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    Color Sanding

    Color Sanding
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6 in Complete Liquid Ice Finishing System

Item #51561Z

…system with 6" pads has everything you need except the power buffer. Start by squirting on some of Norton's Liquid Ice, then...* Step 1 removes all sanding scratches* Step 2 removes any polish swirl marks* Step 3 produces the high-gloss finish* Final touch: Liquid Ice Detailer Spray removes residue


3M Flexible Abrasive Hookit Sheet Trial Pk 34347

Item #15135

…and 1500 grits. Also includes flexible hand pad. Sheets are ideal for hand sanding applications, combining excellent cut and finish performance with high flexibility, conformability and a soft feel. This product is excellent for sanding panel edges, and parts that involve many hard to reach areas.


Sanding Blocks Flexible set/3

Item #34055

Highly flexible, these sanding blocks are ideal for curved or irregular surfaces. The dense side sands primer or feathers small imperfections, while a soft side handles nib and color sanding.


Pneumatic 3in Sander & Polishing Kit

Item #12815

…for sanding metal prepping bodywork for paint, even color sanding small areas. This 13,000-16,000 rpm Sander/Polisher Tool comes with 3" and 1-1/2" hook and loop back-up pads, 1-1/2" sanding pad, 3" polishing foam pad, two 3" 400, 600, and 1000 grit sanding discs, ten 1-1/2" 2000 grit sanding discs,…


6in Soft Foam Interface Pad

Item #11362

Use your orbital sander instead with this soft foam interface pad for use on 6" hook and loop faced discs. Perfect for fine finish or color sanding, provides full contact on irregular surfaces. Made in USA.


Landau Black Interior Paint Aerosol 12 oz Net

Item #11449Z

…with our Interior/Upholstery Paint in "Landau Black"Renew or change the color of vinyl, leather, and plastic automotive interior and vinyl tops with this specially formulated aerosol coating that won't peel.* "Landau Black" color* Excellent scuff resistance* Flexible enough for seats* 12-oz. aerosol…


Sanding Blocks Semi Rigid pack/2

Item #34046

Check out this family of double-sided sanding blocks! Semi-rigid (34046) has aggressive design to level fillers and surfacers quickly and effectively. Flip it over for color sanding areas that require some flexibility. Sandpaper wraps around the 5" x 2-1/2" blocks without adhesive in wet or dry…


MotorGuard Run Razor Blocker Set

Item #34007 Run Razors

…the end of the painting process. Run Razor holds standard razor blades at a precise angle to shave down semi-hardened runs, sags or dust between color or clearcoats. Just pass it gently over the surface, dialing down the blade position indicator in.001" increments until the imperfection is gone.…

3M Flexible Abrasive Hookit Sheet Trial Packs 34347

Item #3M Hookit 15135

…of sanding applications. 3M's own Flexible Abrasive Hookit Hand Sheet Trial Pack contains one or more sheets from each grade of the Hookit Hand Sheets. This variety pack gives you six popular options for sanding and minor repairing. * Package contains 9 hand sand paper sheets* Includes 1 sanding pad


Body Shop Basic Video-DVD version

Item #34190

…and current techniques such as tool selection, dent repair, priming, sanding, blocking, painting, buffing and explains the reasons behind the procedures! This video also includes important information on blending basecoat colors, metallic paint application, paint gun operation, troubleshooting,…


Eastwood Contour 6" Round PSA Sandpaper 6pk

Item #15144 Round PSA Sandpaper

Don't need a box of 100 sheets of sandpaper? Now you can get only what you need with Eastwood's Contour Job Pack line of quality abrasives. These 6 packs of sandpaper give you the right amount of abrasives to do the job right. The Pressure Sensitive Adhesive backed abrasives will apply to most hand,…


Adhesion Promoter Aerosol 14.75 Net

Item #52366Z

…to adhere to problem plastics such as PP or TPOHigh-tech plastic adhesion promoter will bond to PP, TPO and other automotive plastics. Easy to use with no sanding.* Topcoat within 15-30 minutes* Works on most flexible or rigid plastics, and painted surfaces* Use prior to SEM® Bumper Coaters


Eastwood 2K Urethane Primer Gray- Gallon 4:1

Item #50240ZP

Apply this Gray 4:1 Urethane Primer over old paint, base metal or body filler* Fills well* Sands easily* Excellent color holdout for all top coats* 1-gallon can Eastwood 4:1 Urethane Primer is perfect for overall jobs, patch panels and high-end restorations.


Color Sanding & Buffing Video-DVD

Color Sanding & Buffing Video-DVD
Related Phrases: Paintucation Dvd Video

Item #34189

""COLOR SANDING AND BUFFING"" is a comprehensive look at buffing a car's final finish. This 60 minute tape goes into great detail, covering and demonstrating many techniques of color sanding, buffing, paint repair, removing runs & sags and how to tell what type of surface you're dealing with. There…


Evercoat® Slick Sand With Hardener

Item #31108ZP Evercoat Slick Sand Quart With Hardener

…Slick Sand™ primes and levels all at once!This high-solids, extra high-build, polyester-based formula is a sprayable primer/surfacer that offers excellent adhesion to metal, galvanized metal, aluminum, wood, fiberglass, SMC, and body filler. * Ideally suited for large, uneven surfaces* Color coat…


Paintucation 6 DVD Set

Paintucation 6 DVD Set
Related Phrases: Paintucation Dvd Books

Item #15625 Paintucation 6 DVD Set

…and shows you the tricks the pros know. Learn the basics and perform a show winning resto job. Contains 5 DVDs with more than 585 minutes of hands on instruction. Body Shop Basics, Metal Prep and Rust Repair, How to Paint, Color Sanding and Buffing, Body Panel Replacement and Fiberglass Repair.


Dura Block Full Size 1-3/8 H X 2-5/8 W X 16 L

Item #19857

This is a favorite among professionals for block sanding large surfaces. Measures 1-3/8" H x 2-5/8" W x 16" L. One year manufacturer's warranty. Imported.


Dura Block TearDrop 10-7/8 Long 2-1/8 Thick

Item #19860

The "Tear Drop Block" adds a rounded curve with a flat surface for hard to sand areas. Measures 10-7/8" L x 2-1/8" thick.One year manufacturer's warranty. Imported.


Dura Block Marine 1-3/8 H X 2-5/8 W X 30 L

Item #19862

The " 30" Long Block " allows the user to accurately sand flat, wide surfaces. Increased density allows more accuracy on a long block. Measures 1-3/8" H x 2-5/8" W x 30" L. One year manufacturer's warranty. Imported.


6in Flexibility Palm Sander

Item #31171

Super Flex Sanding Blocks - We've added a new 6" Adjustable Flexible sander to complement our popular 15" (31143) and 21" (31144) flexible sanders. This short sander features the same molded urethane construction but without flex rods and 1075 tempered spring steel face. Accepts standard 2-3/4" wide…

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Related Categories: Buffer | 1000 Grit | Liquid Ice | Polisher | Sanding