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Bottle And Lid Replacement Set 3 Pak

Item #10198B

These bottles with lids offer convenient storage for all your powders. The cups will thread directly onto the 10198, 11671A and 11676 Eastwood Powder Guns. These are the same cups and lids that all of our 8 oz size powders are packaged in. They are also great for other uses around your home and…


Rust Remover - Eastwood Fast Etch

Item #19416 Fast Etch

This specially formulated rust remover is a powerful, rust-fighting liquid created to meet the needs of auto restorers.* Ideal Prep for Painting and Powder Coating* Leaves Zinc Phosphate Coating* Promotes Adhesion and Prevents Rust It reaches even inaccessible areas, quickly dissolving iron oxide…


Powder Metallic 6 Color Sample Kit

Item #51358

Not sure which color to choose? Here's a 6-Pc. Sampler Set of our Metallic HotCoat™ ColorsYou get six 8-oz. bottles of our metallic colors that'll make your ride a true head-turner!* 11817 Starlight Red* 51082 OEM Wheel Sparkle Silver* 11816 Starlight Blue * 11504 Single-Stage Reflective Chrome *…


Spra-Tool Aerosol Spray Gun

Item #29948Z

…temp coatings! Easy clean-up too. Sprays most paints and liquids up to the viscosity of light oil. Just fill the bottle, screw it into place, and you're ready to go! Includes 8 oz. bottle, spray head with 3 interchangeable spray tip inserts, 184 g of propellant, and complete instructions on label. 6…


Economy Undercoating Gun and 625cc Bottle

Item #15676

The economy undercoating gun was designed to fit most standard quart cans and can apply any undercoating, anti rust or bedliner coating, no matter what the viscosity. Made from aluminum for long lasting durability and easy cleanup.


True Power Rechargeable Sprayer

Item #16078

Reusable refillable aluminum spray bottle, 90 psi max pressure. Includes 3 spray tips and 4 tube extensions, 2 replacement air valve cores and O-ring replacement seals. NOT for use as a pressurized air duster or with paints/primers.


Undercoating Gun Plastic Bottle

Item #16003A

1-quart Plastic Bottle used with the Undercoating System.


Eastwood MP250i Multi Process 250 Amp Welder

Eastwood MP250i Multi Process 250 Amp Welder
Related Phrases: Welder Mp250i Tig

Item #21180 MP250i Multiprocess Welder

…inch steel plate* Hold either 8 or 12 inch wire spools* Square Wave Inverter* 10 feet long power cord so you can weld anywhere* Fits up to 330cuft bottle (9” diameter)* All 3 torches included are 15 feet long Powerful IGBT inverter based power supply is capable of over 250 amp output on 240VAC with…


Soda Blast Intro Blast out of Bucket Gun and Media

Item #13943 Soda Blast Intro Kit

…and 10lbs of media. Just connect the gun to your 7 cfm at 80 psi compressor put on appropriate protection and put the pickup tube in the included bottle of soda blast media. The Suction head draws the soda into the air stream to minimize surging or skipping and accelerates the media at your part.…


Undercoating Gun with 2 hoses and bottle

Item #20441

Now there's a better way to rustproof your car. This durable undercoating system is ideal for applying Heavy Duty Anti-rust and Rubberized Undercoating.* Applies direct from the adjustable gun nozzle * 24" long by 7/16" diameter flexible wands* Straight or 90 degree spray tips * One year…


2 Lb Powder storage bottle with Lid

Item #16062

Keep up to 2lbs of your favorite powder clean, dry and secure in this rugged HDPE storage bottle complete with lid.* Made of High Density Polyethylene* 7” high x 5” diameter* Thread-on lid


Eastwood ZDDP Oil Additive 4 oz.

Eastwood ZDDP Oil Additive 4 oz.
Related Phrases: Zinc Oil Additive Oil

Item #12269Z

…journal surface characteristics to prevent metal-on-metal contact* ZDDP reduces the tendency of parts to scuff or gall under heavy loads* Add a 4-oz. bottle of ZDDP to every 4-6 quart oil change If your engine was designed before 1989, the camshaft's non-roller lifters require ZDDP in the motor oil…


5 Lb Powder storage bottle with Lid

Item #16066

Keep up to 5lbs of your favorite powder free of moisture, dust and dirt in this rugged HDPE storage bottle complete with lid.* Made of High Density Polyethylene* 10” high x 6” diameter* Thread-on lid


Powder coating Accessories Kit

Item #11536

…you do not want to get powder on. The safety wire is great for hanging parts on your powder coating rack or oven. This kit also comes with an in-line air filter to keep contaminates out of your gun and powder. Also included is an 8 oz. bottle of high gloss black powder and extra storage bottles.


Rockwood Magnetic Fluid Catch Bottle

Rockwood Magnetic Fluid Catch Bottle
Related Phrases: Brake Bleeder

Item #31631

Great for brake bleeding or capturing small amounts of fluid* Brake fluid resistance plastic bottle* Magnetic mount to keep hands free* Includes plastic fittings and tubing


Ranger 20 Ton Bottle Jack Shop Press

Item #31549

This 20-ton press was designed for heavy use and works great in both repair shops and your home garage. Ideal for the removal and installation of gears, bushings and bearings, the RP-20T also excels at bending, straightening and flattening. The applications are truly endless.* Ideal for pressing…


Undercoating Gun bottle 500cc Clear Pet W/M 45/400

Undercoating Gun bottle 500cc Clear Pet W/M 45/400
Related Phrases: Undercoating

Item #15637

500cc plastic bottle for use with the 15186 undercoating gun


Eastwood Aluminum Prep and Cleaner Quart Trigger Bottle

Item #14107ZP

Eastwood Aluminum Prep cleans and etches aluminum surfaces prior to welding, painting or polishing. * Cleans and Restores Bare Aluminum * Removes Stains and Brightens Surfaces * Preps Surfaces Prior To Welding Powerful oxidizers return aluminum to its original luster. Effectively removes stains,…


Contour Polyester Filler Hardener 3.5 ounces

Item #13523AZ

For use with Eastwood Contour Polyester Primer Surfacer one 3.5 oz bottle with Quart 13522zp and two 3.5 oz bottles with Gallon 13523ZP


Powder Standard Color Sample Kit

Item #10252

…decide on a color? Here's a 6-Piece Sampler Set of our standard Eastwood colors.* Dark Green* Gloss Clear* Bright Yellow* Gloss White* Ford Light Blue* Bright Red You get six 8-oz. bottles of our specialty colors—standard colors that make your vehicle look like it just rolled off the factory line.

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