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    Body Roller

    Body Roller
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Monkey On The Stick Friction Jack Body Alignment Tool

Item #31148

…Up to 3,000 lbs. push/pull power* Multiple position handle for hard to reach areas This versatile mechanical body puller is used to push, pull, align, spread, lift and straighten body panels. As easy to use as a mechanical jack, this tool can deliver up to 3000 lbs. of push/pull power thru the…


Eastwood Trim Anvil with Stand

Item #13336

More Trim Straightening Solutions - The Trim Anvil with Stand (13336) is contoured to suit many trim forming needs. Includes conical and pyramid tapered horns and square flat center. Measures 5-1/4" long by 1" wide by 2-7/8" tall, weighs 8 ounces. The Repuse Hammer (28241) features a 11/16" ball…


Eastwood Fender Roller and Fender Finisher

Item #11989

…the Roller to easily and quickly “roll” the entire inner lip on a wheel opening to increase fender/tire clearance. Then use the Fender Finisher™ for the final touch, creating a crisp, smooth edge, with the lip pressed fully up against the body for the ideal fender clearance Eastwood Fender Roller*


Eastwood Fender Roller Tool

Item #31158

…clearance* Adjustable fender-rolling roller gradually rolls the inner lip flat* Perfect for lowered vehicles and vehicles with larger wheels* Adjustable-height arm lets you work on a wide range of automotive and light truck applications Professional-grade fender roller tool helps you easily increase…


Cross Chisel Body Hammer

Cross Chisel Body Hammer
Related Phrases: Hammer

Item #31219

Wood Handled Curved Chisel Hammer - Curved chisel with 9/16" wide face matches arc of swing to get inside corners, 1-1/2" low crown round face suits multiple smoothing and stretching applications. Made in the USA. Limited Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty.


Shrinking Body Hammer

Item #31220

Shrinking Hammer with Wooden Handle - The one inch square face works well for getting into corners. The 1-1/4" round shrinking face pulls the metal in. Made in the USA by Martin®. Limited Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty.


Pneumatic Body Hammer .401 Shank

Item #11138

Body Hammer fits most standard pneumatic hammers to quickly rough-out body panels Attach our body hammer to your pneumatic hammer to rough-out panels with just the pull of a trigger. Smooth panels by adding a back-up dolly.* Standard 0.401" shank* 1-1/2"-dia. convex face* Black oxide hardened steel


Fender Roller Adapter

Item #25271

A longer and larger flange mount to allow the 31158 Eastwood Fender Roller to be used on trucks and cars with larger (5" to 6") 5 & 6 lug bolt patterns and up to a 4.25" center hub. Simply remove two bolts from the 31158 Eastwood Fender Roller, switch to the Truck Adapter, replace the bolts and go.


Dynamat Applicator Roller

Item #52050

This 1-1/8" hardwood roller is used to help conform Thermo-Coustic or Dynamat to irregular surfaces, and helps assure complete adhesion.


Fender Roller Adjustment Screw

Item #31158SCREW

This is the replacement adjustment screw, or threaded rod, moves the fender roller out to apply force onto the fender lip. Turn only one quarter turn at a time. Over tightening, or aggressive rolling could cause personal injury or property damage. This threaded rod is designed to break when too much…


X-MAT® Application Roller Tool

Item #15829

The X Mat Application roller is a must for any sound and/or heat abatement with an adhesive backing. Can be used to contour and flatten the mat as well as get into hard to reach areas and apply an even load distributing the adhesive and the mat. The roller is constructed of a durable urethane held…


Eastwood Fender Forming Pliers

Item #16022

The Eastwood Fender Finisher is a precision engineered tool designed for years of reliable service.* Flatten front fender lip inner flanges for tire clearance without fender damage* Straighten bent metal edges* Crimp door skin edges when installing new door skins* Includes replacement pressure pad…


Working with Steel

Item #20113

Professor Hammer shows every detail of hammer dolly work . Also details on heat shrinking, hole filling, metal shaping, wired edge repair, rust repair and fitting patch panels


Hammer forming Techniques

Item #20117

Ron teams up with Ron Fournier to show the basics and advanced metal working with Hammer forming techniques. Ten basic hammer forming operations are covered to produce one of the most comprehensive hammer forming videos


Martin 4 Piece Fiberglass Hammer Set

Item #12184

This selection of 4 of the most popular Martin body hammers includes: * 31217 Door Skin Hammer* 31226 General Purpose Pick Hammer* 31229 Utility Pick Hammer* 31218 Curved Chisel HammerAll are constructed with a rugged fiberglass shank, vibration-absorbing rubber grip and famous Martin quality steel…


Utility Pick Hammer

Utility Pick Hammer
Related Phrases: Fender Hammer

Item #31230

Utility Pick with Wooden Handle - Blunt pick offers gentler panel raising. The 1-1/2" diameter low crown round face works well for smoothing and stretching. Made in the USA. Limited Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty.


Slapping Spoon

Item #31222

1024 Slapping Hammer - The low crown face of the Slapping Spoon measures 9" long by 2-1/8" wide with a 6" long handle. This spoon works well for smoothing and shaping. Weighs about 2-1/2 lbs. Made in the USA. Limited Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty.


Light Weight Wedge Dolly

Item #31215

Light Weight Wedge Dolly - This comma shaped dolly measures 2-7/64" x 2-1/2" x 4-27-64" and weighs 2.7 lbs. The tapered shape works well between closely situated panels. Made in the USA. Limited Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty.


Fiberglass Shrinking Hammer

Item #31221

Shrinking Hammer with Fiberglass Handle - The one inch square face works well for getting into corners. The 1-1/4" round shrinking face pulls the metal in. The Fiberglass Handle with cushioned grip absorbs shock for improved user comfort. Made in the USA. Limited Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty.



Related Phrases: Auto Body Hammers

Item #31321

Heavy Duty Bumping Hammer - Heavier head for straightening thicker metal used for truck fenders, braces and more. Includes 1-1/4" round and 1-3/16" square faces. Head measures 4" long. Weighs 1.1 lbs.

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