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    Brake Line Straightening Tool

    Brake Line Straightening Tool
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Eastwood Handheld Tubing Straighteners

Item #30537 Tube Straightner

…way to straighten metal brake or fuel line tubing.* Straightens coiled, or bent lines* Works on steel, stainless, copper, and aluminum* Great for brake lines, fuel lines and more* Easy to use* Available in many popular sizes * Saves time and money An Eastwood exclusive, this handheld tool allows you…


Brakequip 3/16 & 1/4 Tube Straighteneing Pliers

Item #30757

Straighten hard metal lines with just a simple squeeze, on or off the vehicle* Straighten1/4 in and 3/16 in brake lines* Works with mild steel, stainless steel and other metals* Compact for easy on car and under car use* Designed with maximum leverage to work one handed* Radiused jaws for bending…


Eastwood Bead Roller Metal Fabrication Forming Dies

Item #20267

…bead rollers with 7/8 in or 22mm shafts* Includes 9 steel dies and 1 polyurethane lower wheel* Hem edges, create offsets and flanges, form style lines, contours and channels* Dies are machined out of CR12 steel with a 35 HRC hardness This kit includes an additional 10 dies to use with any bead…


Tube Straightener

Item #14501

…wheel straightening method it prepares coils of tube to be bent and installed. It works on any thin wall annealed tube from 3/16” to 1/2″ including stainless steel. The wheels are adjusted by a large knob on the top of the tool. Once you dial in the correct size simply pull the tube through the tool


Tubing Bender Rolling

Item #49041

Rolling-Cam Tubing Bender bends and forms in one smooth motion, distortion-freeUse this tool to form tight bends in brake and fuel lines without kinking or flattening, or harming protective coatings.* For 3/16"- and 1/4"-O.D. coated tubing* Minimizes stretching and distortion* Create bends as tight…

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