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    Dent Repair

    Dent Repair
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Eastwood Mig Stud Welding Kit

Item #20636

…power to pull dents* Hammer is machined for a comfortable and strong grip* Eliminates the need for expensive stud welders* Quick set-up and easy to use With this kit you will be able to repair and remove dents from sheet metal. It includes everything you will need to start repairing dents with your…


Key To Metal Bumping Book

Item #31063

The "Bible" of metal-bumping and bodywork: "Key to Metal-Bumping" Book* Secrets and tricks used by professionals for over 50 years* Over 120 pages* 18 sections Written by Frank T. Sargent over 50 years ago, this is still one of the best basic reference books on metal-bumping and metalwork...read the…


Stud Welder Dent Pulling System

Item #31041

…Dent-Pulling System makes a hole-free dent repair, so it won’t weaken the panel, and needs less filler.* Stud welder spot-welds pins onto the dented metal surface* Pull the pins to pull-out the dent* Snip the pins, then grind the rest down 3-step repair works without drilling holes, so it won't…


Automotive Bodywork & Rust Repair

Item #14697

Teaches you how to select the proper tools, preparing and cleaning sheet metal, section fabrications and patches, welding options, forming fitting and smoothing, cutting metal, final metal finishing and more.


Rage Extreme Gallon

Item #31332ZP

…and easier sanding, without risk of pulling back the featheredge and having to re-apply filler.* Improves adhesion to galvanized steel and aluminum* Improves finish quality, reducing need for repair mapping, comebacks, redo's* Perfect for next-generation basecoat/clearcoat systems* 0.8-gallon can


Shoot Suit Welded Stud Puller

Item #31014

Shoot Suit® Stud Puller pulls-out minor dings and dents with exacting controlAfter welding a stud onto that ding or minor dent with our stud weld gun, use the Shoot Suit® Stud Puller to pull the stud (and dent) to just the right level.* Use with 2.0 to 2.6mm draw pins (studs) * Works with any of our…


Monkey On The Stick Friction Jack Body Alignment Tool

Item #31148

This four-piece jack set has been a must have for every body shop since 1929.* Pushes, pulls, aligns, spreads, straightens* No set up necessary – ready to use* A must for long reaches* 55" long solid alloy 3/4" rod eliminates need for extension tubes* Friction jack features 5 hardened friction…


Stud Welder Trim Rivet Tip

Item #31041B

The Trim Tip for the Stud Welder allows you to quickly weld trim retaining clips to your vehicle. Easy to use, just slide in the Trim Tip, insert a Trim Rivet, gently push the Stud Welder against the surface until the outer ring makes contact, then trigger the gun for.5 to 1 second for a perfect…


Super - Flex Cloth Sandpaper Abrasive Roll 2.75 In x 354 In

Item #15966 Super Flex Sandpaper

Super-Flex® Cloth Sandpaper is an adhesive backed premium quality sandpaper. * Super flexible J-weight sandpaper* Extremely pliable* Will not tear or crack while being applied* Flexible and will not load up* last 5 times longer than ordinary sandpaper

9 Way Slide Hammer Set

Item #1068197

…seals. Two- and three-way cross blocks and cone provide the perfect jaw configuration for most jobs. Set also includes a grip wrench adapter and a dent puller attachment for sheet metal or other unique pulling requirements. Designed for use with other OTC 5/8"-18 thread slide hammer attachments.…


USC Garage Metal Grip Filler 77706 with Hardener

Item #16210Z

…Also for use on fiberglass and wood. Never before has there been a more broad selection of top-of-the-line fillers and glazes. From dents and small repairs on aluminum, steel and fiberglass to repairs around the home on wood, metal and plastics. No matter what the need, USC® Garage™ has you covered.


Eastwood Contour Glazing Putty

Item #glazing 13521

Fill pinholes and sand scratches with our Polyester Glazing Putty...even on large areas.* Fills pinholes* Sands scratches and imperfections* Can be applied to large areas without distortion* Mix with other body fillers Before painting, use this glazing putty to fill pinholes and sand other minor…

Eastwood Bullseye Picks

Item #31001 Bullseye Pick

Straighten Metal With Accuracy The accuracy, speed and ease of operation of a Bullseye Pick produces quality work faster than conventional methods. Designed for angle picking around braces, gussets or other hard-to-reach places. You know exactly where the pick will strike so your work is precise.…

Bullseye Pick Blunt Tip

Item #31004B

Use the optional Blunt Tip (31004 B) for "bumping" metal.


Metal To Metal Filler Quart With Hardner

Item #10021ZP

…under the patched areas* Apply directly to bare metal to smooth minor ripples in body work* Easily sands to a fine feather edge* Includes hardener Unique Metal-2-Metal™ Filler applies like typical plastic fillers, but it's reinforced with fine aluminum particles to help produce a stronger repair.


Super Pro Plus Stud Welder

Item #31243

…perfect for most any body repair job.* 4 electrodes, for stud, Magna Wire, rivet welding, shrinking* 2 sizes of draw pins, for light- and heavy-gauge work* Includes twist-on/off slide hammer and "T" hand puller You'll use this professional system to repair most dents, "pull" creases, weld trim…


Fairmount Curved Dolly

Item #14305

Fairmount metal forming dollies are designed for precision metal shaping as performed by skilled craftsman for more than 100 years. * Designed with optimum contour * Manufactured with high quality raw materials * Heat treated precision ground and polished Each Fairmount dolly is painstakingly…


Fairmount Professional Dinging Spoon

Item #14301

Fairmount metal forming dollies are designed for precision metal shaping as performed by skilled craftsman for more than 100 years. Each Fairmount dolly is painstakingly designed for optimum contour, smooth surfaces and high quality raw material to ensure years of reliable service. The heat treated…


Martin 4 Piece Fiberglass Hammer Set

Item #12184

This selection of 4 of the most popular Martin body hammers includes: * 31217 Door Skin Hammer* 31226 General Purpose Pick Hammer* 31229 Utility Pick Hammer* 31218 Curved Chisel HammerAll are constructed with a rugged fiberglass shank, vibration-absorbing rubber grip and famous Martin quality steel…


Fairmount Double Ended Round Dolly

Item #15728

2 sided round body dolly, with flat and low crowned surfaces* Hard high carbon steel* Many surface shapes for many purposes* Low crown side with higher crown edge* Perfectly flat side with square edge* Sized for most hands This hard high carbon steel dolly is perfectly sized for most hands. One side…

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