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8pc Dual-Cut Carbide Burr Set - 1/4in Shank

Item #11779

Shape and deburr quickly and accurately with Carbide BurrsThese 8 carbide burrs are the preferred choice for precise metal removal when shaping, leveling, or porting cast iron, steel and other ferrous metals. * 2 cylindrical burrs* 2 cylindrical/radius-end burrs* 2 ball-shaped burrs* 2…


Carbide Burr SA-1 1/4X5/8X1/4 dbl Cylinder

Item #46163

This 1/4" diameter cylindrical carbide burr measures about 2" long, with the cutter portion measuring about 0.6". Fits 1/4" collets. This burr is for use on steel and iron.


Carbide Burr SC3L Re 3/8X1X1/4 Dbl Round

Item #46173

This rounded end burr measures about 3" long with a 1/4" shaft. Use this burr for working with Steel and Iron.


Long Reach Carbide Burr Set - 4 Piece

Item #11916

4 Piece Long Reach Carbide Burr Set - Unique 6" long reach 1/4" Dia. shanks allow you to reach deep into cylinder heads or other cast iron and steel parts. Precision ground and heat treated for long life and vibration free use. ncludes 3/8" ball, 3/8"x 3/4" cylinder, 3/8"x 3/4" tree and 1/2"x 1"…


Carbide Burr SF-5 Tree Shaped

Item #46028

Super-hard carbide burrs used in a high-speed die grinder can really make tough jobs easier. Grind weld beads, shape parts, smooth rough castings, port cylinder heads. All burrs have a 1/4" dia. shank. This burr is for use on Steel and Iron.


Carbide Burr Set Of Four

Item #46067

Super-hard, 4-Pc. Carbide Burr Set grinds, shapes, smoothes and ports in hard-to-reach areasUse these double-cut, heat-treated, carbide burrs in a high-speed die grinder to make tough jobs easier. Long-reach burrs measure around 3" in overall length allow deep bowl blending in intake and exhaust…


Carbide Burr SF5L6 Tree Shaped 6in

Item #46059

Use this long bead burr on steel and cast iron to quickly shape and remove casting flash. Works best in air die grinders with light side pressure. Use 80 Grit Abrasive Rolls available in cylinders (13091A) and tapers (13090A) to smooth away marks from the burr.


Carbide Radius End Burr SC3L6 3/8x3/4 6indbl

Carbide Radius End Burr SC3L6 3/8x3/4 6indbl
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Item #46176

This round nosed carbide burr measures about 6" long with a 1/4" shank.


1/4in Shaft Double Cut 6in Burr

Item #11951

6" double cut carbide burr is great for porting and polishing cylinder heads and general grinding on cast iron and steel. Use with electric or pneumatic die grinder with a max speed of 20,000rpm


EW Grinders Grease 8 OZ

Item #13119

Abrasive cartridge rolls and carbide bits often load up, reducing their cutting ability. This all-natural lubricant keeps your cutting tools clean for fastest work. A must for cutting aluminum and other soft metals; 8 oz. tube. NOTE: The Grinder's Grease is supplied in a semi-hard state. The…


Carbide Burr SL-3 3/8X1-1/16X1/4 Dbl Cone

Item #46183

This cone-shaped carbide burr measures about 3" overall and has a 1/4" shaft. Use this burr for working with Steel and Iron.


Drill Doctor Model 750X

Item #30767

…added durability* Metal sharpening tube* Permanent magnet motor produces consistent power, regardless of speed or load* Sharpens High-speed Steel, Carbide, Cobalt, TiN-coated and Masonry bits* Can sharpen 3/32” – 1/2” reverse-twist (left-hand) drill bits with optional accessory* Custom Point angle…


6 in Tungsten Grinding Wheel 6in x 3/4in x 1in

Item #20097

This 6" Silicone Grinding Wheel is designed to sharpen your TIG welder tungsten electrodes like a pro.* 6" x 3/4" x 1" * Type GC Silicone Carbide designed for tool sharpening and finishing* Quickly shape new tungsten without excessive overheating* Medium 60 grit* Includes adapters will accommodate…


Blast Media Silicon Carbide 50 lb

Item #22019

Silicon carbide has very sharp edges which make it ideal for removing heavy rust, welding and brazing prep, and for glass etching.* Our most aggressive media* Uniform 60 grit size for even, fast cutting action.* Maintains its sharp cutting edges as it breaks down for longer life* Use at 80-90 psi…


Abrasive Media Funnel Strainer

Item #50417

Abrasive-Media Funnel includes a built-in strainerThe easiest way to neatly pour abrasive media into your blaster is to use this funnel that includes a concave 16-mesh screen permanently affixed inside the top rim to filter debris.* Generous 8" diameter at top* Funnels down to 9/16"-dia. opening at…


Wet-Dry Paper9x11 50 Pak 600 grit-Sil

Item #31353

Wet/Dry Abrasive Sheets - These autobody shop grade sheets feature silicone carbide abrasives for long lasting leveling action. Anti-Slip waterproof paper can be folded/cut to any size. Grit is electrostatically applied to assure uniformity.


Poly-X Paint & RustRemoval Disc 7in Cup

Item #13396

…cup style cleaning discs with 7/8" depressed center mounting hole are aggressive enough to remove paint and rust without removing excessive metal. Open mesh silicone carbide impregnated abrasive resists clogging and constantly exposes fresh abrasive for consistent cutting action. MAX SPEED 6,500 RPM


Rockwood 1" Micrometer

Item #31566

The Rockwood 1” Micrometer relies on a proven straightforward design to provide many years of service.* Hardened, Mirror Polished Carbide Anvil and Spindle Faces* SAE Range from 0 to 1”* 0.001” Increments* 15/16” Throat Depth They feature rugged all metal construction for maximum durability and…


Eastwood Sheetmetal Layout Kit 5 Piece Kit

Item #20257

…sheet metal layout tools* Carbide marking scribe* 6in steel ruler* 5in steel square* 6in compass/dividers* Automatic center punch This 5 piece kit contains the basics you need to get started accurately measuring and marking sheet metal. The 5 tools included are: 6 inch carbide scribe for marking and…


Rockwood 3 Piece Micrometer Set

Item #31565

The Rockwood 3 Piece Micrometer Set relies on a proven straight forward design to provide many years of service.* Hardened, Mirror Polished Carbide Anvil and Spindle Faces* SAE Ranges from 0 to 1”, 1” to 2” and 2” to 3”* 0.001” Increments* 15/16”, 1-11/4” and 1-5/8” Throat Depths These Micrometers…

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