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2-6 in Cylinder Bore Gauge

2-6 in Cylinder Bore Gauge
Related Phrases: Bore Gauge

Item #1068105

Cylinder Bore Gage is ideal for measuring out-of-round and tapered cylinders — CEN 3D301 Use this bore gage for checking cylinder bores in an engine block. Add the 2" extension to any of the 11 anvils (2.0"-4.0") to work in the 4"-6" range. * Head/Stem/Handle Assembly* Dial Indicator* Dial Indicator…


Dial Type Cylinder Bore Gauge Kit 2-6in Range

Item #46281

Dial-Type Gauge Kit precisely measures cylinder bore wear* 2"-6" range* 10 pins* For most motorcycle and automotive engines* Molded storage case Just how much wear has the cylinder bore been subjected to? Measure the severity of this condition with this precision cylinder bore gauge.


QuickJack 7000lb Capacity Car Lift 110V BL-7000SLX

QuickJack 7000lb Capacity Car Lift 110V BL-7000SLX
Related Phrases: Quick Jack Car Lift Lift

Item #31302

…of vehicles* Low-profile jack frames fit under most race cars* Powerful hydraulic cylinders eliminate the need for screw mechanisms* Integrated power-assist canisters increase the lowering speed* Hydraulic cylinders feature integrated velocity-fuse safety valves* A metal carrier with handle keeps…


Eastwood MIG Welder 135 Amp and Cart

Eastwood MIG Welder 135 Amp and Cart
Related Phrases: Welder Mig Mig 135

Item #20165 MIG 135 Cart

…fraction of the price! * Welds mild and stainless steel, 24 gauge to 3/16"* 25-135-amp welding range* Includes 3-shelf cart for welder and gas cylinder (20232)* Powered by standard 120v household current* Compare to similar welders that sell for over $500* Backed by Eastwood's no-hassle return…


Standard Manifold Smoothing Kit

Item #46076

…with your high-speed die grinder to level rusted pitted surfaces. This Standard Kit consists of twenty 80-grit abrasive cylinders and ten each of 80-grit tapers, 120-grit cylinders and 120-grit tapers. Two mandrels are also included. After metal is smoothed, apply one of our high temp. coatings.…


Cylinder Leakage Tester Kit

Item #1068200

Cylinder Leakage Tester Kit helps you quickly diagnose internal engine problems — OTC 5609 Here's how to easily diagnose internal engine problems such as bad rings, valves and leaking head gaskets. OTC's Cylinder Leakage Tester Kit comes complete with adapters for most applications. Dual 2-1/2"-dia.…


Carbide Burr SA-1 1/4X5/8X1/4 dbl Cylinder

Item #46163

This 1/4" diameter cylindrical carbide burr measures about 2" long, with the cutter portion measuring about 0.6". Fits 1/4" collets. This burr is for use on steel and iron.


Tight Spot Grinding Kit With Cylinder Abrasives

Item #13096

Everything you need in this money saving kit. Includes a 1/4" x 2 3/4" mandrel. 40 assorted cylinders (80-320 grit) with mandrel.



Related Phrases: Hone

Item #1002018

Versatile Engine-Cylinder Hone helps you smooth-out 2"-7"-dia. cylinders. Use this extremely versatile hone from Cal-Van Tools for 2"- to 7"-diameter (56mm-178mm) cylinders found on cars, trucks, buses, tractors, industrial engines and small air-cooled engines. Adjusts to all diameters within that…


Buff Bob Mini Cylinder Assortment

Item #13003

Mounted on sturdy steel shanks, these felt buffing bob assortments really get into the tight spots. Great for putting the final touches on intricate pieces where larger buffs simply will not reach. All are made of long-lasting hard felt and will work well with any of the buffing compounds. Great for…


Abrasive Cylinders

Item #13085 Abrasives

Resin backed and last 3 times longer than standard sandpaper. Safe up to 22,000 rpm. Grind and polish castings, port heads, and finish small parts. Arbor hole is 1/8" use only with mandrels listed. Note: Different sizes and grits available. When working on aluminum or other soft metals, use…

Eastwood Engine Compression Tester

Eastwood Engine Compression Tester
Related Phrases: Compression Tester

Item #31351

The Eastwood Compression Tester includes all the components required to obtainaccurate cylinder compression readings for diagnosing the internal condition of gasoline engines.* Dual color scale with 0 to 300 PSI 0 to 20 kPa ranges* 3 Inch gauge with chrome bezel and protective outer boot* Two rubber…


Eastwood Die Grinder Kit with 16pc Accessory Set

Item #30659

Pneumatic mini die grinder kit with 10 grinding stones and hundreds of uses.* Mini design gets into tight spots* Pneumatic power for serious grinding jobs* Durable ball bearing motor spins at up to 22k rpm* Requires just 4.5 CFM @ 90 PSI* Includes both 1/4in and 1/8in collets* 1/4in NPT quick change…


Eastwood Brake Gray Aerosol

Item #11756Z

…corrosion resistance* Pure stainless steel pigment in an epoxy ester resin Eastwood Brake Gray is a durable, heavy-duty coating that actually resists DOT 3 brake fluid, so it's perfect for painting master cylinders, disc brake calipers, brake drums, spindles, mounting brackets and hardware.


Disc Brake 70 - 73 Mustang

Item #12090

…4-piston cast iron calipers; power. "Bolts to 6 cylinder or V8 drum brake spindles.*NOTE: Most 6 cylinder cars have a 4 x 4.5" bolt pattern - this kit will convert the front only to a 5 x 4.5" "bolt pattern.All hardware included.Includes master cylinder and 7"" dual" "diaphragm booster.Vehicle…


Long Reach Carbide Burr Set - 4 Piece

Item #11916

…Piece Long Reach Carbide Burr Set - Unique 6" long reach 1/4" Dia. shanks allow you to reach deep into cylinder heads or other cast iron and steel parts. Precision ground and heat treated for long life and vibration free use. ncludes 3/8" ball, 3/8"x 3/4" cylinder, 3/8"x 3/4" tree and 1/2"x 1" tree


Chicago Pneumatic 20 Gallon Air Compressor RCP220P

Item #30499 compressor

20 gallon portable compressor rugged enough for the home or job site With its solid cast iron cylinder belt driven by a 2hp electric motor, and a rugged powder coated 20 gallon cylinder this unit is built to work hard. This compressor can deliver a maximum 7cfms at 90psi and 140psi maximum, but only…


Buff Cone Tapered 2 in Felt

Item #13050

Made of medium hard felt 2" long. Mounted on a 1/4" mandrel. Maximum 15,000 rpm. Use our Mini Buffing Bob Assortment (13055) a 10 pc set of cylinder and cone felts with 1/8" shank to polish deep contours.


Disc Brake 64 - 66 Mustang

Item #12080

Disc brake conversion kit for non -power applications. Does not include power booster. Includes everything else required to complete the conversion including Dual bowl master cylinder and 4 piston calipers. Bolts directly to drum brake spindles


1/4in Shaft Double Cut 6in Burr

Item #11951

6" double cut carbide burr is great for porting and polishing cylinder heads and general grinding on cast iron and steel. Use with electric or pneumatic die grinder with a max speed of 20,000rpm

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