenches for easy disassembly and clean-up* Requires 13 cfm at 30psi This DeVilbiss HVLP 2-Gun Set is a great value from a brand name you…


DeVilbiss StartingLine Detail Gravity Gun 802405

Item #15572

…Detail and Touch Up HVLP Gravity Spray Gun. One Mini Size Touch Up STARTINGLINE HVLP Gravity Feed Spray Gun with a 1.0mm Fluid Tip and a 8.5 oz aluminum cup. The 1.0mm set up is suitable for Spot Repairs using a variety of Coatings. Includes Cleaning Brush and Maintenance Wrench. Includes 1 Year…


Tekna Prolite Paint Gun 1.2 1.3 1.4 Alum Cup

Tekna Prolite Paint Gun 1.2 1.3 1.4 Alum Cup
Related Phrases: Tekna Iwata Pro Lite

Item #14508

Tekna® ProLite from DeVilbiss® is one high-performance, corrosion-resistant paint gun, yet it's as lightweight as it looks...includes aluminum cup. This premium high-tech paint gun is fully protected inside and out for high corrosion resistance, making it the ideal spray gun for waterborne paints,…


Eastwood Concours LT HVLP Paint Gun 1.3mm

Item #15639

…was specially designed to require the least amount of air possible. This makes it ideal for the home user without a big 80 gallon compressor. The aluminum body is anodized to resist corrosion, and all the internal passages are stainless steel for use with solvent or water based paints. Engineered…


Concours Pro 2 Paint Gun and Accessory Kit

Item #14776

…This complete kit combines the full sized Concours Pro paint gun, the smaller detail gun, extra tips, cleaning kit, air regulator and cup, all packed into an aluminum storage case. The Eastwood CONCOURS™ Pro HVLP Paint Gun is a top quality, true professional level paint gun specifically designed for…

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Related Categories: Devilbiss | Iwata | Tekna | Paint Cup | Tekna Prolite