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Expander Wheel Kit Includes 2 Band Of Each Grit

Item #13127 Expander Wheel Kit

Expander Wheel works with your buff motor to sand larger metal workpieces...kit includes abrasive sanding bandsReplace one of your buff motor's wheels with this natural rubber Expander Wheel, add an abrasive band, and you'll be able to sand contoured metal pieces to a smooth, uniform finish.* Works…


EW Greaseless Compound 320 Grit

Item #13132

Ideal for aggressive removal of material prior to buffing. Easily applied to a Spiral or Loose Sewn buffing wheel, these Compounds smooth out the roughest casting edges quickly, speeding your buffing project and saving you time. Best for leveling highly contoured surfaces. 3 lbs. of Compound per…


Eastwood1 HP 10" Buff Kit

Item #14139 Eastwood1 HP Buff Kit

…powerful buff Motor and complete Buff Set is the perfect way for an enthusiast to get started. The full 1-HP buff motor offers the versatility of 2 speeds (1720/3450 RPM) and features generous 26-1/4" overall length to facilitate buffing large parts or the stacking of multiple buffs. Operates on…


Buff Wheel 6 in String 3/4 in Hole

Item #13030

This 3/4" arbor 6" String Buff will bring side markers, turn signals, tail light lenses to shiny, like-new condition. Thousands of 1 3/4" long cotton strands reach deep into details to gently polish and shine without overheating and melting plastic. Use with Plastic Buffing compound.


Buff Wheel 10 in Spiral 3/4 in Hole

Item #13038

Spiral-Sewn Cotton Buffing Wheel shines-up steel, stainless and aluminumDependable, well-balanced, long-wearing wheel is for coarse buffing and cutting on all materials, particularly steel, stainless and aluminum.* 10" in diameter; 1/2"-wide face* For 1/2- to 1-1/2-HP buffing motors* Fits 3/4"- to…


Buff Goblet Tapered

Item #13045

Made of cotton, sewn and trimmed to a cone shape. Diameter at base is 2 1/2", extends 2 1/2" to a 1" diameter point. Use the Buff Taper for 1/4" Drill Chucks (13053); or the Taper for 1/2" x 20 threaded shafts (13052).


Buff Kit Stainless Aluminum Brass Steel 10 Inch

Item #13110 10 in Buff Kit

This Kit includes one each of the following 10" wheels: one Sisal, two Spiral, and one Loose; and one each of the following Compounds: Emery, Tripoli, Stainless, and White Rouge; and instructions.


Buff Bobs 1/4in Shank 5 pc Kit

Item #13147

…pieces where larger buffs simply will not reach. All are made of long-lasting hard felt and will work well with any of our buffing compounds. Great for removing residue left from buffing. A perfect accessory for the Pro Craft Motors (13305 and 13328). These 1/4" shank buff bobs are ideal for trim…


Buff Wheel 8 in Spiral

Item #13033

Dependable, well-balanced, long-wearing wheel for coarse buffing and cutting on all materials. Made from selected cotton material with continuous spiral sewing with 3/8" spacing. Face is 1/2". 40 ply. Use with Tripoli or Stainless Compound.


Buff Kit Stainless Aluminum Brass Steel 8 Inch

Item #13112 8 in Buff Kit

This Kit includes the following 8" wheels: one Sisal, two Spirals & one Loose; and one each of the following Compounds: Emery, Tripoli, Stainless, & White Rouge; and Buffing instructions.


Expander Wheel Band Trizact A6 2500 Grit

Item #21663

Unique textured surface lasts twice as long as conventional belts, resists loading up with metal, provides a more uniform sanding surface than conventional belts. This Trizact A6 band is comparable to 2500 Grit aluminum oxide. Fits the 13079 Expander Wheel. Band measures 1-1/2"w x 18-15/16"l.


Eastwood Buffing Kit

Item #50341

…pneumatic die grinder for easy, effective, polishing jobs—on or off the vehicle.* 5 compounds (one 4-oz. tube each: brown Tripoli, gray stainless, white rouge, jeweler’s rouge, blue plastic)* 5 small felt bobs* 2 mushroom buffs* 2 large buffs (round, tapered)* 3 wheels (2 spiral-sewn, 1 loose-sewn)


Art of Buffing III- Beyond Buffing DVD

Item #21858

Learn how to protect buffed parts with the HotCoat Powder Coating System, repair pot metal parts before buffing, prepare parts for plating, use the Tin-Zinc Electroplating System, or Metal Blackening System then this is the for you. 17 minutes running time DVD.


Stainless Steel Polishing Kit 14 pc Set

Item #19838

…kit includes: 4oz. Bars of Black Emery, Brown Tripoli, and Green Stainless polishing compounds; (1) Mounted tapered buff; (1) Mounted mushroom buff wheel; (1) Mounted cylinder buff; (2) Mounted spiral sewn buffing wheels; (1) Mounted loose cotton buffing wheel; (5) assorted felt cones; Instructions…


Buff Cone Tapered 2 in Felt

Item #13050

Made of medium hard felt 2" long. Mounted on a 1/4" mandrel. Maximum 15,000 rpm. Use our Mini Buffing Bob Assortment (13055) a 10 pc set of cylinder and cone felts with 1/8" shank to polish deep contours.


80 Ply 3/4in Thick Buff 8X1/2 in Spiral Sewn

Item #13270

Dependable, well-balanced, long-wearing wheel for coarse buffing and cutting on all materials. Made from selected cotton material with concentric stitching. Face is 3/4" wide 80 ply construction. Use with Tripoli (13135) or Stainless (13136) Compound.


Eastwood 1 HP Buff Motor Dual Speed

Item #51460

…metals or buff diameters Eastwood Buff Motors are designed for the DIY'er and pro alike. Cast housings and bases ensure a smooth operation and extended bearing life. the 120VAC motor operates on a standard 15-amp circuit. Extended length and balanced shaft allow more room around the buff wheel and…


Buff Wheel 3 in Diameter

Item #13039

Cushion sewn for flexibility. 1/2" wide with 1/2" arbor hole. Use with the wheel arbor Adapter (13064) with your drill or 1/4" collet in your die grinder. Pictured with the Eastwood mini die grinder (46047). Do you have a product idea? Click Here to suggest it!


Eastwood 1/2 HP Buff Motor with 6 Inch Buff Kit

Item #14138 1 2hp Buff Motor 6 Buff Kit

…extended bearing life. This high value system includes* The durable (13542) 1/2 Hp Buff Motor with sealed case design for durability* Buff wheels* Compounds* A rake Just bolt the motor to yourstand or workbench and buff virtually any metal or plastic. See the Contentstab for a list of all the items…

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