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8pc Dual-Cut Carbide Burr Set - 1/4in Shank

Item #11779

…deburr quickly and accurately with Carbide BurrsThese 8 carbide burrs are the preferred choice for precise metal removal when shaping, leveling, or porting cast iron, steel and other ferrous metals. * 2 cylindrical burrs* 2 cylindrical/radius-end burrs* 2 ball-shaped burrs* 2 cone/radius-end burrs


Long Reach Carbide Burr Set - 4 Piece

Item #11916

4 Piece Long Reach Carbide Burr Set - Unique 6" long reach 1/4" Dia. shanks allow you to reach deep into cylinder heads or other cast iron and steel parts. Precision ground and heat treated for long life and vibration free use. ncludes 3/8" ball, 3/8"x 3/4" cylinder, 3/8"x 3/4" tree and 1/2"x 1"…


Carbide Burr Set Of Four

Item #46067

Super-hard, 4-Pc. Carbide Burr Set grinds, shapes, smoothes and ports in hard-to-reach areasUse these double-cut, heat-treated, carbide burrs in a high-speed die grinder to make tough jobs easier. Long-reach burrs measure around 3" in overall length allow deep bowl blending in intake and exhaust…


1/4in Shaft Double Cut 6in Burr

Item #11951

6" double cut carbide burr is great for porting and polishing cylinder heads and general grinding on cast iron and steel. Use with electric or pneumatic die grinder with a max speed of 20,000rpm


EW Grinders Grease 8 OZ

Item #13119

…lubricant keeps your cutting tools clean for fastest work. A must for cutting aluminum and other soft metals; 8 oz. tube. NOTE: The Grinder's Grease is supplied in a semi-hard state. The friction of spinning buff, felt or burr melts a small amount onto the abrasive. One year hassle free warranty.


Carbide Burr SF-5 Tree Shaped

Item #46028

Super-hard carbide burrs used in a high-speed die grinder can really make tough jobs easier. Grind weld beads, shape parts, smooth rough castings, port cylinder heads. All burrs have a 1/4" dia. shank. This burr is for use on Steel and Iron.


Carbide Burr SF5L6 Tree Shaped 6in

Item #46059

Use this long bead burr on steel and cast iron to quickly shape and remove casting flash. Works best in air die grinders with light side pressure. Use 80 Grit Abrasive Rolls available in cylinders (13091A) and tapers (13090A) to smooth away marks from the burr.


Carbide Burr SL3L6 Tapered Cone 3/8 EndRadius

Item #46186

This carbide cone shaped burr measures about 6" with a 1/4" shank. Use this burr for working with Steel and Iron.


Universal Thread Repair Tools (SAE and Metric)

Item #13664

…in both inch and metric right and left hand threads. There is no calibration required and it is self adjusting to any pitch and size within range. Will repair 5/32" to 11/16" SAE, 4 to 18mm Metric, and up to 7/16 Pipe Thread. This tool features hardened cutting blades to remove rust and burrs.


Pc Mounting Stones set 1/4in & 1/8in Shank 09-5574

Pc Mounting Stones set 1/4in & 1/8in Shank 09-5574
Related Phrases: Grinding Stones

Item #31285

Ideal for Polishing, Grinding, Carving & Cleaning. Kit has multiple shapes & sizes. Two sizes of shanks both 1/8 inch & 1/4 inch.


Carbide Burr SL-3 3/8X1-1/16X1/4 Dbl Cone

Item #46183

This cone-shaped carbide burr measures about 3" overall and has a 1/4" shaft. Use this burr for working with Steel and Iron.


Carbide Radius End Burr SC3L6 3/8x3/4 6indbl

Item #46176

This round nosed carbide burr measures about 6" long with a 1/4" shank.


Carbide Burr SA-1 1/4X5/8X1/4 dbl Cylinder

Item #46163

This 1/4" diameter cylindrical carbide burr measures about 2" long, with the cutter portion measuring about 0.6". Fits 1/4" collets. This burr is for use on steel and iron.


Carbide Burr SC3L Re 3/8X1X1/4 Dbl Round

Item #46173

This rounded end burr measures about 3" long with a 1/4" shaft. Use this burr for working with Steel and Iron.


EW Buff Compound Emery 17 oz Tube

Item #13134

Contains Emery Grit - Very fast cutting action. For coarse buffing, removing scratches and burrs from iron and other hard metals. Use with sisal buff. Color of compound may vary from dark brown to dark gray. Do you need a Sisal Buff (13036) 4", (13059) 6", or (13060) 8"?



Item #21128

The Eastwood Pneumatic Perfect Panel Prep Tool® is an exclusive patent pending design, which easily provides a perfectly beveled 45° weld-prepped edge in 20 or 18 Gauge sheet metal to achieve solid, full-penetration MIG or TIG butt welds.* Each strike forms a perfect 0.062” x 45° beveled flange*…


Eastwood 5 Piece File Set

Item #30173

Eastwood's 5 Piece File Set Includes 5 Files in a Canvas Tool Roll. Flat, Round, Half Round, Triangle, and Square. The files are Bastard (Rough) Cut for fastest material removal.


Carbide Burr SA1L6 Cylindrical 6in

Item #46166

This 1/4" carbide cylinder burr measures about 6" long with 1/4" shank. Use this burr for working with Steel and Iron.


Rockwood Metal Deburring Tool

Rockwood Metal Deburring Tool
Related Phrases: Deburring Tool

Item #31416

Use this tool to easily remove the burrs from your metal working projects.* Grooved plastic handle for better grip* Compact design* HSS Steel Blade* Extra blade storage in tool handle Removes burrs on both internal and external surfaces. Suitable to be used on most types of metal.


Rockwood Metal Deburring Tool Replacement Blades

Item #31417

Replacement deburring blades for the 31416 Rockwood Deburiing Tool.

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