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Eastwood 37 in Curve Template

Item #20498

Duplicate shapes, curves and compound contours with great accuracy using the Eastwood Curve Template.* Duplicate complex shapes exactly* Copy and repeat accurate cuts up to 3’ long* All steel construction with flexible, spring steel face* 8 locking segment design for maximum accuracy* Use with metal…


Panel Flanger Set Regular And X Wide

Item #31021

…adjustable locking panel flangers (or flanging pliers) produce a step deep enough for flush repairs in 18-gauge or thinner metal.* Panel Flanger creates straight or curved flanges 5/8" x 5/8"* Extra-Wide Panel Flanger works into corners or on long, straight sections, producing a flange 5/8" x 2-1/2"


Eastwood Shrinker Stretcher 2-3/4 Inch Throat

Item #20629

…inch long handle for extra power and leverage This shrinker stretcher can reproduce wheel wells dog legs trunk corners and almost any metal fabrication requiring a combination curve and angle. Use the shrinker to contract metal for inside curves use the stretcher to expand metal for outside curves.


Fairmount Reverse Curve Hammer Wood Handle

Item #15724

Body dinging hammer with high crown round and square faces.* High carbon steel head* Hickory handle* Square face with high crown on one side* Round face crowned in just one direction on the other* General purpose dinging hammer With a hickory handle and hard high carbon steel head, this body hammer…


Eastwood Panel Flanger

Item #31092

Adjustable Locking Flanger helps you repair flush panels easily.* Creates straight or curved flanges 5/8" x 5/8" wide* Strong cam-action jaws* Fits into hard-to-reach areas Eastwood's Adjustable Locking Panel Flanger produces a step deep enough for flush repairs in 18-gauge or thinner metal.


Egg Shaped Body Dolly

Egg Shaped Body Dolly
Related Phrases: Dolly Martin

Item #31327

Egg-Shaped Dolly - Unique high crown shape with a variety of curves and angles. Measures 1-5/8" x 2-1/2" x 3-3/4". Weighs 3.1 lbs.


Eastwood Curved T-Dollies

Item #curved dolly 14524

Eastwood's Curved T-Dollies help you form and shape metal with precision.* Inverted curved surface forms different angles and gentle or compound curves* Ideal for shrinking* Clamp into any vise* Polished forming surfaces for consistent, smooth forming T-dollies are used by auto body shops and…

Long Curved Pick

Long Curved Pick
Related Phrases: Body Picks Dent Pick

Item #31325

Long Curved Pick - Access dents inside doors or between inner/outer fenders. Use with twisting or prying action. 31" long. Weighs 2.5 lbs.


Painted Nib File Curved

Painted Nib File Curved
Related Phrases: Nib Run Shaver Nib File

Item #34002

This tool, mounted on a wooden block, saves lots of time and labor by letting you dress down hardened high spots. Finish repair with wet/dry sandpaper.


Fairmount Curved Dolly

Item #14305

Fairmount metal forming dollies are designed for precision metal shaping as performed by skilled craftsman for more than 100 years. * Designed with optimum contour * Manufactured with high quality raw materials * Heat treated precision ground and polished Each Fairmount dolly is painstakingly…


Fairmount Curved Cross Chisel Hammer Wood

Item #14317

Fairmount Body Hammers are designed for precision metal shaping as performed by skilled craftsman for more than 100 years. Each Fairmount Hammer is painstakingly designed for optimum balance, exacting head configuration and high quality raw material to ensure years of reliable service. The hand…


Welders Helper 3X3 Set Flat/Curve/AngleCop Plates

Item #51139

Copper "Welder's Helpers" plug holes as they support your welding in tight spotsUse these three 100%-copper "spoons" to back-up small holes, rips or voids between flat, round and angled panels while you weld.* 90-Degree Angle Plate* Curved Plate* Offset Flat Plate


Benchtop English Wheel

Item #14156

Fabricating compound curves in metal workpieces is easier when you do it on Eastwood's Benchtop English Wheel. * 20" throat and 18" internal height* Includes large 8" wheel and 5"-radius anvil wheel* Micro-adjustable anvil adjustment wheel For metal fabrication of auto panels and general…


Eastwood Plasma Cutting Guide

Item #13689

This Eastwood Plasma Cutting Guide allows for easy cutting of straight lines, curves, radii, and circles with minimal finishing.* Circle attachment cuts 3 3/4" to 17" diameter circles* Specifically designed to fit the Eastwood Versa Cut Plasma Cutter* Will also work on other torches with a 0.95 Inch…


Eastwood Oblong Forming Dolly

Item #14517

…your forming work easier too. This Oblong T-Dolly is 11" long, ranging in width from 3" to 6". * Multiple curved surfaces can form unlimited curves and arcs* Clamps into any vise* Form gentle and compound curves; ideal for shrinking* Polished aluminum surfaces ensure consistent and smooth forming


Eastwood Round Forming Dolly

Item #14518

…work easier too. This round Bowl-Shaped Forming Dolly is a big 6" in diameter, 2-1/2" tall. * Round bowl shape is ideal for forming many specialized curves* Form gentle and compound curves, ideal for shrinking* Clamps into any vise* Polished forming surfaces ensure consistent and smooth forming


Dura Block TearDrop 10-7/8 Long 2-1/8 Thick

Item #19860

The "Tear Drop Block" adds a rounded curve with a flat surface for hard to sand areas. Measures 10-7/8" L x 2-1/8" thick.One year manufacturer's warranty. Imported.


Eastwood 5 Piece T Dolly Set

Item #14516

…specialty straight T-dollies auto body shops and fabricators use to form and shape flanges and edges. You get 5 straight T-dollies in different lengths and diameters. * Form gentle and compound curves; ideal for shrinking* Clamp into any vise* Polished forming surfaces for consistent, smooth forming


Soft Sanders 6-Pack

Item #19311

…different densities vary in firmness and yet all are soft enough to be distorted or compressed into places that are hard to sand.* Every single curve and surface on each block has been designed for a purpose* Soft, rounded edges virtually eliminate gouging. Blocks glide over varying surface levels…


Eastwood Heavy Duty Jaw Set for # 51430

Item #51432

Steel-hardened jaws Shrinker-Stretcher Jaw Set for deep 8" throat heavy duty metal Shrinker Stretcher EW#51430. Imported. (Jaws will only work with 51430). Individual Jaws not available. Imported

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