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    Cleaning Brush

    Cleaning Brush
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DeVilbiss Replacement Brush Heads Qty 5 803656

Item #15580

5 replacement heads for the Devilbiss professional gun cleaning kit 192212


Eastwood Professional Paint Gun Cleaning Set

Item #16186

This Eastwood Professional Paint Gun Cleaning Kit has everything you need to keep your paint guns is good working order.


Eastwood Ceramic Brake Caliper Paint Black

Item #11839Z Ceramic Brake Caliper Paint

Eastwood's Urethane Caliper Paint Kits use nano-ceramic technology for long-lasting heat resistance...and eye-catching good looks.* Resists high temperatures, UV and most chemicals* Allows brake dust to be easily wiped off* Apply without disassembling brake assemblies* Or paint new components before…


Engine Brush Kit set of 4

Item #46035

Long, flexible brushes ideal for cleaning out oil gallery orifices. One each of the following: 10" L x 1/4" dia. head, 10" l x 3/4" dia. head, 23 3/4" L x 1/2" dia. head, and 12" L x 1" dia. head.


Eastwood Cylindrical Wire Brush - 5 pack

Item #13902

5 Cylindrical Wire Brushes work with your drill to scrape away rust, paint and more with just a pull of the trigger.* Clean tubes, pipes, and more* Brush section is 2" in diameter, 4" long* 6" long overall Use these 5 Cylindrical Wire Brushes in your corded or cordless drill to remove rust, paint…


Electroplating Brush

Item #10049BB

Brushes, is used in conjunction with The Tin-Zinc Electroplating System (10049Z - sold separately). Allows you to easily plate clean parts like in-place nuts and bolts. Connect the large clamp to the part to be plated, connect the small clamp to the end of the Electroplating Brush, and dip brush


Stainless Steel Brush 10in

Item #12418

Use this 10" Stainless Steel brush to prep materials for welding and clean the weld bead after welding. Remember to purchase a separate one for aluminum and steel.


Eastwood Mini Welding Stainless Steel Brush Kit

Item #20038

…with each brush, according to your prepping needs. The tough stainless steel bristles make quick work of aluminum oxide before welding. Use the brushes for general cleaning or prep work before MIG welding too. Whatever metal cleaning your welding project calls for, the Eastwood brush kit will get…


Eastwood Welding Stainless Steel Brush Kit

Item #20034

…TIG/MIG brush kit includes four brushes that’ll come in handy for just about any welding job you’ve got. The industrial 304 grade stainless steel bristles make quick work of clean up and removal of aluminum oxide from your surface area before welding. They’re also great for general clean up and…


DeVilbiss StartingLine Detail Gravity Gun 802405

Item #15572

…Up HVLP Gravity Spray Gun. One Mini Size Touch Up STARTINGLINE HVLP Gravity Feed Spray Gun with a 1.0mm Fluid Tip and a 8.5 oz aluminum cup. The 1.0mm set up is suitable for Spot Repairs using a variety of Coatings. Includes Cleaning Brush and Maintenance Wrench. Includes 1 Year Limited Warranty.


Economy HVLP Spray Paint Gun w/1.4mm Nozzle

Item #13907

…Gun was built to last and produce professional quality finishes. Includes:* 1.4mm needle & nozzle* 600 ML plastic cup* Wrench* Cup filter* Cleaning brush Its balanced design and easy to use controls allow for easy applications. Additionally, the gun's stainless steel needle, nozzle and internal…


Economy HVLP Primer Paint Gun 1.8mm

Item #14125

…steel needle, nozzle and internal passages let you apply both solvent and waterborne coatings. Machined brass air cap ensures excellent transfer efficiency and atomization. Requires 17 CFM @ 30 to 50 PSI. Includes:* 1.8mm needle & nozzle* 600 ML plastic cup* Wrench* Cup filter* Cleaning brush


Eastwood Bucket Top Parts Washer

Item #31399

…Bucket Top Parts Washer is a convenient way to clean small parts for automobiles lawn equipment or any other small items that needs cleaning.* Fits most standard 5 gallon plastic buckets* 1 GPM submersible pump* Flow-Through cleaning brush* Perfect size for degreasing small parts Specifically…


16 Piece HVLP Paint Gun Kit

Item #15214

…1.4mm needle/nozzle* Detail gun with 1.0mm needle/nozzle* 250ml, 600ml & 1000ml aluminum paint cups* 2 Regulators with gauges* Gun wrench* Cleaning brushes* 100 micron filters* Plastic storage case This kit has practically all you need, except an air compressor and paint, to get started painting…


Chemical Guys Cyclone Dirt Trap Car Wash Bucket Insert DIRTTRAP01

Chemical Guys Cyclone Dirt Trap Car Wash Bucket Insert DIRTTRAP01
Related Phrases: Chemical Guys Bucket

Item #16229

…for 3 gallon, 4 gallon, 5 gallon, 6 gallon, and 7 gallon wash buckets* Dirt Trap Cyclones funnel and separate dirt away from wash water* Cleans mitts, brushes, towels and other washing utensils* Cyclone Scrub Ridge around every funnel agitates dirt from wash mitt and directs it directly through…


Eastwood 20 Gallon Parts Washer

Item #14293

…water-based cleaning solution at 1 gallon per minute. Rugged welded steel parts washer features a large removable component shelf plus small removable parts basket. Ideal for cleaning small or large parts. Flexible nozzle lets user spray fluid on work piece. The included flow through brush is…


Drylok Concrete Cleaner and Degreaser Gallon

Item #14991ZP

Drylok Concrete Cleaner and Degreaser cuts through the toughest dirt oils and grease stains. Perfect for preparing concrete, brick and masonry surfaces for coating. One gallon cleans about 160 square feet. Spray on or brush on application. One gallon.


Expander Wheel Band Medium Finishing

Item #13152

Conditioning Belts for Gentle Cleaning - Great for thorough cleaning/surface conditioning. Great for preparing parts for buffing or leveling of slightly contoured surfaces. Use the Medium band for a brushed satin finish on steel and aluminum. Can also be used for general cleaning purposes.


Airbrush Filter Regulator Unit

Item #11608

Clean regulator air = precise control. Locking adjustment, 0-100 psi (0-7 kg/cm3) gauge, polycarbonate bowl with easy open drain. 1/8" NPT inlet and outlet. Includes two 1/4" NPT adaptors. One year warranty. Imported.


Powder Coating How to Guide Book SA296

Item #15845

…parts. He explains how to set up and ventilate your workshop for powder coating. He then shows you how to properly clean the part (which includes chemical strippers, wire brushes, media blasting, and sanding media), spray with a media gun, and then cure with heat. He compares and contrasts several…

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