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Eastwood 2K Universal Urethane Adhesive Cartridge

Item #51654Z

Eastwood's Universal 2-component urethane adhesive is is designed for the repair of all types of rigid and flexible plastics.* Work Time 5-10 Minutes* Paintable and Sandable* Recommend using with 26:1 Application Gun* Compatible with fiberglass, SMC, TPO, PPO, metal, aluminum, glass, wood, and most…

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USC Garage Flexible Glaze 77704 with Hardener

Item #16214Z

…and refinish category, used by DIY'ers and pros alike. USC® Garage™ Flexible Glaze has a smooth finish with superior adhesion and resilience when used on flexible and rigid bumpers as well as other plastics. Never before has there been a more broad selection of top-of-the-line fillers and glazes.…

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Trim Paint Satin Black Aerosol 15 OZ NET

Trim Paint Satin Black Aerosol 15 OZ NET

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Trim Paint
Interior Paint

Item #10023Z

Spray an OEM-matching satin black finish on exterior trim surfacesTrim Black is the best way to restore faded and peeling black exterior trim parts because it offers maximum adhesion on stainless steel and chrome.* Aerosol covers up to 6 sq. ft. * Withstands up to 250 degreesF

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Eurosoft Glazing Putty 1.25#

Item #31079ZP

…stress and impact, such as door edges, fender edges, body seams and flexible bumpers. It is a smooth formula with extra working time for use in warm weather and glazing large areas. Contains ZNX-7(tm) for superior adhesion to galvanized steel, bare steel, aluminum, SMC, E-coat and OEM finishes. Blue…

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Adhesion Promoter Aerosol 14.75 Net

Item #52366Z

…to adhere to problem plastics such as PP or TPOHigh-tech plastic adhesion promoter will bond to PP, TPO and other automotive plastics. Easy to use with no sanding.* Topcoat within 15-30 minutes* Works on most flexible or rigid plastics, and painted surfaces* Use prior to SEM® Bumper Coaters

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