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Eastwood Concours PRO HVLP Paint Gun 1.3mm

Item #14771

…@ 30PSI* Ultra-fine atomization from 1.3mm needle/nozzle* Compatible with all types of coatings* Full line of accessories available The Eastwood Concours PRO HVLP paint gun goes head-to-head with the top spray guns from the big brands, but at a price the home user can afford. The precision machine…


Eastwood Concours LT HVLP Paint Gun 1.3mm

Item #15639

…included* Compatible with all types of coatings* Stainless internal passages & brass air cap* 1.5mm, 1.7mm, and 2.0mm nozzles available The Eastwood Concours LT HVLP paint gun has many features of the professional guns, but it was specially designed to require the least amount of air possible. This…


Eastwood Concours HVLP Spray Paint Gun 1.2 and 1.4 tips

Item #51603 Concours

…home-shop compressors Why buy an expensive pro paint gun when Eastwood's full-size HVLP Concours Paint Gun has the same impressive features and 2 tips, at a fraction of the cost? And your home compressor provides all the air power you'll need (4 cfm @ 29 psi) to work with this Concours paint gun.


CONCOURS™ Pro 2 Paint Gun and Accessory Kit

Item #14776

…paint guns on the market. This complete kit combines the full sized CONCOURS™ Pro paint gun, the smaller detail gun, extra tips, cleaning kit, air regulator and cup, all packed into an aluminum storage case. The Eastwood CONCOURS™ Pro HVLP Paint Gun is a top quality, true professional level paint…


Eastwood Concours Paint Gun with 1.2 Tip

Item #51550G

Concours HVLP Spray Gun with 1.2mm tip sprays-on a "show-car" finish...yet it's powered by your home compressor with only 4 cfm @ 29 psi!* Compatible with most home-shop air compressors * Requires only 4 CFM @ 29 PSI * Solvent & Water-borne compatible * Lightweight aluminum body * Precision machined…


Concours PRO HVLP Detail Gun 1.0mm

Item #14772

Professional quality HVLP detail paint gun, without the professional price The Eastwood Concours PRO HVLP detail gun goes head-to-head with the top detail guns from the big brands, but at a price the home user can afford. The precision machine work used to produce this gun provides ultra-fine…


Eastwood Cap, Needle and Nozzle Kit for Concours HVLP Gun

Item #51551 HVLP Needle Kit

Cap, Needle and Nozzle Kit for the Eastwood HVLP Gun 51550.


600cc Aluminum Cup for 51550

600cc Aluminum Cup for 51550
Related Phrases: Cups 3m Pps Aluminum Cup

Item #51550B

600cc aluminum cup for the Eastwood HVLP Concours Paint gun


DeKups Adapter Iwata LPH400 Sharpe Finex

Item #50207

DeKups adapter fits Evolution and Large Concours guns and Sata NR95 and 92, Iwata LPH 400 and W400LV, Astro GF14, 17 and 20S. Sharpe Finex FX 200 and FX 300. Also fits Durablock 007 gun. Devilbiss #DPC-11


Devilbiss Disposable Coveralls

Item #15358 coveralls

Disposable, lightweight and comfortable. Reduces contamination from street clothing. Full zipper front. Elastic wrist closures. full pullover hood. Meets OSHA standards 1910.132 for protective clothing.


600cc Plastic Cup for EW Concours HVLP Gun

Item #51550A

600cc Plastic Cup for Eastwood Concours HVLP paint Gun 51550


Dekones Paint Strainers Medium 226 micron 100/box

Item #14749

DeVilbiss DeKONES paint strainers feature a patented design with no contamination, no double meshed tip, and they're fast and strong. These paint strainers have all gluing and imprinting done on the outside and their tip eliminates unstrained paint passing through the tip. Keep your paints clean and…


Eastwood Evolution 1.7MM Needle Set

Eastwood Evolution 1.7MM Needle Set
Related Phrases: Evolution

Item #12776C

Fits the Eastwood Evolution HVLP Paint gun, 12776. Will NOT fit other Eastwood Series Guns


EW Concours Paint Gun Rebuild Kit

Item #51660

Eastwood Concours Paint Gun Rebuild Kit


Concours PRO Large HVLP Gun Rebuild Kit

Item #15981

Does your Eastwood Concours Pro Paint Gun need a tune up? Over time some components can weaken or be damaged by paints, coatings and cleaning solvents. This Rebuild kit includes:* (1) Air Manifold* (1) Seal Ring* (1) Packing Ring* (1) Packing Spring* (1) Packing Nut* (1) Needle Spring* (1) Needle…


Concours Pro 2.0mm Needle Nozzle Aircap Set

Item #14775

Replacement 2.0mm needle and nozzle set for Concours PRO HVLP gun The Eastwood Concours PRO HVLP paint gun was designed with features to make it as good as the top guns from the big brands, but at a price the home user can afford. The precise machine work use to produce this guns means an accurate…


Concours LT Needle Nozzle Set 2.0mm

Item #15643

Make your Concours LT more versatile by changing the needle, nozzle and air cap. These sets are machine matched and designed ONLY for the Concours LT. Use the 1.3mm and 1.5mm for solvent and waterborne base coats and clears, 1.7mm is great for primers and heavier coatings and the 2.0mm works well…


Concours Detail Gun Rebuild Kit

Item #12194

Rebuild Kit for the Eastwood Concours Detail Gun, 51686. Kit includes 2 springs, Packing, E-stopper, packing gland and gasket.


1/4in Digital Regulator

Item #51559

…accurate line pressure with a 1/4" Digital Regulator that's affordable!* 0-160-psi gauge* Accurate to 1.0 psi* Large LCD digital readout* Locking adjustment knob Eastwood's digital air regulator is a lightweight and compact unit that's ideal for Eastwood Concours and HotCoat Powder-Coating guns.


HVLP Economy Detail Spray Gun w/0.6m Nozzle

Item #13906

This economy miniature detail spray gun is ideal for precise control of spray and atomization when applying to a variety of surfaces and to different sized areas. The 7 ounce (200 ml) gravity cup is side-mounted and rotates, allowing you to spray horizontally, vertically or underneath surfaces…

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